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Mammalian Phenotype Ontology Annotations
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93 phenotypes from 3 alleles in 6 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
B6CBACa Aw-J/A-SfnEr/J
premature hair loss J:102931
involves: 129/Sv * C57BL/6
increased skin papilloma incidence J:12025
increased squamous cell carcinoma incidence J:12025
lethality at weaning, incomplete penetrance J:6200
postnatal growth retardation J:6200
premature hair loss J:6200, J:29020
sparse hair J:29020
Not Specified
impaired skin barrier function J:203995
B6CBACa Aw-J/A-SfnEr/J
abnormal keratinocyte differentiation J:102931
abnormal oral epithelium morphology J:102931
absent epidermis stratum corneum J:102931
absent epidermis stratum granulosum J:102931
epidermal hyperplasia J:102931
perinatal lethality, complete penetrance J:102931
respiratory distress J:102931
shiny skin J:102931
short limbs J:102931
short tail J:102931
thick epidermis J:102931
involves: 129/Sv * C57BL/6
abnormal axial skeleton morphology J:6200
abnormal epidermal layer morphology J:6708
abnormal epidermis stratum basale morphology J:6200, J:6708
abnormal epidermis stratum corneum morphology J:6708
abnormal epidermis stratum granulosum morphology J:6708
abnormal external auditory canal morphology J:7243
abnormal head morphology J:7243
abnormal jaw morphology J:6200, J:7243
abnormal liver morphology J:6200
abnormal mandible morphology J:7243
abnormal nasal cavity morphology J:7243
abnormal nasopharynx morphology J:7243
abnormal oral cavity morphology J:6200
abnormal perineum morphology J:6200
abnormal phalanx morphology J:6200
abnormal pharynx morphology J:7243
abnormal radius morphology J:6200
abnormal spine curvature J:7243
abnormal tongue morphology J:6200, J:7243
anal atresia J:6200
brachyphalangia J:6200
cleft secondary palate J:6200
decreased caudal vertebrae number J:6200
decreased hair follicle number J:6200
flat face J:7243
flattened snout J:7243
fused lips J:7243
herniated intestine J:6200
kyphosis J:6200
microcephaly J:7243
microphthalmia J:6200, J:7243
neonatal lethality, complete penetrance J:6200
oral atresia J:6200
palatal shelf fusion with tongue or mandible J:7243
respiratory distress J:6200
respiratory failure J:6200
shiny skin J:6200
short limbs J:6200
short snout J:6200
small ears J:6200, J:7243
small external nares J:6200, J:7243
thin lip J:6200
thin skin J:6200, J:6708
involves: C57BL/6By
abnormal apical ectodermal ridge morphology J:148459
abnormal craniofacial development J:148459
abnormal embryonic autopod plate morphology J:148459
abnormal epidermal layer morphology J:148459
abnormal epidermis stratum basale morphology J:148459
abnormal epidermis stratum spinosum morphology J:148459
abnormal eyelid aperture J:148460
abnormal eyelid fusion J:148460
abnormal eyelid morphology J:148460
abnormal limb bud morphology J:148459
abnormal limb development J:148459
abnormal tail morphology J:148459
distorted hair follicle pattern J:148459
fused lips J:148459
kinked tail J:148459
microphthalmia J:148459
short tail J:148459
small limb buds J:148459
syndactyly J:148459
thick epidermis J:148459
thin epidermis J:148459
Not Specified
normal craniofacial phenotype J:184926
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6
abnormal B cell differentiation J:168328
abnormal spleen B cell follicle morphology J:168328
abnormal spleen morphology J:168328
absent spleen marginal zone J:168328
decreased B cell number J:168328
decreased B-1a cell number J:168328
decreased follicular B cell number J:168328
decreased IgG level J:168328
decreased IgM level J:168328
decreased marginal zone B cell number J:168328
normal immune system phenotype J:168328
increased B cell apoptosis J:168328
increased B cell proliferation J:168328
increased susceptibility to Riboviria infection J:168328
increased susceptibility to Riboviria infection induced morbidity/mortality J:168328
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * FVB/N
abnormal mammary gland epithelium morphology J:159517
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * FVB/N
abnormal cell adhesion J:159517
abnormal mammary gland duct morphology J:159517
abnormal mammary gland epithelium morphology J:159517
increased cell proliferation J:159517

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