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A/J Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    A, AJ
  • Collection
    DO/CC Founder
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving A/J
    113,608,579 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
17 associated mutations
557 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Aaiq1A/J Aaiq1
Aaiq2A/J Aaiq2
Aaiq3A/J Aaiq3
Aaiq4A/J Aaiq4
Aaj1A/J Aaj1
Aaj2A/J Aaj2
Aaj3A/J Aaj3
Aaj4A/J Aaj4
Abbp1A/J Abbp1
Abbp2A/J Abbp2
Abbp3A/J Abbp3
Abbp4A/J Abbp4
Abhr1A/J Abhr1
Abhr2A/J Abhr2
Abhr3A/J Abhr3
Acsns1A/J Acsns1
Acsns2A/J Acsns2
Acsns3A/J Acsns3
Aggr1A/J Aggr1
Aggr2A/J Aggr2
AgocA/J Agoc
Agoc2A/J Agoc2
Ahrq1A/J Ahrq1
Airrq1A/J Airrq1
Airrq2A/J Airrq2
Airrq3A/J Airrq3
Airrq4A/J Airrq4
Airrq5A/J Airrq5
Airrq6A/J Airrq6
Airrq7A/J Airrq7
Airrq8A/J Airrq8
Airrq9A/J Airrq9
Airrq10A/J Airrq10
Airrq11A/J Airrq11
Airrq12A/J Airrq12
Airrq13A/J Airrq13
Airrq14A/J Airrq14
Airrq15A/J Airrq15
Airrq16A/J Airrq16
AlbcA/J Albc
Albc2A/J Albc2
Albq1A/J Albq1
Albq2A/J Albq2
Albq3A/J Albq3
Albq4A/J Albq4
Albq16A/J Albq16
Albq18A/J Albq18
Alcp5A/J Alcp5
Alcp6A/J Alcp6
Alcp7A/J Alcp7
Alcp8A/J Alcp8
Alcp9A/J Alcp9
Alcp10A/J Alcp10
Alcp11A/J Alcp11
Alcp12A/J Alcp12
Alcp13A/J Alcp13
Alcp14A/J Alcp14
Alcp15A/J Alcp15
Alcp16A/J Alcp16
Alcp17A/J Alcp17
Alcp18A/J Alcp18
Alcp19A/J Alcp19
Alcp20A/J Alcp20
Alcp21A/J Alcp21
Alcp22A/J Alcp22
Alcp23A/J Alcp23
Alcp24A/J Alcp24
Alh1A/J Alh1
Aliq1A/J Aliq1
Aliq2A/J Aliq2
Aliq3A/J Aliq3
Aliq4A/J Aliq4
amdA/J amd
Amdt1A/J Amdt1
Amdt2A/J Amdt2
Amesf1A/J Amesf1
Amesf2A/J Amesf2
Amesf3A/J Amesf3
Anth2A/J Anth2
Aod1A/J Aod1
Aod1aA/J Aod1a
Aod1bA/J Aod1b
Aod2A/J Aod2
Aod3A/J Aod3
Aod4A/J Aod4
Aod5A/J Aod5
AordiA/J Aordi
Arbq1A/J Arbq1
Arbq2A/J Arbq2
ArfixA/J Arfix
Ari4A/J Ari4
Ari5A/J Ari5
Ari7A/J Ari7
Arrd4A/J Arrd4
Ars13A/J Ars13
Ars14A/J Ars14
Ars15A/J Ars15
Ars16A/J Ars16
Ars17A/J Ars17
Ars18A/J Ars18
Ars19A/J Ars19
Ars20A/J Ars20
Ars21A/J Ars21
Ars22A/J Ars22
Ars23A/J Ars23
Ars24A/J Ars24
Asubf1A/J Asubf1
Asubf2A/J Asubf2
Atfat1A/J Atfat1
Atfat2A/J Atfat2
Ath2A/J Ath2
Ath3A/J Ath3
Athsq4A/J Athsq4
Axtq1A/J Axtq1
Axtq2A/J Axtq2
Axtq3A/J Axtq3
Azdm1A/J Azdm1
Azdm2A/J Azdm2
Azdm3A/J Azdm3
Azdm4A/J Azdm4
Azdm5A/J Azdm5
Bal6A/J Bal6
Bal7A/J Bal7
Bal8A/J Bal8
Bhr1A/J Bhr1
Bhr2A/J Bhr2
Bhr3A/J Bhr3
Bhr5A/J Bhr5
Bhr6A/J Bhr6
Bhr7A/J Bhr7
Bhr8A/J Bhr8
Bis1A/J Bis1
Bis4A/J Bis4
BldpotA/J Bldpot
Blmpf3A/J Blmpf3
Blmpf4A/J Blmpf4
Blmpf5A/J Blmpf5
BmcaA/J Bmca
Bmiq1A/J Bmiq1
Bmiq2A/J Bmiq2
Bmiq3A/J Bmiq3
Bmiq4A/J Bmiq4
Bodyw1A/J Bodyw1
Bodyw2A/J Bodyw2
Bodyw3A/J Bodyw3
Bodyw4A/J Bodyw4
Bodyw5A/J Bodyw5
Bodyw6A/J Bodyw6
Bonmid1A/J Bonmid1
Bonmid2A/J Bonmid2
Bpq1A/J Bpq1
Bpq2A/J Bpq2
Bpq3A/J Bpq3
Bpq4A/J Bpq4
Bpq5A/J Bpq5
Bpq6A/J Bpq6
Bpq14A/J Bpq14
Bpq15A/J Bpq15
Bsc1A/J Bsc1
Bw3A/J Bw3
Bw8q1A/J Bw8q1
Bw8q2A/J Bw8q2
Bw17A/J Bw17
Bw18A/J Bw18
Bw33A/J Bw33
Bw34A/J Bw34
Bwq21A/J Bwq21
Bwvoq1A/J Bwvoq1
Carg3A/J Carg3
Carg4A/J Carg4
Ccs3A/J Ccs3
Cdtm1A/J Cdtm1
Cdtm2A/J Cdtm2
Char4A/J Char4
Char9A/J Char9
Char11A/J Char11
Choq1A/J Choq1
Choq2A/J Choq2
CinqA/J Cinq
Civq6A/J Civq6
Cocia1A/J Cocia1
Cocia2A/J Cocia2
Cocia3A/J Cocia3
Cocia4A/J Cocia4
Cocia5A/J Cocia5
Cocia6A/J Cocia6
Cocia7A/J Cocia7
Cocia8A/J Cocia8
Cocia9A/J Cocia9
Cocia10A/J Cocia10
Cocia11A/J Cocia11
Cocia12A/J Cocia12
Cocia13A/J Cocia13
Cocia14A/J Cocia14
Ctpr1A/J Ctpr1
D12vesdA/J D12vesd
Dbm1A/J Dbm1
Dbm2A/J Dbm2
Dbm3A/J Dbm3
Dbm4A/J Dbm4
Dfs1A/J Dfs1
Dfs2A/J Dfs2
DiobqA/J Diobq
Dipa1A/J Dipa1
Dipa2A/J Dipa2
Dipa3A/J Dipa3
Dipa4A/J Dipa4
Dipa5A/J Dipa5
Dipa6A/J Dipa6
Dipa7A/J Dipa7
Dipa8A/J Dipa8
Dpe1A/J Dpe1
Dshv2A/J Dshv2
DsigeA/J Dsige
Eae1A/J Eae1
Ebm1A/J Ebm1
Elmaz1A/J Elmaz1
Elmaz2A/J Elmaz2
Emo3A/J Emo3
Emrq1A/J Emrq1
Emrq2A/J Emrq2
Emrq3A/J Emrq3
Eppiq1A/J Eppiq1
Eppiq2A/J Eppiq2
EtiaA/J Etia
Exq1A/J Exq1
Exq2A/J Exq2
Exq3A/J Exq3
Fl1saA/J Fl1sa
Frct1A/J Frct1
Frct2A/J Frct2
Frct3A/J Frct3
Frct3aA/J Frct3a
Frct3bA/J Frct3b
Frct3cA/J Frct3c
Frct3dA/J Frct3d
Frct4A/J Frct4
Frct5A/J Frct5
Fss1A/J Fss1
Fss2A/J Fss2
Fss3A/J Fss3
Fss4A/J Fss4
Fss5A/J Fss5
Fss6A/J Fss6
Ftir1A/J Ftir1
Gluil1A/J Gluil1
Gluil2A/J Gluil2
Gluq1A/J Gluq1
Gluq2A/J Gluq2
Gluq3A/J Gluq3
Gluq4A/J Gluq4
Gonadfat1A/J Gonadfat1
Gonadfat2A/J Gonadfat2
Hcs1A/J Hcs1
Hcs2A/J Hcs2
Hcs3A/J Hcs3
HdlchoA/J Hdlcho
Hdlq40A/J Hdlq40
Hdlq41A/J Hdlq41
Hdlq42A/J Hdlq42
Hdlq43A/J Hdlq43
Hdlq44A/J Hdlq44
Hdlq45A/J Hdlq45
Hdlq46A/J Hdlq46
Hdlq47A/J Hdlq47
Hdlq48A/J Hdlq48
Hdlq49A/J Hdlq49
Hdlq50A/J Hdlq50
Hdlq51A/J Hdlq51
HefraA/J Hefra
Hfib1A/J Hfib1
HlvwA/J Hlvw
Hmtb1A/J Hmtb1
Hmtb2A/J Hmtb2
Hmtb3A/J Hmtb3
Hmtb4A/J Hmtb4
Hmtb5A/J Hmtb5
Hmtb6A/J Hmtb6
Hmtb8A/J Hmtb8
Hmtb9A/J Hmtb9
Hmtb10A/J Hmtb10
Hmtb11A/J Hmtb11
Homaq1A/J Homaq1
Homaq2A/J Homaq2
Homaq3A/J Homaq3
Hpi1A/J Hpi1
Hpi2A/J Hpi2
Hrdg1A/J Hrdg1
HrI1A/J HrI1
HrI2A/J HrI2
HrI4A/J HrI4
HrI5A/J HrI5
Hrsq3A/J Hrsq3
Hrtiq1A/J Hrtiq1
Hrtr1A/J Hrtr1
Hrtrat1A/J Hrtrat1
Hrvhf1A/J Hrvhf1
HvtiA/J Hvti
Hwbw1A/J Hwbw1
Hwbw2A/J Hwbw2
Hwtf2A/J Hwtf2
Iba1A/J Iba1
Iba2A/J Iba2
Iba3A/J Iba3
Iba4A/J Iba4
Iba5A/J Iba5
Iba6A/J Iba6
Iba7A/J Iba7
Iba8A/J Iba8
IchsA/J Ichs
Idd3A/J Idd3
Igly3A/J Igly3
Igly10A/J Igly10
Insq2A/J Insq2
Insq3A/J Insq3
Insq4A/J Insq4
Insq5A/J Insq5
Insq12A/J Insq12
Insq13A/J Insq13
Kidbw1A/J Kidbw1
Kidbw2A/J Kidbw2
Kidlq1A/J Kidlq1
Kidlq2A/J Kidlq2
Kidrq1A/J Kidrq1
Kidrq2A/J Kidrq2
Kidrq3A/J Kidrq3
Krcn1A/J Krcn1
LdlchoA/J Ldlcho
Lfhrvq1A/J Lfhrvq1
Lith3A/J Lith3
LivbwA/J Livbw
Lsq1A/J Lsq1
Lsr1A/J Lsr1
Lsrm1A/J Lsrm1
Ltgq1A/J Ltgq1
Ltgq2A/J Ltgq2
Malrd1A/J Malrd1
Mcdq1A/J Mcdq1
Micab24A/J Micab24
Mndl1A/J Mndl1
Mndl2A/J Mndl2
Modn1A/J Modn1
Mol1A/J Mol1
Mol2A/J Mol2
Mol3A/J Mol3
Mol4A/J Mol4
Moq1A/J Moq1
Mvb2A/J Mvb2
Mvb3A/J Mvb3
Mvb4A/J Mvb4
Mvwf2A/J Mvwf2
Mvwf3A/J Mvwf3
Mvwf4A/J Mvwf4
Nilac1A/J Nilac1
Nilac2A/J Nilac2
Nilac3A/J Nilac3
Nilac4A/J Nilac4
Nilac5A/J Nilac5
Nilac6A/J Nilac6
Nilac7A/J Nilac7
Nilac8A/J Nilac8
Nilac9A/J Nilac9
Nilac10A/J Nilac10
Nilac11A/J Nilac11
Nilac12A/J Nilac12
Nociq1A/J Nociq1
Nociq2A/J Nociq2
Noreq Noreq
Nsila1A/J Nsila1
Nsila2A/J Nsila2
Nsila3A/J Nsila3
Nsila4A/J Nsila4
Nsila5A/J Nsila5
Nsila6A/J Nsila6
Nsila7A/J Nsila7
Nsila8A/J Nsila8
Nsila9A/J Nsila9
Nsila10A/J Nsila10
Nstr1A/J Nstr1
Nstr2A/J Nstr2
Obrq1A/J Obrq1
Obrq2A/J Obrq2
Obrq2aA/J Obrq2a
Obrq3A/J Obrq3
Obrq4A/J Obrq4
Obrq5A/J Obrq5
Obrq6A/J Obrq6
Obrq7A/J Obrq7
Obrq8A/J Obrq8
Obrq9A/J Obrq9
Obrq10A/J Obrq10
Obrq11A/J Obrq11
Obrq12A/J Obrq12
Obrq13A/J Obrq13
Obrq14A/J Obrq14
Obrq15A/J Obrq15
Obrq16A/J Obrq16
Obrq17A/J Obrq17
Obrq18A/J Obrq18
Obrq19A/J Obrq19
Obrq20A/J Obrq20
Odsm1A/J Odsm1
OpefaA/J Opefa
Oriq1A/J Oriq1
Oriq2A/J Oriq2
Oriq3A/J Oriq3
Oriq4A/J Oriq4
Oriq5A/J Oriq5
Paasd1A/J Paasd1
Pain1A/J Pain1
Pairq1A/J Pairq1
Par1A/J Par1
Par2A/J Par2
Par3A/J Par3
Par8A/J Par8
Pas1A/J Pas1
Pas11A/J Pas11
Pas12A/J Pas12
Pas13A/J Pas13
Pas14A/J Pas14
Pas15A/J Pas15
Pas16A/J Pas16
Pas17A/J Pas17
Pas19A/J Pas19
Pbrbc2A/J Pbrbc2
Pbrbc3A/J Pbrbc3
Pbrbc4A/J Pbrbc4
Pcholq1A/J Pcholq1
Pcholq2A/J Pcholq2
Pcholq3A/J Pcholq3
Pcholq4A/J Pcholq4
Phospq1A/J Phospq1
Pis1A/J Pis1
Pis2A/J Pis2
PkcalA/J Pkcal
PkcclA/J Pkccl
Plema1A/J Plema1
Plema2A/J Plema2
Plema3A/J Plema3
Pmesf1A/J Pmesf1
Pmesf2A/J Pmesf2
Pmesf3A/J Pmesf3
Pnrq1A/J Pnrq1
Ppiq12A/J Ppiq12
Ppiq13A/J Ppiq13
Ppiq14A/J Ppiq14
Ppiq15A/J Ppiq15
Prdt6A/J Prdt6
Psubf1A/J Psubf1
Psubf2A/J Psubf2
Ptfat1A/J Ptfat1
Ptfat2A/J Ptfat2
Ptfat3A/J Ptfat3
Rbcn1A/J Rbcn1
Rbcn2A/J Rbcn2
Rbcn3A/J Rbcn3
Ri1A/J Ri1
Ril1A/J Ril1
Ril2A/J Ril2
Ril3A/J Ril3
Rta1A/J Rta1
Rta2A/J Rta2
Scq1A/J Scq1
Skcsq1A/J Skcsq1
Skcsq2A/J Skcsq2
Skcsq3A/J Skcsq3
Skcsq4A/J Skcsq4
Skcsq5A/J Skcsq5
Skcsq6A/J Skcsq6
Skcsq7A/J Skcsq7
Skshq1A/J Skshq1
Skshq2A/J Skshq2
Skshq3A/J Skshq3
Skshq4A/J Skshq4
Skshq5A/J Skshq5
Skshq6A/J Skshq6
Skshq7A/J Skshq7
Skshq8A/J Skshq8
Skshq9A/J Skshq9
Skshq10A/J Skshq10
Skshq11A/J Skshq11
Skshq12A/J Skshq12
Skshq13A/J Skshq13
Skshq14A/J Skshq14
Skshq15A/J Skshq15
Skshq16A/J Skshq16
Skshq17A/J Skshq17
Skshq18A/J Skshq18
Skshq19A/J Skshq19
Skshq20A/J Skshq20
Skshq21A/J Skshq21
Skshq22A/J Skshq22
Skshq23A/J Skshq23
Skshq24A/J Skshq24
Skshq25A/J Skshq25
Skshq26A/J Skshq26
Skshq27A/J Skshq27
Skshq28A/J Skshq28
Skshq29A/J Skshq29
Skshq30A/J Skshq30
Slt1A/J Slt1
Slt2A/J Slt2
Slt3A/J Slt3
Slt4A/J Slt4
Slt5A/J Slt5
Smcl1A/J Smcl1
Sreq Sreq
Ssrq1A/J Ssrq1
Ssrq2A/J Ssrq2
Ssrq3A/J Ssrq3
Ssrq4A/J Ssrq4
Ssrq5A/J Ssrq5
Ssrq6A/J Ssrq6
Ssrq7A/J Ssrq7
Ssrq8A/J Ssrq8
Ssrq9A/J Ssrq9
Ssrq10A/J Ssrq10
Ssrq11A/J Ssrq11
Sstapa1A/J Sstapa1
Sstapa2A/J Sstapa2
Sstapa3A/J Sstapa3
Sstapa4A/J Sstapa4
StnnA/J Stnn
Svwq2A/J Svwq2
Sysbp3A/J Sysbp3
T2dm4saA/J T2dm4sa
T2dm5saA/J T2dm5sa
Tcq15A/J Tcq15
Tcq16A/J Tcq16
Tcq17A/J Tcq17
Tnfsf4Ath1-A/J Tnfsf4
Tpnr5A/J Tpnr5
Tpnr6A/J Tpnr6
TriglA/J Trigl
Triglq1A/J Triglq1
Triglq2A/J Triglq2
Vacq1A/J Vacq1
Vacq2A/J Vacq2
Vacq3A/J Vacq3
Vacq4A/J Vacq4
Vacq5A/J Vacq5
Vacq6A/J Vacq6
Vacq7A/J Vacq7
Vclq1A/J Vclq1
Vgot1A/J Vgot1
Vgot2A/J Vgot2
Vms1A/J Vms1
Vms2A/J Vms2
Vms3A/J Vms3
Voq1A/J Voq1
Weich1A/J Weich1
Weich2A/J Weich2
Weich3A/J Weich3
Weich4A/J Weich4
Weich5A/J Weich5
Weich6A/J Weich6
Wra1A/J Wra1
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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Human Diseases

model 1 model 2
autosomal recessive limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B
Coronavirus infectious disease
distal myopathy
Key disease model expected model not found
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JAX:000646 JAX A/J exact match to ID
  • Earliest
    J:2481 Strong LC, The establishment of the "A" strain of inbred mice. J Hered. 1936;27:21-24
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