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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:142671 Kalsotra A, et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Dec 23;105(51):20333-8
Caption Data are expressed as the percentage inclusion (Upper) and as the percentage of total change (Lower) for variable regions that show increased (A) or decreased (B) inclusion during development. Alternative exons are numbered according to Ensembl. In at least 2 independent assays for all E14 and adult samples, the standard deviation was less than 5 percentage points.
This image is from Kalsotra A, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2008 Dec 23;105(51):20333-8. Copyright 2008 National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
A Svil MGI:3831815 (Svil)
A Ktn1 MGI:3831828 (Ktn1)
A Mfn2 MGI:3831829 (Mfn2)
A Fxrh1 MGI:3831830 (Fxr1)
A Nfat5 MGI:3831844 (Nfat5)
A Kif1b MGI:3831848 (Kif1b)
A Mtap2 MGI:3831832 (Map2)
A Mtmr1 e3 MGI:3831833 (Mtmr1)
A Gripap MGI:3831834 (Gripap1)
A Mef2A MGI:3831835 (Mef2a)
A Enah MGI:3831836 (Enah)
A Dtna MGI:3831837 (Dtna)
A Mpp6 MGI:3831838 (Pals2)
A Sorbs1 e27 MGI:3831840 (Sorbs1)
A Capzb MGI:3831841 (Capzb)
A Rab11fip3 MGI:3831842 (Rab11fip3)
A Atp2b1 MGI:3831807 (Atp2b1)
A Ablim1 MGI:3831806 (Ablim1)
A Frmd4a MGI:3831808 (Frmd4a)
A Sorbs1 e23 MGI:3831809 (Sorbs1)
A Sorbs1 e6 MGI:3831810 (Sorbs1)
A Mef2c MGI:3831811 (Mef2c)
A R3hdm1 MGI:3831812 (R3hdm1)
A Asph MGI:3831813 (Asph)
A Tmem16E MGI:3831814 (Ano5)
A Mtmr3 MGI:3831845 (Mtmr3)
A Ppp3ca MGI:3831846 (Ppp3ca)
A Rsn MGI:3831847 (Clip1)
A Kif1b e13 MGI:3831831 (Kif1b)
A Popdc2 MGI:3831849 (Popdc2)
A VegfA MGI:3831850 (Vegfa)
A Ank2 MGI:3831851 (Ank2)
A Hnrph2 MGI:3831852 (Hnrnph2)
A Fox2 MGI:3831853 (Rbfox2)
A Xpo7 MGI:3831854 (Xpo7)
B Sorbs1 MGI:3831864 (Sorbs1)
B FilaminC MGI:3831865 (Flnc)
B Sgca MGI:3831866 (Sgca)
B Fox2 e13 MGI:3832009 (Rbfox2)
B CaskB MGI:3832260 (Cask)
B Phka1 MGI:3832010 (Phka1)
B Slmap e4 MGI:3832011 (Slmap)
B Mbnl1 e5 MGI:3832012 (Mbnl1)
B cTnt MGI:3832013 (Tnnt2)
B Myom1 MGI:3832014 (Myom1)
B Gpr116 MGI:3832015 (Adgrf5)
B H2afy MGI:3831858 (Macroh2a1)
B C10orf97 MGI:3832261 (Mindy3)
B Itga7 MGI:3831859 (Itga7)
B Fox2 e6 MGI:3831860 (Rbfox2)
B Tmem134 MGI:3831861 (Tmem134)
B Ldb3B MGI:3831863 (Ldb3)
B Mbnl2 MGI:3831862 (Mbnl2)
B Fn1 e33 MGI:3831855 (Fn1)
B Ncor2 MGI:3831856 (Ncor2)
B Slmap e10 MGI:3831857 (Slmap)
A Mtmr1 e4 MGI:3831843 (Mtmr1)
B Fn e25 MGI:3831867 (Fn1)

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