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BALB/c Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    strain family
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    Bagg Albino, BALB/c-Mx1s1
  • Other IDs
    MGI:2177628, MGI:3715239
  • Strain Family Members
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving BALB/c
    10,934 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
1 associated mutation
Mutation Carried Marker
Apobec3Rfv3-s Apobec3
228 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Adip28BALB/c Adip28
Adip29BALB/c Adip29
Adip30BALB/c Adip30
Amzn1BALB/c Amzn1
Amzn2BALB/c Amzn2
Amzn3BALB/c Amzn3
Amzn4BALB/c Amzn4
ArpBALB/c Arp
Asbb1BALB/c Asbb1
Asbb2BALB/c Asbb2
Asbb3BALB/c Asbb3
Asthm1BALB/c Asthm1
Asthm2BALB/c Asthm2
Berr5BALB/c Berr5
Bw41BALB/c Bw41
Bw42BALB/c Bw42
Bw43BALB/c Bw43
Bw44BALB/c Bw44
Bw45BALB/c Bw45
Cd4ts1BALB/c Cd4ts1
Cd4ts2BALB/c Cd4ts2
Cd4ts3BALB/c Cd4ts3
Cd4ts4BALB/c Cd4ts4
Cd4ts5BALB/c Cd4ts5
Cd4ts6BALB/c Cd4ts6
Cd4vts1BALB/c Cd4vts1
Cd8mts1BALB/c Cd8mts1
Cd8mts2BALB/c Cd8mts2
Cd8mts3BALB/c Cd8mts3
Cd8mts4BALB/c Cd8mts4
Cd8mts5BALB/c Cd8mts5
Cd8mts6BALB/c Cd8mts6
Cd8ts1BALB/c Cd8ts1
Cd8ts2BALB/c Cd8ts2
Cd8ts3BALB/c Cd8ts3
Cia1BALB/c Cia1
Cia44BALB/c Cia44
Cia45BALB/c Cia45
Cia53BALB/c Cia53
Cinda1BALB/c Cinda1
Cinda2BALB/c Cinda2
Cmv4BALB/c Cmv4
Cora1BALB/c Cora1
Cypr1BALB/c Cypr1
Cypr2BALB/c Cypr2
Cypr3BALB/c Cypr3
Dice1BALB/c Dice1
Dice2BALB/c Dice2
Exz1BALB/c Exz1
Exz2BALB/c Exz2
Fbgl1BALB/c Fbgl1
Fbgl2BALB/c Fbgl2
Fibrs1BALB/c Fibrs1
Fibrs2BALB/c Fibrs2
Fibrs3BALB/c Fibrs3
Igan1BALB/c Igan1
Igan2BALB/c Igan2
Igan3BALB/c Igan3
Igan4BALB/c Igan4
Imgt1BALB/c Imgt1
Liviq1BALB/c Liviq1
Lmr1BALB/c Lmr1
Lmr2BALB/c Lmr2
Lmr30BALB/c Lmr30
Ltgq7BALB/c Ltgq7
Ltgq8BALB/c Ltgq8
Ltpr1BALB/c Ltpr1
Ltpr2BALB/c Ltpr2
Ltpr2aBALB/c Ltpr2a
Ltpr2bBALB/c Ltpr2b
Ltpr2cBALB/c Ltpr2c
Ltpr2dBALB/c Ltpr2d
Ltpr2eBALB/c Ltpr2e
Ltpr2fBALB/c Ltpr2f
Ltpr2gBALB/c Ltpr2g
Ltpr2hBALB/c Ltpr2h
Ltpr3BALB/c Ltpr3
Ltpr3aBALB/c Ltpr3a
Ltpr3bBALB/c Ltpr3b
Ltpr3cBALB/c Ltpr3c
Ltpr3dBALB/c Ltpr3d
Ltpr3eBALB/c Ltpr3e
Ltpr3fBALB/c Ltpr3f
Ltpr3gBALB/c Ltpr3g
Ltpr4BALB/c Ltpr4
Ltpr4aBALB/c Ltpr4a
Ltpr4bBALB/c Ltpr4b
Ltpr4cBALB/c Ltpr4c
Ltpr5BALB/c Ltpr5
Ltpr5aBALB/c Ltpr5a
Ltpr5bBALB/c Ltpr5b
Ltpr6BALB/c Ltpr6
Ltpr6aBALB/c Ltpr6a
Ltpr6bBALB/c Ltpr6b
Ltpr7BALB/c Ltpr7
Ltpr7aBALB/c Ltpr7a
Ltpr7bBALB/c Ltpr7b
Ltpr7cBALB/c Ltpr7c
Ltpr8BALB/c Ltpr8
Ltpr8aBALB/c Ltpr8a
Ltpr8bBALB/c Ltpr8b
Ltpr8cBALB/c Ltpr8c
Ltpr8dBALB/c Ltpr8d
LusBALB/c Lus
Mbis1BALB/c Mbis1
Mbis2BALB/c Mbis2
Mbis3BALB/c Mbis3
Mbis4BALB/c Mbis4
MlrrqBALB/c Mlrrq
Mp53d1BALB/c Mp53d1
Mp53d2BALB/c Mp53d2
Mp53d3BALB/c Mp53d3
Mpsq1BALB/c Mpsq1
Mtf1Thyls-BALB/c Mtf1
Mts1BALB/c Mts1
Mts2BALB/c Mts2
Mts3BALB/c Mts3
Mts4BALB/c Mts4
Mts5BALB/c Mts5
Mtv7BALB/c Mtv7
Mvlq1BALB/c Mvlq1
Mvlq2BALB/c Mvlq2
Mvlq3BALB/c Mvlq3
Mvlq4BALB/c Mvlq4
Mvlq5BALB/c Mvlq5
Nbwa2BALB/cJ Nbwa2
Nctm1BALB/c Nctm1
Nctm2BALB/c Nctm2
Nmrs1BALB/c Nmrs1
Nmrs2BALB/c Nmrs2
Nmrs3BALB/c Nmrs3
Nmrs4BALB/c Nmrs4
Nmrs5BALB/c Nmrs5
Nmrs6BALB/c Nmrs6
Nmrs7BALB/c Nmrs7
Nmrs8BALB/c Nmrs8
Nmrs9BALB/c Nmrs9
Nmrs10BALB/c Nmrs10
Nmrs11BALB/c Nmrs11
Nmrs12BALB/c Nmrs12
Nmrs13BALB/c Nmrs13
Nmrs14BALB/c Nmrs14
Nmrs15BALB/c Nmrs15
Nmrs17BALB/c Nmrs17
Nmrs18BALB/c Nmrs18
Nmrs19BALB/c Nmrs19
Nmrs20BALB/c Nmrs20
Nmrs21BALB/c Nmrs21
Nmrs22BALB/c Nmrs22
Nmrs23BALB/c Nmrs23
Nmrs24BALB/c Nmrs24
Nmrs25BALB/c Nmrs25
Nmrs26BALB/c Nmrs26
Nmrs27BALB/c Nmrs27
Nmrs28BALB/c Nmrs28
Nmrs29BALB/c Nmrs29
Nmrs30BALB/c Nmrs30
Nmrs31BALB/c Nmrs31
Nmrs32BALB/c Nmrs32
Nmrs33BALB/c Nmrs33
Nmrs34BALB/c Nmrs34
Nmrs35BALB/c Nmrs35
Nmrs36BALB/c Nmrs36
Nmrs37BALB/c Nmrs37
Nmrs38BALB/c Nmrs38
Nmrs39BALB/c Nmrs39
Nmrs40BALB/c Nmrs40
Nmrs41BALB/c Nmrs41
Nmrs42BALB/c Nmrs42
Nmrs44BALB/c Nmrs44
Nmrs45BALB/c Nmrs45
Nmrs46BALB/c Nmrs46
Nmrs47BALB/c Nmrs47
Nmrs48BALB/c Nmrs48
Nmrs49BALB/c Nmrs49
Oss1BALB/c Oss1
Oss2BALB/c Oss2
Ossc3BALB/c Ossc3
Par2BALB/c Par2
Pcd4ts1BALB/c Pcd4ts1
Pcd4ts2BALB/c Pcd4ts2
Pcd4ts3BALB/c Pcd4ts3
Pcd8ts1BALB/c Pcd8ts1
Pcyts1BALB/c Pcyts1
Pcyts2BALB/c Pcyts2
Pcyts3BALB/c Pcyts3
Pcyts4BALB/c Pcyts4
Pcyts5BALB/c Pcyts5
Pcyts6BALB/c Pcyts6
Pfibs1BALB/c Pfibs1
Pfibs2BALB/c Pfibs2
Pgia8BALB/c Pgia8
Pgia9BALB/c Pgia9
Pgia30BALB/c Pgia30
Pgia31BALB/c Pgia31
Pgia32BALB/c Pgia32
Pgis1BALB/c Pgis1
Pgis2BALB/c Pgis2
Pscr1BALB/c Pscr1
Pscr2BALB/c Pscr2
Pscr3BALB/c Pscr3
Psds1BALB/c Psds1
Psds2BALB/c Psds2
Psds3BALB/c Psds3
Psds4BALB/c Psds4
RencdBALB/c Rencd
Rhs1BALB/c Rhs1
Ril4BALB/c Ril4
Ril5BALB/c Ril5
RitlsBALB/c Ritls
RuaBALB/c Rua
Smdq1BALB/c Smdq1
Smdq2BALB/c Smdq2
Smdq3BALB/c Smdq3
TaprBALB/c Tapr
Tbbr1BALB/c Tbbr1
Tbbr2BALB/c Tbbr2
Tbbr3BALB/c Tbbr3
Tbbr4BALB/c Tbbr4
Tchol1BALB/c Tchol1
Tcpm1BALB/c Tcpm1
Tgl1BALB/c Tgl1
Tgls1BALB/c Tgls1
Thyls2BALB/c Thyls2
Tlq1BALB/c Tlq1
Tlsr6BALB/c Tlsr6
Tlsr7BALB/c Tlsr7
Ua1BALB/c Ua1
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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  • Earliest
    J:70440 Green EL, et al., The relationship of skeletal type and body size in an inbred strain of mice. J Morphol. 1946;78:113-120
  • All

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