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BALB/cByJ Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    BALB Bailey Jackson, BALB/c Bailey Jackson
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving BALB/cByJ
    98,095,494 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
7 associated mutations
137 associated QTL
Allele Marker
AbmmBALB/cByJ Abmm
Advh1BALB/cByJ Advh1
Advh2BALB/cByJ Advh2
Advh3BALB/cByJ Advh3
Advh4BALB/cByJ Advh4
Arigg1BALB/cByJ Arigg1
Arigg2BALB/cByJ Arigg2
Arigg3BALB/cByJ Arigg3
Arigg4BALB/cByJ Arigg4
Arigg5BALB/cByJ Arigg5
Arigg6BALB/cByJ Arigg6
Arigg7BALB/cByJ Arigg7
Arigg8BALB/cByJ Arigg8
Arigg9BALB/cByJ Arigg9
Arigg10BALB/cByJ Arigg10
Arigm1BALB/cByJ Arigm1
Arigm2BALB/cByJ Arigm2
Arigm3BALB/cByJ Arigm3
Arigm4BALB/cByJ Arigm4
Arigm5BALB/cByJ Arigm5
Arigm6BALB/cByJ Arigm6
Arigm7BALB/cByJ Arigm7
Arrd1BALB/cByJ Arrd1
Arrd2BALB/cByJ Arrd2
Arrd3BALB/cByJ Arrd3
Cacq1BALB/cByJ Cacq1
Cacq2BALB/cByJ Cacq2
Cadq1BALB/cByJ Cadq1
Canq1BALB/cByJ Canq1
Canq2BALB/cByJ Canq2
Canq3BALB/cByJ Canq3
Canq4BALB/cByJ Canq4
Carq1BALB/cByJ Carq1
Ccrs3BALB/cByJ Ccrs3
Ccrs4BALB/cByJ Ccrs4
Civq1BALB/cByJ Civq1
Civq2BALB/cByJ Civq2
Civq3BALB/cByJ Civq3
Civq6BALB/cByJ Civq6
DermsBALB/cByJ Derms
Dpnrems1BALB/cByJ Dpnrems1
Dpnrems2BALB/cByJ Dpnrems2
Elsgp4BALB/cByJ Elsgp4
Elsgp5BALB/cByJ Elsgp5
Elsgp6BALB/cByJ Elsgp6
Elsgp7BALB/cByJ Elsgp7
Iremsq1BALB/cByJ Iremsq1
Iremsq2BALB/cByJ Iremsq2
Kif1cOrch3-BALB/cByJ Kif1c
Listr1BALB/cByJ Listr1
Listr2BALB/cByJ Listr2
Lrdg1BALB/cByJ Lrdg1
Lrdg2BALB/cByJ Lrdg2
mct1BALB/cByJ mct1
ModmBALB/cByJ Modm
Mol1BALB/cByJ Mol1
Mrdq1BALB/cByJ Mrdq1
Mrdq2BALB/cByJ Mrdq2
Mrdq3BALB/cByJ Mrdq3
Mrdq4BALB/cByJ Mrdq4
Mrdq5BALB/cByJ Mrdq5
Mrip1BALB/cByJ Mrip1
Mrip2BALB/cByJ Mrip2
Mrip3BALB/cByJ Mrip3
Mrip4BALB/cByJ Mrip4
Mrip5BALB/cByJ Mrip5
Nremsbq1BALB/cByJ Nremsbq1
Nremsbq2BALB/cByJ Nremsbq2
Nremsbq3BALB/cByJ Nremsbq3
Nremslq1BALB/cByJ Nremslq1
Nremslq2BALB/cByJ Nremslq2
Nremslq3BALB/cByJ Nremslq3
Nremslq4BALB/cByJ Nremslq4
Nremsqq1BALB/cByJ Nremsqq1
Nremstq2BALB/cByJ Nremstq2
Nremstq3BALB/cByJ Nremstq3
Orch4BALB/cByJ Orch4
Orch5BALB/cByJ Orch5
Oremsq1BALB/cByJ Oremsq1
Oremsq2BALB/cByJ Oremsq2
Parms1BALB/cByJ Parms1
Pvcan1BALB/cByJ Pvcan1
Pvcan2BALB/cByJ Pvcan2
Pvcan3BALB/cByJ Pvcan3
Remsbq1BALB/cByJ Remsbq1
Remsbq2BALB/cByJ Remsbq2
Remslp1BALB/cByJ Remslp1
Remslp2BALB/cByJ Remslp2
Remslp3BALB/cByJ Remslp3
Remslp4BALB/cByJ Remslp4
Remslp5BALB/cByJ Remslp5
Remslp6BALB/cByJ Remslp6
Remslq1BALB/cByJ Remslq1
Remslq2BALB/cByJ Remslq2
Remsqq2BALB/cByJ Remsqq2
Remstpq1BALB/cByJ Remstpq1
Remstpq2BALB/cByJ Remstpq2
Remstpq3BALB/cByJ Remstpq3
Remstpq4BALB/cByJ Remstpq4
Rgcs1BALB/cByJ Rgcs1
Rpe65450L Rpe65
Rvfs1BALB/cByJ Rvfs1
Rvfs2BALB/cByJ Rvfs2
Rvfs3BALB/cByJ Rvfs3
Rvfs4BALB/cByJ Rvfs4
Rvfs5BALB/cByJ Rvfs5
Slaq1BALB/cByJ Slaq1
Slaq2BALB/cByJ Slaq2
Slaq3BALB/cByJ Slaq3
SrilpBALB/cByJ Srilp
Sssq1BALB/cByJ Sssq1
Sssq2BALB/cByJ Sssq2
TauphBALB/cByJ Tauph
Tmevd1BALB/cByJ Tmevd1
Tmevd2BALB/cByJ Tmevd2
Tmevd6BALB/cByJ Tmevd6
Tmevd7BALB/cByJ Tmevd7
Tmevd8BALB/cByJ Tmevd8
Tmevd9BALB/cByJ Tmevd9
Tprems1BALB/cByJ Tprems1
Tprems2BALB/cByJ Tprems2
Tremstq1BALB/cByJ Tremstq1
Tremstq2BALB/cByJ Tremstq2
Tremstq3BALB/cByJ Tremstq3
Tsbq1BALB/cByJ Tsbq1
Tsbq2BALB/cByJ Tsbq2
Tsbq3BALB/cByJ Tsbq3
Tsbq4BALB/cByJ Tsbq4
Twbq1BALB/cByJ Twbq1
Twbq2BALB/cByJ Twbq2
Twbq3BALB/cByJ Twbq3
Wbqq1BALB/cByJ Wbqq1
Wbqq2BALB/cByJ Wbqq2
Wtq1BALB/cByJ Wtq1
Wtq2BALB/cByJ Wtq2
Wtq3BALB/cByJ Wtq3
Zit1BALB/cByJ Zit1
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1 associated strain record at IMSR
IMSR Repository IMSR Strain Why Matched
JAX:001026 JAX BALB/cByJ exact match to ID
  • Earliest
    J:166288 International Nomenclature Committee, COMMITTEE on Standardized Nomenclature for Inbred Strains of Mice. Cancer Res. 1952 Aug;12(8):602-13
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