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toll-like receptor 2
121 phenotypes from 5 alleles in 13 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
abnormal macrophage physiology J:94077
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:94077
decreased basophil cell number J:211773
abnormal airway responsiveness J:147534
abnormal astrocyte morphology J:129957
abnormal body fat mass J:158035
abnormal circadian behavior J:247895
abnormal circulating cholesterol level J:158035
abnormal circulating glucose level J:158035
abnormal circulating insulin level J:158035
abnormal circulating LDL cholesterol level J:158035
abnormal circulating lipid level J:158035
abnormal dendritic cell physiology J:118954
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:158035
abnormal interleukin level J:118954
abnormal locomotor activation J:247895
abnormal locomotor circadian rhythm J:247895
abnormal neuron differentiation J:129957
abnormal pancreatic beta cell morphology J:148283
abnormal respiratory system physiology J:98456, J:147534
abnormal white fat cell size J:158035
normal behavior/neurological phenotype J:247895
decreased body weight J:247895
decreased cerebral infarction size J:122281
decreased circulating VLDL cholesterol level J:158035
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:118954
decreased interleukin-12b secretion J:118954
decreased liver tumor incidence J:143870
decreased lung tumor incidence J:143870
decreased susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury J:101532
decreased susceptibility to parasitic infection J:116763
normal growth/size/body region phenotype J:158035
hepatic steatosis J:158035
normal homeostasis/metabolism phenotype J:247895
increased circulating free fatty acid level J:158035
increased T cell number J:118954
small pancreatic islets J:148283
normal immune system phenotype J:178054
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd
abnormal cytokine secretion J:70578
abnormal hepatocyte morphology J:135830
abnormal leukocyte migration J:171379
abnormal macrophage physiology J:70578, J:103464, J:130138
abnormal osteoclast physiology J:130138
altered response to myocardial infarction J:119941
decreased cerebral infarction size J:128966
decreased circulating alanine transaminase level J:135830
decreased circulating interleukin-1 beta level J:119941
decreased circulating tumor necrosis factor level J:119941
decreased inflammatory response J:146111
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:70578
decreased interleukin-12 secretion J:70578
decreased susceptibility to bacterial infection induced morbidity/mortality J:146111
decreased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:70578, J:103395
increased B cell apoptosis J:135830
normal muscle phenotype J:116310
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6
abnormal astrocyte physiology J:122551
abnormal chemokine level J:88174
abnormal glial cell physiology J:122551
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:124334
abnormal heart morphology J:103019
abnormal heart ventricle morphology J:103019
abnormal locomotor behavior J:122597
abnormal macrophage physiology J:76115, J:95726
abnormal tumor necrosis factor level J:124334
altered response to myocardial infarction J:103019
cardiac interstitial fibrosis J:103019
decreased heart left ventricle weight J:103019
decreased heart weight J:103019
decreased immunoglobulin level J:95726
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:76115, J:88174
decreased lung weight J:103019
decreased microglial cell activation J:122551
decreased susceptibility to viral infection J:88174
decreased susceptibility to viral infection induced morbidity/mortality J:88174
decreased thermal nociceptive threshold J:122551
decreased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:76115
hyperresponsive to tactile stimuli J:122551
normal immune system phenotype J:76115
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:95726
normal nervous system phenotype J:99051
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:124334
insulitis J:124334
involves: 129S1/Sv * C57BL/6
no abnormal phenotype detected J:101679
abnormal cellular extravasation J:171028
abnormal cytokine secretion J:121930
abnormal enterocyte morphology J:128329
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:162168
abnormal intestinal epithelium morphology J:165105
abnormal large intestine crypts of Lieberkuhn morphology J:165105
CNS ischemia J:148091
colonic necrosis J:165105
decreased angiogenesis J:171028
decreased cerebral infarction size J:124100
decreased circulating insulin level J:162168
decreased circulating leptin level J:162168
decreased circulating tumor necrosis factor level J:162168
decreased fat cell size J:162168
decreased gonadal fat pad weight J:162168
decreased interleukin-1 beta secretion J:129871
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:129871
decreased neuron apoptosis J:124100
decreased splenocyte proliferation J:121930
decreased susceptibility to bacterial infection induced morbidity/mortality J:121930
decreased susceptibility to hepatic steatosis J:162168
decreased susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury J:146120
decreased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:129871
improved glucose tolerance J:162168
increased adipocyte glucose uptake J:162168
increased carcinoma incidence J:165105
increased colon adenoma incidence J:165105
increased energy expenditure J:162168
increased food intake J:162168
increased gastrointestinal tumor incidence J:165105
increased insulin secretion J:162168
increased insulin sensitivity J:162168
increased susceptibility to induced colitis J:165105
premature death J:128329, J:165105
rectal hemorrhage J:128329, J:165105
weight loss J:128329, J:165105
either: (involves: 129/Sv * C57BL/6) or (involves: 129/Sv * C57BL/6 * C57BL/6J)
abnormal innate immunity J:85323
abnormal macrophage physiology J:85323
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:85323
decreased interleukin-10 secretion J:85323
decreased macrophage cytokine production J:85323
decreased macrophage nitric oxide production J:85323
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:85323
involves: 129
abnormal adrenal cortex morphology J:94463
abnormal adrenal gland morphology J:94463
abnormal adrenal gland secretion J:94463
abnormal circulating corticosterone level J:94463
abnormal circulating pituitary hormone level J:94463
abnormal endoplasmic reticulum morphology J:94463
abnormal interleukin secretion J:94463
abnormal mitochondrial shape J:94463
abnormal mitochondrion morphology J:94463
decreased circulating corticosterone level J:94463
decreased interleukin-1 secretion J:94463
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:94463
decreased mitochondria number J:94463
decreased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:94463
enlarged adrenal glands J:94463
increased circulating adrenocorticotropin level J:94463
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection induced morbidity/mortality J:147177
involves: 129 * C57BL/6
abnormal myelination J:161285
Not Specified
abnormal macrophage physiology J:96018
increased sensitivity to induced morbidity/mortality J:96018
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:96018

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