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Mammalian Phenotype Ontology Annotations
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solute carrier family 4 (anion exchanger), member 1
72 phenotypes from 6 alleles in 8 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
involves: C57BL/6J
abnormal definitive hematopoiesis J:85113
abnormal erythrocyte cell number J:85113
abnormal erythrocyte morphology J:85113
abnormal hemoglobin J:85113
anemia J:85113
decreased erythrocyte cell number J:85113
decreased hematocrit J:85113
decreased hemoglobin content J:85113
increased nucleated erythrocyte cell number J:85113
macrocytic anemia J:85113
postnatal lethality, complete penetrance J:85113, J:109155
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6J
abnormal erythrocyte morphology J:35637
abnormal hemoglobin J:35637
abnormal immune system organ morphology J:35637
abnormal mean corpuscular volume J:35637
decreased body size J:35637
decreased erythrocyte cell number J:35637
decreased hematocrit J:35637
decreased hemoglobin content J:35637
decreased mean corpuscular volume J:35637
enlarged spleen J:35637
microcytic anemia J:35637
microcytosis J:35637
pallor J:35637
postnatal growth retardation J:35637
postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance J:35637
spherocytosis J:35637
involves: 129S6/SvEvTac
abnormal bone marrow cell number J:145243
abnormal erythrocyte morphology J:145243
abnormal erythrocyte osmotic lysis J:145243
abnormal splenic cell ratio J:145243
poikilocytosis J:145243
reticulocytosis J:145243
stomatocytosis J:145243
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6J
abnormal physiological response to xenobiotic J:148154
abnormal heart shape J:120610
cardiac hypertrophy J:120610
cardiac interstitial fibrosis J:120610
decreased body size J:120610
decreased body weight J:120610
decreased hematocrit J:120610
decreased ventricle muscle contractility J:120610
dilated heart left ventricle J:120610
hemolytic anemia J:120610
increased heart rate J:120610
pallor J:120610
postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance J:120610
spherocytosis J:120610
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6J
abnormal blood homeostasis J:148154
abnormal definitive hematopoiesis J:35487
abnormal erythrocyte morphology J:35487
abnormal kidney physiology J:148154
abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin J:35487
abnormal proerythroblast morphology J:85322
abnormal urine homeostasis J:148154
absent erythroid progenitor cell J:85321
acidemia J:148154
decreased circulating bicarbonate level J:148154
decreased creatinine clearance J:148154
decreased erythrocyte cell number J:35487
decreased hematocrit J:35487, J:148154
decreased hemoglobin content J:35487
decreased mean corpuscular volume J:35487
decreased urine osmolality J:148154
dehydration J:148154
enlarged spleen J:35487
hemolysis J:148154
hyperchromasia J:35487
increased blood osmolality J:148154
increased blood urea nitrogen level J:148154
increased circulating chloride level J:148154
increased circulating phosphate level J:148154
increased nucleated erythrocyte cell number J:35487
increased sensitivity to xenobiotic induced morbidity/mortality J:148154
increased urine calcium level J:148154
increased urine pH J:148154
kidney medulla atrophy J:148154
metabolic acidosis J:148154
microcytic anemia J:35487
microcytosis J:35487
nephrocalcinosis J:148154
pallor J:35487
poikilocytosis J:35487
polychromatophilia J:35487
polyuria J:148154
postnatal growth retardation J:35487
postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance J:35487
premature death J:148154
reticulocytosis J:35487, J:148154
slow postnatal weight gain J:148154
spherocytosis J:35487
weight loss J:148154
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C3H/HeJ * C57BL/6J
reticulocytosis J:85321
involves: 129 * 129S6/SvEvTac * Black Swiss
reticulocytosis J:152245
involves: 129 * 129S6/SvEvTac * Black Swiss
abnormal erythrocyte morphology J:152245
decreased hematocrit J:152245
decreased hemoglobin content J:152245
decreased survivor rate J:152245
enlarged spleen J:152245
increased mean corpuscular volume J:152245
increased nucleated erythrocyte cell number J:152245
low mean erythrocyte cell number J:152245
pallor J:152245
reticulocytosis J:152245
thrombocytopenia J:152245
abnormal erythroblast morphology J:85322
anemia J:85321
binucleate J:85322
decreased erythrocyte cell number J:85321
decreased hematocrit J:85321
decreased hemoglobin content J:85321
decreased mean corpuscular volume J:85321
pallor J:85321
postnatal lethality, complete penetrance J:85321
reticulocytopenia J:85321
spherocytosis J:85321

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