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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:93300 Blackshaw S, et al., PLoS Biol. 2004 Oct;2(9):E247
Caption The sections were from central retina at the developmental times shown. Cellular laminae of both the developing and mature retina are indicated with colored bars. INBL, inner neuroblastic layer; ONBL, outer neuroblastic layer; INL, inner nuclear layer; GCL, ganglion cell layer; ONL, outer nuclear layer. All pictures were taken at 200x.
This image is from Blackshaw S, PLoS Biol 2004 Oct;2(9):E247, and is displayed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
_Arf GAP Adult MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP E16 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP E18 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP P0 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP P2 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP P4 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP P6 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Arf GAP P8 MGI:3586155 (Klf13)
_Mm.215653 Adult MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 E16 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 E18 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 P0 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 P2 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 P4 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 P6 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.215653 P8 MGI:3585592 (Plch1)
_Mm.21657 Adult MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 E16 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 E18 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 P0 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 P2 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 P4 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 P6 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.21657 P8 MGI:3585595 (Ece1)
_Mm.41638 Adult MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 E16 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 E18 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 P0 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 P2 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 P4 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 P6 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.41638 P8 MGI:3586049 (Lamp5)
_Mm.6393 Adult MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 E16 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 E18 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 P0 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 P2 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 P4 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 P6 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_Mm.6393 P8 MGI:3586183 (Ackr1)
_NPY Adult MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY E16 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY E18 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY P0 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY P2 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY P4 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY P6 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_NPY P8 MGI:3585428 (Npy)
_Nhlh2 Adult MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 E16 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 E18 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 P0 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 P2 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 P4 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 P6 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_Nhlh2 P8 MGI:3586001 (Nhlh2)
_SAK Adult MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK E16 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK E18 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK P0 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK P2 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK P4 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK P6 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_SAK P8 MGI:3586121 (Mast1)
_Unc-51 like-1 Adult MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 E16 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 E18 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 P0 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 P2 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 P4 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 P6 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_Unc-51 like-1 P8 MGI:3585924 (Ulk1)
_necdin Adult MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin E16 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin E18 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin P0 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin P2 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin P4 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin P6 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_necdin P8 MGI:3586197 (Ndn)
_robo-3 Adult MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 E16 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 E18 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 P0 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 P2 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 P4 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 P6 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)
_robo-3 P8 MGI:3585578 (Robo3)

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