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WSB/EiJ Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain, wild-derived
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    Watkin Star line B, WSB/Ei
  • Collection
    DO/CC Founder
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving WSB/EiJ
    95,275,405 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
3 associated mutations
Mutation Carried Marker
A a
Cox7a2ll Cox7a2l
Kitlsl-blz Kitl
312 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Absdbtq1WSB/EiJ Absdbtq1
Absdbtq2WSB/EiJ Absdbtq2
Absdbtq3WSB/EiJ Absdbtq3
Abshtq1WSB/EiJ Abshtq1
Abshtq2WSB/EiJ Abshtq2
Abspbtq1WSB/EiJ Abspbtq1
Abspbtq2WSB/EiJ Abspbtq2
Abstq1WSB/EiJ Abstq1
Abstq2WSB/EiJ Abstq2
Abstq3WSB/EiJ Abstq3
Albq18WSB/EiJ Albq18
Alh1WSB/EiJ Alh1
Arc1WSB/EiJ Arc1
Arc2WSB/EiJ Arc2
Arc3WSB/EiJ Arc3
Ari1WSB/EiJ Ari1
Ari2WSB/EiJ Ari2
Ari3WSB/EiJ Ari3
Ari4WSB/EiJ Ari4
Ars1WSB/EiJ Ars1
Ars2WSB/EiJ Ars2
Ars3WSB/EiJ Ars3
Ars4WSB/EiJ Ars4
Ars5WSB/EiJ Ars5
Ars6WSB/EiJ Ars6
Ars7WSB/EiJ Ars7
Ars8WSB/EiJ Ars8
Ars9WSB/EiJ Ars9
Ars10WSB/EiJ Ars10
Ars11WSB/EiJ Ars11
Ars12WSB/EiJ Ars12
Ars13WSB/EiJ Ars13
Ars14WSB/EiJ Ars14
Ars15WSB/EiJ Ars15
Ars16WSB/EiJ Ars16
Ars17WSB/EiJ Ars17
Ars18WSB/EiJ Ars18
Ars19WSB/EiJ Ars19
Ars20WSB/EiJ Ars20
Ars21WSB/EiJ Ars21
Ars22WSB/EiJ Ars22
Ars23WSB/EiJ Ars23
Ars24WSB/EiJ Ars24
Ashq1WSB/EiJ Ashq1
Asprl1WSB/EiJ Asprl1
Asprl3WSB/EiJ Asprl3
Bal2WSB/EiJ Bal2
Bal3WSB/EiJ Bal3
Bal4WSB/EiJ Bal4
Bal5WSB/EiJ Bal5
Bal8WSB/EiJ Bal8
Bdln10WSB/EiJ Bdln10
Bwq15WSB/EiJ Bwq15
Bwq16WSB/EiJ Bwq16
Bwq17WSB/EiJ Bwq17
Bwq18WSB/EiJ Bwq18
Bzwq1WSB/EiJ Bzwq1
Bzwq2WSB/EiJ Bzwq2
Bzwq3WSB/EiJ Bzwq3
Bzwq4WSB/EiJ Bzwq4
Bzwq5WSB/EiJ Bzwq5
Bzwq6WSB/EiJ Bzwq6
Bzwq7WSB/EiJ Bzwq7
Bzwq8WSB/EiJ Bzwq8
Bzwq9WSB/EiJ Bzwq9
Bzwq10WSB/EiJ Bzwq10
Bzwq11WSB/EiJ Bzwq11
Bzwq12WSB/EiJ Bzwq12
Bzwq13WSB/EiJ Bzwq13
Bzwq14WSB/EiJ Bzwq14
Bzwq15WSB/EiJ Bzwq15
Bzwq16WSB/EiJ Bzwq16
Cdtm1WSB/EiJ Cdtm1
Cvht1WSB/EiJ Cvht1
Cvht2WSB/EiJ Cvht2
Cvht3WSB/EiJ Cvht3
Cvht4WSB/EiJ Cvht4
Cvht5WSB/EiJ Cvht5
Cvht6WSB/EiJ Cvht6
Cvht7WSB/EiJ Cvht7
Cvht8WSB/EiJ Cvht8
Cvht9WSB/EiJ Cvht9
D12vesdWSB/EiJ D12vesd
Femd1WSB/EiJ Femd1
Femd2WSB/EiJ Femd2
Femd3WSB/EiJ Femd3
Femd4WSB/EiJ Femd4
Femd5WSB/EiJ Femd5
Femd6WSB/EiJ Femd6
Femd7WSB/EiJ Femd7
Femd8WSB/EiJ Femd8
Femd9WSB/EiJ Femd9
Femd10WSB/EiJ Femd10
Femd11WSB/EiJ Femd11
Femd12WSB/EiJ Femd12
Feml5WSB/EiJ Feml5
Feml6WSB/EiJ Feml6
Feml7WSB/EiJ Feml7
Feml8WSB/EiJ Feml8
Feml9WSB/EiJ Feml9
Feml10WSB/EiJ Feml10
Feml11WSB/EiJ Feml11
Feml12WSB/EiJ Feml12
Feml13WSB/EiJ Feml13
Feml14WSB/EiJ Feml14
Feml15WSB/EiJ Feml15
Feml16WSB/EiJ Feml16
Feml17WSB/EiJ Feml17
Feml18WSB/EiJ Feml18
Feml19WSB/EiJ Feml19
Feml20WSB/EiJ Feml20
Feml21WSB/EiJ Feml21
Feml22WSB/EiJ Feml22
Hrsq1WSB/EiJ Hrsq1
Hrsq6WSB/EiJ Hrsq6
Hrsq7WSB/EiJ Hrsq7
Hrsq8WSB/EiJ Hrsq8
Huml1WSB/EiJ Huml1
Huml2WSB/EiJ Huml2
Huml3WSB/EiJ Huml3
Huml4WSB/EiJ Huml4
Huml5WSB/EiJ Huml5
Humsd1WSB/EiJ Humsd1
Humsd2WSB/EiJ Humsd2
Humsd3WSB/EiJ Humsd3
Humsd4WSB/EiJ Humsd4
Humsd5WSB/EiJ Humsd5
Humsd6WSB/EiJ Humsd6
Humsd7WSB/EiJ Humsd7
Humsd8WSB/EiJ Humsd8
Hwtf1WSB/EiJ Hwtf1
Hwtf2WSB/EiJ Hwtf2
Igly3WSB/EiJ Igly3
Igly9WSB/EiJ Igly9
Igly10WSB/EiJ Igly10
Metcl1WSB/EiJ Metcl1
Metcl2WSB/EiJ Metcl2
Metcl3WSB/EiJ Metcl3
Metcl4WSB/EiJ Metcl4
Metcl5WSB/EiJ Metcl5
Metcl6WSB/EiJ Metcl6
Metcl7WSB/EiJ Metcl7
Metcl8WSB/EiJ Metcl8
Metcl9WSB/EiJ Metcl9
Metcl10WSB/EiJ Metcl10
Metcl11WSB/EiJ Metcl11
Metcl12WSB/EiJ Metcl12
Metcl13WSB/EiJ Metcl13
Metcl14WSB/EiJ Metcl14
Metcl15WSB/EiJ Metcl15
Metcl16WSB/EiJ Metcl16
Micab24WSB/EiJ Micab24
Mlh1fc4WSB/EiJ Mlh1fc4
Moq1WSB/EiJ Moq1
Paasd1WSB/EiJ Paasd1
Pglq1WSB/EiJ Pglq1
Pglq2WSB/EiJ Pglq2
Pglq3WSB/EiJ Pglq3
Pglq4WSB/EiJ Pglq4
Pglq5WSB/EiJ Pglq5
Pglq6WSB/EiJ Pglq6
Pglq7WSB/EiJ Pglq7
Pglq8WSB/EiJ Pglq8
Pglq9WSB/EiJ Pglq9
Pglq10WSB/EiJ Pglq10
Pglq11WSB/EiJ Pglq11
Pglq13WSB/EiJ Pglq13
Pglq14WSB/EiJ Pglq14
Pglq15WSB/EiJ Pglq15
Pglq16WSB/EiJ Pglq16
Recrq8WSB/EiJ Recrq8
Recrq9WSB/EiJ Recrq9
Recrq10WSB/EiJ Recrq10
Recrq11WSB/EiJ Recrq11
Rttwq1WSB/EiJ Rttwq1
Rttwq2WSB/EiJ Rttwq2
Rttwq3WSB/EiJ Rttwq3
Rttwq4WSB/EiJ Rttwq4
Rttwq5WSB/EiJ Rttwq5
Rttwq6WSB/EiJ Rttwq6
Rttwq7WSB/EiJ Rttwq7
Sccor3WSB/EiJ Sccor3
Scvln2WSB/EiJ Scvln2
Scvln3WSB/EiJ Scvln3
Scvln4WSB/EiJ Scvln4
Scvln5WSB/EiJ Scvln5
Scvln6WSB/EiJ Scvln6
Scvln7WSB/EiJ Scvln7
Scvln8WSB/EiJ Scvln8
Scvln9WSB/EiJ Scvln9
Scvln10WSB/EiJ Scvln10
Scvln11WSB/EiJ Scvln11
Scvln12WSB/EiJ Scvln12
Scvln13WSB/EiJ Scvln13
Scvln14WSB/EiJ Scvln14
Scvln15WSB/EiJ Scvln15
Scvln16WSB/EiJ Scvln16
Scvln17WSB/EiJ Scvln17
Scvln18WSB/EiJ Scvln18
Scvln19WSB/EiJ Scvln19
Scvln20WSB/EiJ Scvln20
Semtaq1WSB/EiJ Semtaq1
Semtaq2WSB/EiJ Semtaq2
Semtaq3WSB/EiJ Semtaq3
Semtaq4WSB/EiJ Semtaq4
Sklq1WSB/EiJ Sklq1
Sklq2WSB/EiJ Sklq2
Sklq3WSB/EiJ Sklq3
Sklq4WSB/EiJ Sklq4
Sklq5WSB/EiJ Sklq5
Sklq6WSB/EiJ Sklq6
Sklq7WSB/EiJ Sklq7
Sklq8WSB/EiJ Sklq8
Sklq9WSB/EiJ Sklq9
Sklq10WSB/EiJ Sklq10
Sklq11WSB/EiJ Sklq11
Sklq12WSB/EiJ Sklq12
Sklq13WSB/EiJ Sklq13
Sklq14WSB/EiJ Sklq14
Sklq15WSB/EiJ Sklq15
Sklq16WSB/EiJ Sklq16
Sklq17WSB/EiJ Sklq17
Skwq1WSB/EiJ Skwq1
Skwq2WSB/EiJ Skwq2
Skwq3WSB/EiJ Skwq3
Skwq4WSB/EiJ Skwq4
Skwq5WSB/EiJ Skwq5
Skwq6WSB/EiJ Skwq6
Skwq7WSB/EiJ Skwq7
Skwq8WSB/EiJ Skwq8
Skwq9WSB/EiJ Skwq9
Skwq10WSB/EiJ Skwq10
Skwq11WSB/EiJ Skwq11
Skwq12WSB/EiJ Skwq12
Skwq13WSB/EiJ Skwq13
Skwq14WSB/EiJ Skwq14
Spdq1WSB/EiJ Spdq1
Spdq2WSB/EiJ Spdq2
Sphahq1WSB/EiJ Sphahq1
Sphahq2WSB/EiJ Sphahq2
Sphahq3WSB/EiJ Sphahq3
Sphahq4WSB/EiJ Sphahq4
Syncl4WSB/EiJ Syncl4
Syncl5WSB/EiJ Syncl5
Tibl1WSB/EiJ Tibl1
Tibl2WSB/EiJ Tibl2
Tibl3WSB/EiJ Tibl3
Tibl4WSB/EiJ Tibl4
Tibl5WSB/EiJ Tibl5
Tibl6WSB/EiJ Tibl6
Tibl7WSB/EiJ Tibl7
Tibl8WSB/EiJ Tibl8
Tibl9WSB/EiJ Tibl9
Tibl10WSB/EiJ Tibl10
Tibl11WSB/EiJ Tibl11
Tibl12WSB/EiJ Tibl12
Tibl13WSB/EiJ Tibl13
Tibl14WSB/EiJ Tibl14
Tibl15WSB/EiJ Tibl15
Tibl16WSB/EiJ Tibl16
Tibl17WSB/EiJ Tibl17
Tibl18WSB/EiJ Tibl18
Tibl19WSB/EiJ Tibl19
Tibl20WSB/EiJ Tibl20
Tibl21WSB/EiJ Tibl21
Tibmd1WSB/EiJ Tibmd1
Tibmd2WSB/EiJ Tibmd2
Tibmd3WSB/EiJ Tibmd3
Tibmd4WSB/EiJ Tibmd4
Tibmd5WSB/EiJ Tibmd5
Tibmd6WSB/EiJ Tibmd6
Tibmd7WSB/EiJ Tibmd7
Tibw1WSB/EiJ Tibw1
Tibw2WSB/EiJ Tibw2
Tibw3WSB/EiJ Tibw3
Tibw4WSB/EiJ Tibw4
Tibw5WSB/EiJ Tibw5
Tibw6WSB/EiJ Tibw6
Tibw7WSB/EiJ Tibw7
Tibw8WSB/EiJ Tibw8
Tibw9WSB/EiJ Tibw9
Tip1WSB/EiJ Tip1
Tip2WSB/EiJ Tip2
Tip4WSB/EiJ Tip4
Tpcq1WSB/EiJ Tpcq1
Ulnl1WSB/EiJ Ulnl1
Ulnl2WSB/EiJ Ulnl2
Ulnl3WSB/EiJ Ulnl3
Ulnl4WSB/EiJ Ulnl4
Ulnl5WSB/EiJ Ulnl5
Ulnl6WSB/EiJ Ulnl6
Ulnl7WSB/EiJ Ulnl7
Ulnl8WSB/EiJ Ulnl8
Ulnl9WSB/EiJ Ulnl9
Ulnl10WSB/EiJ Ulnl10
Ulnl11WSB/EiJ Ulnl11
Vpq1WSB/EiJ Vpq1
Vpq2WSB/EiJ Vpq2
Vpq3WSB/EiJ Vpq3
WhqWSB/EiJ Whq
Zlq1WSB/EiJ Zlq1
Zlq2WSB/EiJ Zlq2
Zlq3WSB/EiJ Zlq3
Zlq4WSB/EiJ Zlq4
Zlq5WSB/EiJ Zlq5
Zlq6WSB/EiJ Zlq6
Zlq7WSB/EiJ Zlq7
Zlq8WSB/EiJ Zlq8
Zlq9WSB/EiJ Zlq9
Zlq10WSB/EiJ Zlq10
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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1 associated strain record at IMSR
IMSR Repository IMSR Strain Why Matched
JAX:001145 JAX WSB/EiJ exact match to ID
  • Earliest
    J:19782 Brilliant MH, et al., The original pink-eyed dilution mutation (p) arose in Asiatic mice: implications for the H4 minor histocompatibility antigen, Myod1 regulation and the origin of inbred strains. Genetics. 1994 Sep;138(1):203-11
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