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C3H/HeJ Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    C3, C3H Heston, C3H/HeJ-Pde6brd1
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving C3H/HeJ
    96,804,378 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
12 associated mutations
399 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Aaom1C3H/HeJ Aaom1
Abhr1C3H/HeJ Abhr1
Abhr2C3H/HeJ Abhr2
Abhr3C3H/HeJ Abhr3
Adacm1C3H/HeJ Adacm1
Aevm1C3H/HeJ Aevm1
Aevm2C3H/HeJ Aevm2
Agnm1C3H/HeJ Agnm1
Agnm2C3H/HeJ Agnm2
Agnm3C3H/HeJ Agnm3
Alaa1C3H/HeJ Alaa1
Alaa2C3H/HeJ Alaa2
Alaa3C3H/HeJ Alaa3
Alaa4C3H/HeJ Alaa4
Albq15C3H/HeJ Albq15
Aldee1C3H/HeJ Aldee1
Aldee2C3H/HeJ Aldee2
Arvm1C3H/HeJ Arvm1
Arvm2C3H/HeJ Arvm2
Asm1C3H/HeJ Asm1
Asm2C3H/HeJ Asm2
Ath29C3H/HeJ Ath29
Ath30C3H/HeJ Ath30
Ath31C3H/HeJ Ath31
Ath32C3H/HeJ Ath32
Ath33C3H/HeJ Ath33
Athsq3C3H/HeJ Athsq3
Axtldb31C3H/HeJ Axtldb31
Axtldb33C3H/HeJ Axtldb33
Axtzm1C3H/HeJ Axtzm1
Axtzm2C3H/HeJ Axtzm2
BabrC3H/HeJ Babr
Bbaa14C3H/HeJ Bbaa14
Bbaa20C3H/HeJ Bbaa20
Bbaa25C3H/HeJ Bbaa25
Bbaa26C3H/HeJ Bbaa26
Bbaa29C3H/HeJ Bbaa29
Bglu3C3H/HeJ Bglu3
Bhr5C3H/HeJ Bhr5
Bhr6C3H/HeJ Bhr6
Bhr7C3H/HeJ Bhr7
Bmch1C3H/HeJ Bmch1
Bmch2C3H/HeJ Bmch2
Bmch3C3H/HeJ Bmch3
Bmch4C3H/HeJ Bmch4
Bmch5C3H/HeJ Bmch5
Bmch7C3H/HeJ Bmch7
Bmd3C3H/HeJ Bmd3
Bmd5C3H/HeJ Bmd5
Bmd5aC3H/HeJ Bmd5a
Bmd5bC3H/HeJ Bmd5b
Bmd5cC3H/HeJ Bmd5c
Bmd6C3H/HeJ Bmd6
Bmd7C3H/HeJ Bmd7
Bmd8C3H/HeJ Bmd8
Bmd9C3H/HeJ Bmd9
Bmd10C3H/HeJ Bmd10
Bmd11C3H/HeJ Bmd11
Bmd12C3H/HeJ Bmd12
Bmd13C3H/HeJ Bmd13
Bmd14C3H/HeJ Bmd14
Bmd15C3H/HeJ Bmd15
Bmd16C3H/HeJ Bmd16
Bmd19C3H/HeJ Bmd19
Bmd24C3H/HeJ Bmd24
Bmd25C3H/HeJ Bmd25
Bmd26C3H/HeJ Bmd26
Bmd39C3H/HeJ Bmd39
Bmd46C3H/HeJ Bmd46
Bodwt1C3H/HeJ Bodwt1
Bodwt2C3H/HeJ Bodwt2
Bpq8C3H/HeJ Bpq8
Bpq9C3H/HeJ Bpq9
Bpq24C3H/HeJ Bpq24
Bpq25C3H/HeJ Bpq25
Bpq26C3H/HeJ Bpq26
Brm1C3H/HeJ Brm1
Brm2C3H/HeJ Brm2
Brml1C3H/HeJ Brml1
Brml2C3H/HeJ Brml2
Brml3C3H/HeJ Brml3
Brml4C3H/HeJ Brml4
Brml5C3H/HeJ Brml5
Brml6C3H/HeJ Brml6
Brml7C3H/HeJ Brml7
Brml8C3H/HeJ Brml8
Brml9C3H/HeJ Brml9
Brml10C3H/HeJ Brml10
Brml11C3H/HeJ Brml11
Brml12C3H/HeJ Brml12
Brml13C3H/HeJ Brml13
Brml14C3H/HeJ Brml14
Bwhb1C3H/HeJ Bwhb1
Bwhb2C3H/HeJ Bwhb2
C7mlqC3H/HeJ C7mlq
Cafq1C3H/HeJ Cafq1
Cafq2C3H/HeJ Cafq2
Cafq3C3H/HeJ Cafq3
Cath1C3H/HeJ Cath1
Ccs6C3H/HeJ Ccs6
Ceih1C3H/HeJ Ceih1
Ceih2C3H/HeJ Ceih2
Ceih3C3H/HeJ Ceih3
Char2aC3H/HeJ Char2a
Char2bC3H/HeJ Char2b
Chlq1C3H/HeJ Chlq1
Chlq3C3H/HeJ Chlq3
Chlq4C3H/HeJ Chlq4
Chlq6C3H/HeJ Chlq6
Chlq8C3H/HeJ Chlq8
Chlq10C3H/HeJ Chlq10
Chlq11C3H/HeJ Chlq11
Chlq15C3H/HeJ Chlq15
Chlq18C3H/HeJ Chlq18
Criq1C3H/HeJ Criq1
CtrctsC3H/HeJ Ctrcts
Ctrq1C3H/HeJ Ctrq1
Ctrq2C3H/HeJ Ctrq2
Ctrq3C3H/HeJ Ctrq3
Dbsq1C3H/HeJ Dbsq1
Dbsq2C3H/HeJ Dbsq2
Dbsq3C3H/HeJ Dbsq3
Dbsq4C3H/HeJ Dbsq4
Dbsq5C3H/HeJ Dbsq5
Dbsq6C3H/HeJ Dbsq6
Dbsq7C3H/HeJ Dbsq7
Dbsq8C3H/HeJ Dbsq8
DermsC3H/HeJ Derms
Dfsit1C3H/HeJ Dfsit1
Dmyaq1C3H/HeJ Dmyaq1
Dmyaq2C3H/HeJ Dmyaq2
Dmyaq3C3H/HeJ Dmyaq3
Dntcs1C3H/HeJ Dntcs1
Dntcs2C3H/HeJ Dntcs2
Dssc1C3H/HeJ Dssc1
Dssc2C3H/HeJ Dssc2
Dyscalc2C3H/HeJ Dyscalc2
Dyscalc3C3H/HeJ Dyscalc3
Dyscalc4C3H/HeJ Dyscalc4
Ecbs1C3H/HeJ Ecbs1
Eia1C3H/HeJ Eia1
Eih1C3H/HeJ Eih1
Eih2C3H/HeJ Eih2
Eila1C3H/HeJ Eila1
Eila2C3H/HeJ Eila2
Eila3C3H/HeJ Eila3
Eiwa1C3H/HeJ Eiwa1
Eiwa2C3H/HeJ Eiwa2
Eiwax1C3H/HeJ Eiwax1
Eiwax2C3H/HeJ Eiwax2
Eiwax3C3H/HeJ Eiwax3
ElpfmC3H/HeJ Elpfm
Emo3C3H/HeJ Emo3
Epbs1C3H/HeJ Epbs1
Estq1C3H/HeJ Estq1
Estq2C3H/HeJ Estq2
Estq3C3H/HeJ Estq3
Estq4C3H/HeJ Estq4
Fbtq1C3H/HeJ Fbtq1
Fbtq2C3H/HeJ Fbtq2
Fbtq3C3H/HeJ Fbtq3
Fbtq4C3H/HeJ Fbtq4
Fbtq5C3H/HeJ Fbtq5
Fbtq6C3H/HeJ Fbtq6
Fbtq7C3H/HeJ Fbtq7
Fbtq8C3H/HeJ Fbtq8
Fmbmd1C3H/HeJ Fmbmd1
Fmbmd2C3H/HeJ Fmbmd2
Fmbmd3C3H/HeJ Fmbmd3
Fmbmd4C3H/HeJ Fmbmd4
Fmbmd5C3H/HeJ Fmbmd5
Fmbmd6C3H/HeJ Fmbmd6
Fmbmd7C3H/HeJ Fmbmd7
Fmbmd8C3H/HeJ Fmbmd8
Fmbmd9C3H/HeJ Fmbmd9
Fmbmd10C3H/HeJ Fmbmd10
Fmcd1C3H/HeJ Fmcd1
Fmcd2C3H/HeJ Fmcd2
Fmct1C3H/HeJ Fmct1
Fmct2C3H/HeJ Fmct2
Fmct3C3H/HeJ Fmct3
Fmct4C3H/HeJ Fmct4
Fmct5C3H/HeJ Fmct5
Fmct6C3H/HeJ Fmct6
Fmct7C3H/HeJ Fmct7
Fmctv1C3H/HeJ Fmctv1
Fmctv2C3H/HeJ Fmctv2
Fmctv3C3H/HeJ Fmctv3
Fmctv4C3H/HeJ Fmctv4
Fmctv5C3H/HeJ Fmctv5
Fmctv6C3H/HeJ Fmctv6
Fmgty1C3H/HeJ Fmgty1
Fmgty2C3H/HeJ Fmgty2
Fmgty3C3H/HeJ Fmgty3
Fmgty7C3H/HeJ Fmgty7
Fmgty8C3H/HeJ Fmgty8
Fmgty9C3H/HeJ Fmgty9
Fmgty11C3H/HeJ Fmgty11
Fmgty12C3H/HeJ Fmgty12
Fmld1C3H/HeJ Fmld1
Fmld2C3H/HeJ Fmld2
Fmld3C3H/HeJ Fmld3
Fmld4C3H/HeJ Fmld4
Fmls1C3H/HeJ Fmls1
Fmls2C3H/HeJ Fmls2
Fmls3C3H/HeJ Fmls3
Fmls4C3H/HeJ Fmls4
Fmls5C3H/HeJ Fmls5
Fmlv1C3H/HeJ Fmlv1
Fmlv2C3H/HeJ Fmlv2
Fmlv3C3H/HeJ Fmlv3
Fmlv4C3H/HeJ Fmlv4
Fmlv5C3H/HeJ Fmlv5
Fmlv6C3H/HeJ Fmlv6
Fmlv7C3H/HeJ Fmlv7
Fmlv8C3H/HeJ Fmlv8
Fmlv9C3H/HeJ Fmlv9
Fmlv10C3H/HeJ Fmlv10
Gofm1C3H/HeJ Gofm1
Gofm2C3H/HeJ Gofm2
Gofm3C3H/HeJ Gofm3
Gofm4C3H/HeJ Gofm4
Gria4spkw1 Gria4
Hcs7C3H/HeJ Hcs7
Hdl34C3H/HeJ Hdl34
Hdl35C3H/HeJ Hdl35
Hdl36C3H/HeJ Hdl36
Hdl37C3H/HeJ Hdl37
Hdl38C3H/HeJ Hdl38
Hdl39C3H/HeJ Hdl39
Hdl40C3H/HeJ Hdl40
Hdlq74C3H/HeJ Hdlq74
Hdlq76C3H/HeJ Hdlq76
Hdlq86C3H/HeJ Hdlq86
Hdlq91C3H/HeJ Hdlq91
Hdlq94C3H/HeJ Hdlq94
Hdlq96C3H/HeJ Hdlq96
HlpxC3H/HeJ Hlpx
HmdcC3H/HeJ Hmdc
Hsl1C3H/HeJ Hsl1
Hsm1C3H/HeJ Hsm1
HycdcC3H/HeJ Hycdc
Idd6C3H/HeJ Idd6
Idd6.1C3H/HeJ Idd6.1
Idd6.2C3H/HeJ Idd6.2
Idd6.3C3H/HeJ Idd6.3
Idd19C3H/HeJ Idd19
Idd20C3H/HeJ Idd20
Ifbl1C3H/HeJ Ifbl1
Ifbl2C3H/HeJ Ifbl2
Ifbl3C3H/HeJ Ifbl3
Ifbl4C3H/HeJ Ifbl4
Ifbl5C3H/HeJ Ifbl5
Ifbw1C3H/HeJ Ifbw1
Ifbw2C3H/HeJ Ifbw2
Ifbw3C3H/HeJ Ifbw3
Ifbw4C3H/HeJ Ifbw4
Igf1sl1C3H/HeJ Igf1sl1
Igf1sl2C3H/HeJ Igf1sl2
Igf1sl3C3H/HeJ Igf1sl3
Igf1sl4C3H/HeJ Igf1sl4
Inf1C3H/HeJ Inf1
Inf2qC3H/HeJ Inf2q
Itbq1C3H/HeJ Itbq1
Lfnq1C3H/HeJ Lfnq1
Lfnq2C3H/HeJ Lfnq2
Lfnq3C3H/HeJ Lfnq3
Lfnq4C3H/HeJ Lfnq4
Lfnq5C3H/HeJ Lfnq5
Lfnq6C3H/HeJ Lfnq6
Lfnq7C3H/HeJ Lfnq7
LhypC3H/HeJ Lhyp
Lifespan1C3H/HeJ Lifespan1
Lifespan2C3H/HeJ Lifespan2
Lifespan3C3H/HeJ Lifespan3
Lnopy1C3H/HeJ Lnopy1
Lprm1C3H/HeJ Lprm1
Lprm2C3H/HeJ Lprm2
Lprm3C3H/HeJ Lprm3
Lprm4C3H/HeJ Lprm4
Lprm5C3H/HeJ Lprm5
Lrnx11C3H/HeJ Lrnx11
Lrnx12C3H/HeJ Lrnx12
Mec1C3H/HeJ Mec1
Mec2C3H/HeJ Mec2
Mec3C3H/HeJ Mec3
Mec4C3H/HeJ Mec4
Mec5C3H/HeJ Mec5
Mec6C3H/HeJ Mec6
Methp1C3H/HeJ Methp1
MetpqC3H/HeJ Metpq
Mgdr1C3H/HeJ Mgdr1
Mgdr2C3H/HeJ Mgdr2
Modc1C3H/HeJ Modc1
Mom14C3H/HeJ Mom14
Mom15C3H/HeJ Mom15
Mom16C3H/HeJ Mom16
Mom17C3H/HeJ Mom17
Mom18C3H/HeJ Mom18
Nhdlq11C3H/HeJ Nhdlq11
Nhdlq12C3H/HeJ Nhdlq12
Nicoq1C3H/HeJ Nicoq1
Nicoq2C3H/HeJ Nicoq2
Nicoq3C3H/HeJ Nicoq3
Nicoq4C3H/HeJ Nicoq4
Nnc1C3H/HeJ Nnc1
Ossc1C3H/HeJ Ossc1
Ossc2C3H/HeJ Ossc2
Paam1C3H/HeJ Paam1
Paam2C3H/HeJ Paam2
Pas18C3H/HeJ Pas18
PidysC3H/HeJ Pidys
Pnhdlc6C3H/HeJ Pnhdlc6
Prdt6C3H/HeJ Prdt6
Pstc1C3H/HeJ Pstc1
Pstc2C3H/HeJ Pstc2
Pstc3C3H/HeJ Pstc3
Pstc4C3H/HeJ Pstc4
Pstc5C3H/HeJ Pstc5
Pubt1C3H/HeJ Pubt1
Ril6C3H/HeJ Ril6
Scpro3C3H/HeJ Scpro3
SialsC3H/HeJ Sials
Slt1C3H/HeJ Slt1
Slt2C3H/HeJ Slt2
Slt3C3H/HeJ Slt3
Slt4C3H/HeJ Slt4
Slt5C3H/HeJ Slt5
spkw2C3H/HeJ spkw2
Sst2C3H/HeJ Sst2
Sst3C3H/HeJ Sst3
Sst4C3H/HeJ Sst4
Sst5C3H/HeJ Sst5
Synch1C3H/HeJ Synch1
Synch3C3H/HeJ Synch3
Taste7C3H/HeJ Taste7
Taste8C3H/HeJ Taste8
Taste9C3H/HeJ Taste9
Taste10C3H/HeJ Taste10
Taste11C3H/HeJ Taste11
Taste12C3H/HeJ Taste12
Tbqt1C3H/HeJ Tbqt1
Tbqt2C3H/HeJ Tbqt2
Tbqt3C3H/HeJ Tbqt3
Tbqt4C3H/HeJ Tbqt4
Tbqt5C3H/HeJ Tbqt5
Tbqt6C3H/HeJ Tbqt6
Tbqt7C3H/HeJ Tbqt7
Tcq3C3H/HeJ Tcq3
Tgq32C3H/HeJ Tgq32
Tgq34C3H/HeJ Tgq34
Tnfsf4Ath1-C3H/HeJ Tnfsf4
Trigq3C3H/HeJ Trigq3
Trigq4C3H/HeJ Trigq4
Vactq1C3H/HeJ Vactq1
Vactq2C3H/HeJ Vactq2
Vmmt1C3H/HeJ Vmmt1
Vmmt2C3H/HeJ Vmmt2
Vmmt5C3H/HeJ Vmmt5
Vmmt8C3H/HeJ Vmmt8
Vmmt9C3H/HeJ Vmmt9
Vmmt10C3H/HeJ Vmmt10
Vmmt11C3H/HeJ Vmmt11
Vmmt12C3H/HeJ Vmmt12
Vmmt13C3H/HeJ Vmmt13
Vmmt15C3H/HeJ Vmmt15
Vmmt16C3H/HeJ Vmmt16
Vmmt18C3H/HeJ Vmmt18
Vmmt19C3H/HeJ Vmmt19
Vmmt20C3H/HeJ Vmmt20
Vtbt1C3H/HeJ Vtbt1
Vtbt2C3H/HeJ Vtbt2
Vtbt3C3H/HeJ Vtbt3
Vtbt4C3H/HeJ Vtbt4
Vtbt5C3H/HeJ Vtbt5
Vtbt6C3H/HeJ Vtbt6
Vtbt7C3H/HeJ Vtbt7
Vtbt8C3H/HeJ Vtbt8
Vtbt9C3H/HeJ Vtbt9
Vtbt10C3H/HeJ Vtbt10
Vtbt11C3H/HeJ Vtbt11
Vtbt12C3H/HeJ Vtbt12
Vtbt13C3H/HeJ Vtbt13
Vtbt14C3H/HeJ Vtbt14
Vtbt15C3H/HeJ Vtbt15
Vtbt16C3H/HeJ Vtbt16
Vtbt17C3H/HeJ Vtbt17
Vtbt18C3H/HeJ Vtbt18
Vtbt19C3H/HeJ Vtbt19
Vurm1C3H/HeJ Vurm1
Wtmq1C3H/HeJ Wtmq1
Wtmq2C3H/HeJ Wtmq2
Wtmq3C3H/HeJ Wtmq3
Wtmq4C3H/HeJ Wtmq4
Wtmq5C3H/HeJ Wtmq5
Wtmq6C3H/HeJ Wtmq6
Wtmq7C3H/HeJ Wtmq7
Wtmq8C3H/HeJ Wtmq8
Wtmq9C3H/HeJ Wtmq9
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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Human Diseases

model 1 model 2
alopecia areata
electroclinical syndrome
retinitis pigmentosa 40
Key disease model expected model not found
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1 associated strain record at IMSR
IMSR Repository IMSR Strain Why Matched
JAX:000659 JAX C3H/HeJ exact match to ID
  • Earliest
    J:2480 Strong LC, The Establishment of the C(3)H Inbred Strain of Mice for the Study of Spontaneous Carcinoma of the Mammary Gland. Genetics. 1935 Nov;20(6):586-91
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