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42 matching Alleles (1 Gene/Marker represented)
                               Allele Symbol
Name Chr Synonyms Category Phenotypic Classes Human Diseases T
brachyury; brachyury
images 17 T1 Spontaneous cardiovascular, craniofacial, embryogenesis, growth/size, homeostasis, integument, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging, nervous system, skeleton T11J
brachyury; brachyury 11 Jackson 17 Chemically induced (ENU) digestive/alimentary, limbs/digits/tail, skeleton T1Or
brachyury; brachyury 1 Oak Ridge 17 Or-1, PBS-4 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T21H
brachyury; brachyury 21 Harwell 17 Chemically induced (ENU) T22H
brachyury; brachyury 22 Harwell 17 Del(17)T22H, Del(17)T22H11H Radiation induced T24H
brachyury; brachyury 24 Harwell 17 Chemically and radiation induced limbs/digits/tail T26H
brachyury; 26 Harwell 17 Mut419 Radiation induced limbs/digits/tail T29H
brachyury; brachyury 29 Harwell 17 Del(17)T29H84H Radiation induced mortality/aging T2J
brachyury; brachyury 2 Jackson 17 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail T2Or
brachyury; brachyury 2 Oak Ridge 17 Or-2, PBS-27 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T30H
brachyury; brachyury 30 Harwell 17 Del(17)T30H85H Chemically and radiation induced T31H
brachyury; brachyury 31 Harwell 17 Del(17)T31H86H Chemically and radiation induced mortality/aging, reproductive T32H
brachyury; brachyury 32 Harwell 17 Del(17)T32H87H Chemically and radiation induced T33H
brachyury; brachyury 33 Harwell 17 Del(17)T33H88H Chemically and radiation induced mortality/aging, reproductive T34H
brachyury; brachyury 34 Harwell 17 Del(17)T34H89H Spontaneous homeostasis, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging T36H
brachyury; brachury 36 Harwell 17 Del(17)T36H90H Radiation induced limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging, reproductive T39H
brachyury; brachyury 39 Harwell 17 GENA 108 Chemically induced (ENU) limbs/digits/tail T3Or
brachyury; brachyury 3 Oak Ridge 17 Or-3, PBS-35 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T40H
brachyury; brachury 40 Harwell 17 Chemically induced (ENU) embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail T41H
brachyury; brachury 41 Harwell 17 Chemically induced (ENU) embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail T4J
brachyury; brachyury 4 Jackson 17 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail T4Or
brachyury; brachyury 4 Oak Ridge 17 Or-4, PBS-40 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T5J
brachyury; brachyury 5 Jackson 17 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail T5Or
brachyury; brachyury 5 Oak Ridge 17 Or-5, PBS-42 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T6J
brachyury; brachyury 6 Jackson 17 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail T6Or
brachyury; brachury 6 Oak Ridge 17 Or-6, PBS-50 Radiation induced embryogenesis, mortality/aging T7J
brachyury; brachyury 7 Jackson 17 Del(17)T7J, Del(17)T7J1J Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging T8J
brachyury; brachyury 8 Jackson 17 Tl3 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging T9J
brachyury; brachyury 9 Jackson 17 Tl2 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging Tc
brachyury; curtailed 17 Radiation induced cardiovascular, embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging, nervous system, skeleton Tc-2H
brachyury; curtailed 2 Harwell 17 Chemically and radiation induced limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging Tc-3H
brachyury; curtailed 3 Harwell 17 Chemically induced (ENU) embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging, nervous system Th
brachyury; T-Harwell 17 Spontaneous embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging TJ
brachyury; brachyury Jackson 17 Spontaneous TJic
brachyury; brachyury Jic 17 Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail, reproductive TM1Shao
brachyury; mutation 1, Yixiang Shao 17 TShao Spontaneous limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging TNem
brachyury; lethal brachyury Nagoya 17 Lb Spontaneous TTg(MT2A-Myc)137Misu
brachyury; transgene insertion 137, Misao Suzuki
images 17 T137 Transgenic (random, gene disruption) cardiovascular, embryogenesis, growth/size, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging, nervous system Ttm1(cre/ERT2)Hssk
brachyury; targeted mutation 1, Hiroshi Sasaki 17 TnEGFP-CreERT2 Targeted (knock-in) limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging TWis
brachyury; brachyury Wisconsin 17 T1Wis Spontaneous embryogenesis, limbs/digits/tail, mortality/aging Ttm1a(KOMP)Wtsi
brachyury; targeted mutation 1a, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 17 Targeted (Floxed/Frt)
(Cell Line) Ttm1e(KOMP)Wtsi
brachyury; targeted mutation 1e, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 17 Targeted (Reporter)
(Cell Line)

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