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Mammalian Phenotype Ontology Annotations
Query Results - Summary
88 phenotypes from 8 alleles in 9 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
involves: C57BL/6 * C57BL/6J
abnormal chemokine secretion J:156824
abnormal macrophage physiology J:156824
abnormal microglial cell physiology J:156824
astrocytosis J:156824
increased interleukin-6 secretion J:156824
increased interleukin-12 secretion J:156824
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:156824
increased susceptibility to injury J:156824
increased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:156824
microgliosis J:156824
involves: C57BL/6J
abnormal body weight J:268827
abnormal circulating hormone level J:268827
abnormal hypothalamus morphology J:268827
abnormal hypothalamus secretion J:268827
abnormal kidney physiology J:268827
abnormal paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus morphology J:268827
abnormal renal water homeostasis J:268827
abnormal supraoptic nucleus morphology J:268827
abnormal zinc homeostasis J:268827
astrocytosis J:268827
decreased urine creatinine level J:268827
decreased urine magnesium level J:268827
decreased urine osmolality J:268827
decreased urine potassium level J:268827
dilated kidney collecting duct J:268827
dilated renal tubules J:268827
enlarged kidney J:268827
normal homeostasis/metabolism phenotype J:268827
increased circulating antidiuretic hormone level J:268827
increased circulating ghrelin level J:268827
increased fluid intake J:268827
increased food intake J:268827
increased kidney weight J:268827
increased liver weight J:268827
kidney inflammation J:268827
polydipsia J:268827
polyuria J:268827
abnormal thalamus neuron morphology J:259651
neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions J:259651
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6J * FVB/N
abnormal cone electrophysiology J:218705
abnormal neuron physiology J:188324, J:218705
abnormal retinal ganglion cell morphology J:218705
abnormal retinal nerve fiber layer morphology J:218705
decreased a wave amplitude J:218705
decreased b wave amplitude J:218705
increased interleukin-1 beta secretion J:188324
increased interleukin-6 secretion J:188324
increased interleukin-10 secretion J:188324
increased susceptibility to dopaminergic neuron neurotoxicity J:188324
increased tumor necrosis factor secretion J:188324
loss of dopaminergic neurons J:188324
microgliosis J:188324
neurodegeneration J:218705
retinal ganglion cell degeneration J:218705
involves: 129S4/SvJae * FVB/N
abnormal macrophage physiology J:170823
involves: 129 * C57BL/6J
abnormal brain morphology J:188420
abnormal hepatocyte morphology J:188420
abnormal hepatocyte physiology J:188420
abnormal liver morphology J:188420
abnormal liver parenchyma morphology J:188420
abnormal nervous system physiology J:188420
abnormal spatial learning J:188420
astrocytosis J:188420
decreased grooming behavior J:188420
increased hepatocyte karyomegaly J:188420
microgliosis J:188420
premature death J:188420
involves: C57BL/6J
abnormal long term spatial reference memory J:259943
decreased body weight J:259943
decreased brain weight J:259943
decreased dendritic spine density J:259943
impaired contextual conditioning behavior J:259943
impaired coordination J:259943
nervous system inclusion bodies J:259943
neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions J:259943
tau protein deposits J:259943
involves: C57BL/6J
abnormal dendrite morphology J:182051
abnormal dendritic spine morphology J:182051
abnormal excitatory postsynaptic potential J:182051
abnormal neurite morphology J:182051
abnormal response to novel object J:182051
abnormal social investigation J:182051
astrocytosis J:182051
normal behavior/neurological phenotype J:182051
decreased aggression towards males J:182051
impaired coordination J:182051
impaired synaptic plasticity J:182051
increased thigmotaxis J:182051
lipofuscinosis J:182051
microgliosis J:182051
normal nervous system phenotype J:182051
reduced long term potentiation J:182051
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6J * FVB/N
abnormal neuron physiology J:188324
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6 * CBA * FVB/N
increased susceptibility to dopaminergic neuron neurotoxicity J:188324
loss of dopaminergic neurons J:188324
microgliosis J:188324
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J
abnormal ejaculation J:126370
increased aggression towards males J:126370
increased anxiety-related response J:126370
involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6
abnormal macrophage physiology J:259651
abnormal synapse morphology J:259651
abnormal thalamus neuron morphology J:259651
decreased survivor rate J:259651
increased grooming behavior J:259651
lipofuscinosis J:259651
microgliosis J:259651
neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions J:259651
premature death J:259651
skin lesions J:259651

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