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coagulation factor III
57 phenotypes from 8 alleles in 11 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
involves: 129S/SvEvBrd * C57BL/6
normal homeostasis/metabolism phenotype J:131547, J:133293
increased lung adenoma incidence J:133293
increased lung carcinoma incidence J:133293
abnormal induced retinal neovascularization J:135087
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * BALB/c * C57BL/6
normal hematopoietic system phenotype J:71271
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * MF1 * Swiss
abnormal blood coagulation J:91165
abnormal cellular extravasation J:91165
abnormal leukocyte adhesion J:91165
abnormal vascular smooth muscle physiology J:111390
abnormal vascular wound healing J:111390
decreased B cell number J:91165
decreased circulating interleukin-1 beta level J:91165
decreased circulating interleukin-6 level J:91165
decreased circulating tumor necrosis factor level J:91165
decreased leukocyte cell number J:91165
decreased neutrophil cell number J:91165
decreased sensitivity to induced morbidity/mortality J:91165
decreased susceptibility to endotoxin shock J:91165
impaired leukocyte tethering or rolling J:91165
Not Specified
abnormal embryo development J:35120
abnormal embryonic tissue morphology J:35120
abnormal extraembryonic tissue morphology J:35120
abnormal vitelline vasculature morphology J:35120
absent vitelline blood vessels J:35120
disorganized yolk sac vascular plexus J:35120
embryo tissue necrosis J:35120
embryonic lethality during organogenesis, complete penetrance J:35120
enlarged pericardium J:35120
pale yolk sac J:35120
pallor J:35120
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ
abnormal blood coagulation J:99260
abnormal thrombosis J:99260
postnatal lethality J:99260
pregnancy-related premature death J:99260
premature death J:99260
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ
abnormal thrombosis J:99260
neonatal lethality, incomplete penetrance J:99260
premature death J:99260
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J
abnormal blood coagulation J:216519
abnormal embryonic erythrocyte morphology J:216519
abnormal extraembryonic mesoderm development J:216519
abnormal vitelline vasculature morphology J:216519
embryonic growth retardation J:216519
embryonic lethality during organogenesis, complete penetrance J:216519
involves: 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
abnormal chemokine secretion J:128891
abnormal macrophage physiology J:128891
decreased interleukin-6 secretion J:128891
normal immune system phenotype J:128891
involves: 129S6/SvEvTac * 129X1/SvJ
embryonic lethality during organogenesis, complete penetrance J:41500
involves: 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
abnormal forebrain development J:35037
abnormal heart morphology J:35037
ataxia J:41500
blindness J:41500
decreased body weight J:41500
decreased embryo size J:35037
embryonic growth retardation J:35037
embryonic lethality during organogenesis, incomplete penetrance J:35037, J:41500
hemorrhage J:41500
intracerebral hemorrhage J:41500
pale yolk sac J:35037
pallor J:35037
postnatal lethality, complete penetrance J:41500
prenatal lethality, complete penetrance J:35037
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * NIH Black Swiss
abnormal blood coagulation J:33831
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * NIH Black Swiss
abnormal blood vessel physiology J:33831
abnormal embryonic erythrocyte morphology J:33831
abnormal forebrain development J:33831
abnormal vitelline vasculature morphology J:33831
distended pericardium J:33831
embryo tissue necrosis J:33831
embryonic growth retardation J:33831
embryonic lethality during organogenesis, complete penetrance J:33831
enlarged heart J:33831
hemorrhage J:33831
pale yolk sac J:33831
pallor J:33831
involves: 129S4/SvJae * 129S6/SvEvTac
cardiac fibrosis J:137921

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