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Gm3233 Gene Detail
  • Symbol
  • Name
    predicted gene 3233
  • Feature Type
    protein coding gene
  • IDs
    NCBI Gene: 100041250
  • Alliance
Location &
  • Sequence Map
    Chr10:77594824-77595516 bp, - strand
    From Ensembl annotation of GRCm39
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  • Genetic Map
    Chromosome 10, 39.72 cM
  • Mapping Data
    1 experiment
  • SNPs within 2kb
    24 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Strain Annotations
For selected strains:
Strain Gene Model ID Feature Type Coordinates Select Strains
C57BL/6J MGI_C57BL6J_3781411
protein coding gene Chr10:77594551-77595672 (-)
129S1/SvImJ no annotation
A/J no annotation
AKR/J no annotation
BALB/cJ no annotation
C3H/HeJ no annotation
C57BL/6NJ no annotation
CAROLI/EiJ no annotation
CAST/EiJ no annotation
CBA/J no annotation
DBA/2J MGP_DBA2J_G0017248
protein coding gene Chr10:74677282-74678294 (-)
FVB/NJ no annotation
LP/J MGP_LPJ_G0017319
protein coding gene Chr10:78572855-78573987 (-)
NOD/ShiLtJ MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017267
protein coding gene Chr10:86014292-86015209 (-)
NZO/HlLtJ no annotation
PWK/PhJ no annotation
SPRET/EiJ no annotation
WSB/EiJ no annotation

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-10, keratin associated protein 10-10
  • Vertebrate Orthologs
Vertebrate Orthology Source
Alliance of Genome Resources
  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-10, keratin associated protein 10-10
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.10, KAP18.10, KRTAP18-10, KRTAP18.10
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 353333
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60014
    UniProt: P60014

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44637356-44638455 (+)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-11, keratin associated protein 10-11
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.11, KAP10.9, KAP18.11, KAP18-9, KRTAP10-9, KRTAP10.9, KRTAP18-11, KRTAP18.11, KRTAP18-9, KRTAP18.9
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386678
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60411, NX_P60412
    UniProt: P60412

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44646414-44647650 (+)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-12, keratin associated protein 10-12
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.12, KRTAP18-12, KRTAP18.12
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386685
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60413
    UniProt: P60413

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44697172-44698044 (+)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-3, keratin associated protein 10-3
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.3, KAP18-3, KAP18.3, KRTAP10.3, KRTAP18-3, KRTAP18.3
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386682
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60369
    UniProt: P60369

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44558023-44558760 (-)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-4, keratin associated protein 10-4
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.4, KAP18-4, KRTAP10.4, KRTAP18-4, KRTAP18.4
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386672
    UniProt: P60372

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44573729-44575371 (+)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-6, keratin associated protein 10-6
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.6, KAP18.6, KRTAP18-6, KRTAP18.6
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386674
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60371
    UniProt: P60371

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44591268-44592505 (-)  GRCh38.p7

  • Human Ortholog
    KRTAP10-8, keratin associated protein 10-8
  • Synonyms
    KAP10.8, KRTAP18-8, KRTAP18.8
  • Links
    NCBI Gene ID: 386681
    neXtProt AC: NX_P60410
    UniProt: P60410

  • Chr Location
    21q22.3; chr21:44612079-44612954 (+)  GRCh38.p7

Human Diseases
  • References
    2 with disease annotations
Alleles, and
  • Phenotype Summary
    24 phenotype references
Expression Overview

early conceptus
embryo ectoderm
embryo endoderm
embryo mesoderm
embryo mesenchyme
extraembryonic component
alimentary system
auditory system
branchial arches
cardiovascular system
connective tissue
endocrine system
exocrine system
hemolymphoid system
integumental system
liver and biliary system
musculoskeletal system
nervous system
olfactory system
reproductive system
respiratory system
urinary system
visual system
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  • Assay Results
Sequences &
Gene Models
Representative SequencesLengthStrain/SpeciesFlank
genomic ENSMUSG00000094120 Ensembl Gene Model | MGI Sequence Detail 693 C57BL/6J ±  kb
For the selected sequence
  • UniProt
    1 Sequence
  • InterPro Domains
    IPR002494 Keratin-associated protein
  • Summaries
    All 31
    Diseases 2
    Phenotypes 24
  • Earliest
    J:137335 Roderick TH, Chromosomal inversions in studies of mammalian mutagenesis. Genetics. 1979 May;92(1 Pt 1 Suppl):s121-6
  • Latest
    J:304829 Tosh JL, et al., Genetic dissection of down syndrome-associated alterations in APP/amyloid-beta biology using mouse models. Sci Rep. 2021 Mar 11;11(1):5736

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