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transforming growth factor, beta 3

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A table of the annotations represented in this image is provided below.
  • Gray arrows indicate "is_a"; Blue arrows indicate "part_of"; Black arrows indicate "regulates"; Green arrows indicate "positively_regulates"; Red arrows indicate "negatively_regulates"
  • Experimental annotations are indicated by darker-colored nodes; other annotations by lighter-colored nodes
  • Clicking on any node links to the MGI GO browser and information on all genes annotated to the term or its subterms.
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CategoryGO IDClassification TermEvidenceReference
Molecular FunctionGO:0008083growth factor activityIEAJ:60000
Molecular FunctionGO:0008083growth factor activityIEAJ:72247
Molecular FunctionGO:0042802identical protein bindingISOJ:164563
Molecular FunctionGO:0046982protein heterodimerization activityISOJ:155856
Molecular FunctionGO:0050431transforming growth factor beta bindingISOJ:164563
Molecular FunctionGO:0005160transforming growth factor beta receptor bindingIEAJ:72247
Molecular FunctionGO:0034713type I transforming growth factor beta receptor bindingISOJ:164563
Molecular FunctionGO:0005114type II transforming growth factor beta receptor bindingISOJ:164563
Cellular ComponentGO:0009986cell surfaceISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0005737cytoplasmISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0031012extracellular matrixIDAJ:69420
Cellular ComponentGO:0031012extracellular matrixISOJ:164563
Cellular ComponentGO:0005576extracellular regionIEAJ:60000
Cellular ComponentGO:0005615extracellular spaceISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0043025neuronal cell bodyISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0005634nucleusISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0030141secretory granuleISOJ:155856
Cellular ComponentGO:0030315T-tubuleISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0000187activation of MAPK activityISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0016049cell growthIEAJ:72247
Biological ProcessGO:0045216cell-cell junction organizationISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0071363cellular response to growth factor stimulusIDAJ:21055
Biological ProcessGO:0070483detection of hypoxiaISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0009790embryo developmentIMPJ:87407
Biological ProcessGO:0048702embryonic neurocranium morphogenesisISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0060325face morphogenesisISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0040007growthIEAJ:72247
Biological ProcessGO:0001701in utero embryonic developmentIMPJ:87407
Biological ProcessGO:0048286lung alveolus developmentIMPJ:29902
Biological ProcessGO:0030879mammary gland developmentIDAJ:1988
Biological ProcessGO:0008285negative regulation of cell proliferationIDAJ:84447
Biological ProcessGO:0008285negative regulation of cell proliferationISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0008156negative regulation of DNA replicationISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0010936negative regulation of macrophage cytokine productionISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0043524negative regulation of neuron apoptotic processIMPJ:117465
Biological ProcessGO:0030512negative regulation of transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathwayISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0009887organ morphogenesisIMPJ:87413
Biological ProcessGO:0060021palate developmentIMPJ:29902
Biological ProcessGO:0060021palate developmentIMPJ:87103
Biological ProcessGO:0043065positive regulation of apoptotic processIMPJ:119289
Biological ProcessGO:0043065positive regulation of apoptotic processISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0051781positive regulation of cell divisionIEAJ:60000
Biological ProcessGO:0032967positive regulation of collagen biosynthetic processISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0045740positive regulation of DNA replicationISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0010718positive regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transitionIMPJ:87103
Biological ProcessGO:0010718positive regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transitionISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0051491positive regulation of filopodium assemblyIMPJ:119289
Biological ProcessGO:0010862positive regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylationIMPJ:87103
Biological ProcessGO:0050714positive regulation of protein secretionISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0060391positive regulation of SMAD protein import into nucleusIMPJ:87103
Biological ProcessGO:0045944positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoterIGIJ:117465
Biological ProcessGO:0045893positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templatedIMPJ:87103
Biological ProcessGO:0045893positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templatedISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0043627response to estrogenISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0001666response to hypoxiaISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0032570response to progesteroneISOJ:164563
Biological ProcessGO:0007184SMAD protein import into nucleusISOJ:155856
Biological ProcessGO:0007179transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathwayISOJ:164563

Gene Ontology Evidence Code Abbreviations:

  EXP Inferred from experiment
  IAS Inferred from ancestral seqeuence
  IBA Inferred from biological aspect of ancestor
  IBD Inferred from biological aspect of descendant
  IC Inferred by curator
  IDA Inferred from direct assay
  IEA Inferred from electronic annotation
  IEP Inferred from expression pattern
  IGC Inferred from genomic context
  IGI Inferred from genetic interaction
  IKR Inferred from key residues
  IMP Inferred from mutant phenotype
  IMR Inferred from missing residues
  IPI Inferred from physical interaction
  IRD Inferred from rapid divergence
  ISA Inferred from sequence alignment
  ISM Inferred from sequence model
  ISO Inferred from sequence orthology
  ISS Inferred from sequence or structural similarity
  NAS Non-traceable Author Statement
  ND No biological data available
  RCA Reviewed computational analysis
  TAS Traceable author statement
  NR Obsolete Evidence Code: Not Recorded

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