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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:109593 Heanue TA, et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 May 2;103(18):6919-24
Caption Labels in Ret: mp, myenteric plexus; ml, muscle layers.
This image is from Heanue TA, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2006 May 2;103(18):6919-24. Copyright 2006 National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
Arhgef3 MGI:3817564 (Arhgef3)
Cart MGI:3817582 (Cartpt)
Cdh2 MGI:3817574 (Cdh2)
Crmp1 MGI:3817565 (Crmp1)
Dcx MGI:3817585 (Dcx)
Dlx1 MGI:3817549 (Dlx1)
Dpysl3 MGI:3817566 (Dpysl3)
Ebf3 MGI:3817550 (Ebf3)
Elavl2 MGI:3817587 (Elavl2)
Elavl4 MGI:3817589 (Elavl4)
Etv1 MGI:3817552 (Etv1)
Fgf13 MGI:3817590 (Fgf13)
Gap43 MGI:3817591 (Gap43)
Gfra1 MGI:3817567 (Gfra1)
Gng2 MGI:3817568 (Gng2)
Gng3 MGI:3817569 (Gng3)
Hmx3 MGI:3817553 (Hmx3)
Hoxb5 MGI:3817555 (Hoxb5)
Hoxd4 MGI:3817554 (Hoxd4)
Igsf4a MGI:3817576 (Cadm1)
L1cam MGI:3817578 (L1cam)
Mab21L1 MGI:3817592 (Mab21l1)
Mapk10 MGI:3817571 (Mapk10)
Mapt MGI:3817593 (Mapt)
Mash1 MGI:3817556 (Ascl1)
Mllt11 MGI:3817594 (Mllt11)
Nsg2 MGI:3817595 (Nsg2)
Pcdha1 MGI:3817580 (Pcdha1)
Phox2a MGI:3817557 (Phox2a)
Phox2b MGI:3817559 (Phox2b)
Prph1 MGI:3817596 (Prph)
Ret MGI:3817572 (Ret)
Scg3 MGI:3817597 (Scg3)
Serpini1 MGI:3817598 (Serpini1)
Sncg MGI:3817600 (Sncg)
Sox10 MGI:3817561 (Sox10)
Sox2 MGI:3817560 (Sox2)
Stmn2 MGI:3817601 (Stmn2)
Stmn3 MGI:3817603 (Stmn3)
Syt11 MGI:3817604 (Syt11)
TGFb2 MGI:3817637 (Tgfb2)
Tagln3 MGI:3817607 (Tagln3)
Tbx3 MGI:3817563 (Tbx3)
Tmeff2 MGI:3817573 (Tmeff2)
Tubb3 MGI:3817608 (Tubb3)
UchL1 MGI:3817609 (Uchl1)
VIP MGI:3817610 (Vip)

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