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Q62233 Q4QQQ3 P70176 P70177 (UniProt | EBI) Last sequence update: 1998-12-15
Last annotation update: 2018-01-31
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RecName: Full=Homeobox protein SIX3;AltName: Full=Sine oculis homeobox homolog 3;
Polypeptide 333 aa
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Organism mouse
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Type Symbol Name GO Terms Expression
Orthologs Phenotypic
Gene Six3 sine oculis-related homeobox 3 58 65 8 8
Sequence references in MGI J:30342 Oliver G, et al., Six3, a murine homologue of the sine oculis gene, demarcates the most anterior border of the developing neural plate and is expressed during eye development. Development. 1995 Dec;121(12):4045-55
J:35368 Kawakami K, et al., Identification and expression of six family genes in mouse retina. FEBS Lett. 1996 Sep 16;393(2-3):259-63
J:67049 Lengler J, et al., Antagonistic action of Six3 and Prox1 at the gamma-crystallin promoter. Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Jan 15;29(2):515-26
J:70282 Lagutin O, et al., Six3 promotes the formation of ectopic optic vesicle-like structures in mouse embryos. Dev Dyn. 2001 Jul;221(3):342-9
J:77351 Goudreau G, et al., Mutually regulated expression of Pax6 and Six3 and its implications for the Pax6 haploinsufficient lens phenotype. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Jun 25;99(13):8719-24
J:77680 Zhu CC, et al., Six3-mediated auto repression and eye development requires its interaction with members of the Groucho-related family of co-repressors. Development. 2002 Jun;129(12):2835-49
J:81797 Lagutin OV, et al., Six3 repression of Wnt signaling in the anterior neuroectoderm is essential for vertebrate forebrain development. Genes Dev. 2003 Feb 1;17(3):368-79
J:103131 Purcell P, et al., Pax6-dependence of Six3, Eya1 and Dach1 expression during lens and nasal placode induction. Gene Expr Patterns. 2005 Dec;6(1):110-8
J:116102 Liu W, et al., Six3 activation of Pax6 expression is essential for mammalian lens induction and specification. EMBO J. 2006 Nov 15;25(22):5383-95
J:123470 Manavathi B, et al., Repression of Six3 by a corepressor regulates rhodopsin expression. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Aug 7;104(32):13128-33
J:130851 Lavado A, et al., Six3 inactivation causes progressive caudalization and aberrant patterning of the mammalian diencephalon. Development. 2008 Feb;135(3):441-50
J:140315 Geng X, et al., Haploinsufficiency of Six3 fails to activate Sonic hedgehog expression in the ventral forebrain and causes holoprosencephaly. Dev Cell. 2008 Aug;15(2):236-47
J:142425 Gaston-Massuet C, et al., Genetic interaction between the homeobox transcription factors HESX1 and SIX3 is required for normal pituitary development. Dev Biol. 2008 Dec 15;324(2):322-33
J:162763 Kumar R, et al., Metastasis-Associated Protein 1 and Its Short Form Variant Stimulates Wnt1 Transcription through Promoting Its Derepression from Six3 Corepressor. Cancer Res. 2010 Aug 15;70(16):6649-58
J:165328 Liu W, et al., Neuroretina specification in mouse embryos requires Six3-mediated suppression of Wnt8b in the anterior neural plate. J Clin Invest. 2010 Oct 1;120(10):3568-77
J:178674 Lavado A, et al., Six3 is required for ependymal cell maturation. Development. 2011 Dec;138(24):5291-300
J:200777 Lee B, et al., Genomic code for Sox2 binding uncovers its regulatory role in Six3 activation in the forebrain. Dev Biol. 2013 Sep 15;381(2):491-501
J:212800 Abe Y, et al., EYA4, deleted in a case with middle interhemispheric variant of holoprosencephaly, interacts with SIX3 both physically and functionally. Hum Mutat. 2009 Oct;30(10):E946-55
J:212804 Appolloni I, et al., Six3 controls the neural progenitor status in the murine CNS. Cereb Cortex. 2008 Mar;18(3):553-62
J:212815 Carl M, et al., Six3 inactivation reveals its essential role for the formation and patterning of the vertebrate eye. Development. 2002 Sep;129(17):4057-63

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