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nitric oxide synthase 2, inducible
159 phenotypes from 7 alleles in 17 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
decreased lean body mass J:211773
abnormal blood coagulation J:117987
abnormal bone mineralization J:112399
abnormal bone structure J:112399
abnormal corpus callosum morphology J:125459
abnormal eating behavior J:112153
abnormal frequency of paradoxical sleep J:83571
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:95957
abnormal heart morphology J:108269
abnormal heart ventricle morphology J:108269
abnormal myocardium layer morphology J:71505
abnormal osteoclast morphology J:112399
abnormal physiological neovascularization J:98135
abnormal platelet physiology J:117987
abnormal respiratory bronchiole morphology J:71505
abnormal respiratory system physiology J:71505
normal cardiovascular system phenotype J:106207
decreased oligodendrocyte number J:125459
decreased susceptibility to induced choroidal neovascularization J:106207
decreased susceptibility to induced colitis J:87601
decreased systemic arterial systolic blood pressure J:104749
enhanced wound healing J:110081
improved central nervous system regeneration J:110081
increased left ventricle developed pressure J:115413
increased mortality induced by ionizing radiation J:98135
increased susceptibility to pharmacologically induced seizures J:107300
normal mortality/aging J:115413
normal respiratory system phenotype J:71505
abnormal brain wave pattern J:83571
abnormal circadian sleep/wake cycle J:83571
abnormal inflammatory response J:103018
abnormal sleep pattern J:83571
abnormal surfactant physiology J:130520
decreased inflammatory response J:103018
decreased circulating alanine transaminase level J:148923
decreased circulating aspartate transaminase level J:148923
decreased susceptibility to injury J:148923
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd
normal immune system phenotype J:55936
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6
abnormal adaptive immunity J:90903
abnormal blood homeostasis J:120673
abnormal enzyme/coenzyme level J:120673
abnormal fertilization J:112824
abnormal gametogenesis J:84347
abnormal immune system morphology J:90903
abnormal male meiosis J:84347
abnormal reproductive system morphology J:84347
abnormal systemic arterial blood pressure J:106197
abnormal testis morphology J:84347
altered tumor susceptibility J:93780
normal cardiovascular system phenotype J:36559
decreased circulating leptin level J:94571
decreased white adipose tissue amount J:94571
enlarged inguinal lymph nodes J:90903
enlarged seminiferous tubules J:84347
normal homeostasis/metabolism phenotype J:113106
normal immune system phenotype J:29677, J:64036, J:80204
improved glucose tolerance J:72215
increased circulating antidiuretic hormone level J:106197
increased circulating creatinine level J:120673
increased food intake J:72215
increased growth rate J:72215
increased insulin sensitivity J:72215
increased sensitivity to induced morbidity/mortality J:120673
increased single-positive T cell number J:90903
increased sperm number J:84347
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:100513
increased T cell proliferation J:90903
increased testis weight J:84347
skin inflammation J:64036
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J
increased urine pH J:64896
involves: 129 * 129P2/OlaHsd
normal immune system phenotype J:118561
involves: 129P2/Ola * MF1
abnormal T-helper 1 physiology J:25755
decreased inflammatory response J:25755
decreased susceptibility to endotoxin shock J:25755
increased interferon-gamma secretion J:25755
increased susceptibility to parasitic infection J:25755
increased T cell proliferation J:25755
abnormal involution of the mammary gland J:162957
abnormal mammary gland physiology J:162957
abnormal osteoclast differentiation J:98070
abnormal osteoclast morphology J:98070
abnormal osteoclast physiology J:98070
abnormal response to infection J:98070
abnormal tooth hard tissue morphology J:98070
decreased osteoclast cell number J:98070
hyperlactation J:162957
increased bone mineral density J:98070
increased bone volume J:98070
increased circulating prolactin level J:162957
increased compact bone mass J:98070
either: 129S/Sv or B6J.129S7-Nos2tm1Mrl
normal reproductive system phenotype J:73964
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd
abnormal bone healing J:123048
abnormal eosinophil cell number J:51635
abnormal heart right ventricle pressure J:57624
abnormal homeostasis J:51635
abnormal immune system physiology J:51635
abnormal induced retinal neovascularization J:112024
abnormal macrophage physiology J:120499
abnormal platelet aggregation J:120499
abnormal trabecular bone morphology J:150159
abnormal vitreous body morphology J:112024
normal cardiovascular system phenotype J:57624
decreased eosinophil cell number J:51635
decreased survivor rate J:100308
decreased susceptibility to endotoxin shock J:25511
decreased urine prostaglandin level J:120499
delayed wound healing J:46763
increased body weight J:123048
increased IgG2a level J:51635
increased inflammatory response J:51635
increased interferon-gamma secretion J:51635
increased susceptibility to bacterial infection J:25511
premature death J:100308
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd * C57BL/6
abnormal adrenocorticotropin level J:109674
abnormal blood circulation J:65562
abnormal blood homeostasis J:97522
abnormal cardiovascular system morphology J:101254
abnormal cardiovascular system physiology J:97522
abnormal circulating estradiol level J:89542
abnormal circulating glucose level J:65562
abnormal circulating serum albumin level J:97522
abnormal digestion J:84264
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:65562
abnormal heart ventricle morphology J:101254
abnormal hormone level J:109674
abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement J:44287
abnormal peripheral nervous system regeneration J:104959
abnormal response to tactile stimuli J:104959
abnormal sensory capabilities/reflexes/nociception J:104959
abnormal thermal nociception J:104959
abnormal uterine artery morphology J:78274
abnormal uterus morphology J:78274
allodynia J:104959
atherosclerotic lesions J:97522
decreased adiponectin level J:155090
decreased cerebral infarction size J:44287
decreased digestive secretion J:142280
decreased litter size J:78274
decreased susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury J:57621
normal homeostasis/metabolism phenotype J:65562, J:72215
improved glucose tolerance J:72215
increased body weight J:101254
increased circulating cholesterol level J:97522
increased circulating creatinine level J:97522
increased circulating triglyceride level J:155090
increased food intake J:72215
increased growth rate J:72215
increased insulin sensitivity J:72215
increased length of allograft survival J:54764
increased mean systemic arterial blood pressure J:87980
increased myocardial infarction size J:87980
increased renin activity J:155090
increased systemic arterial blood pressure J:87980
increased systemic arterial systolic blood pressure J:97522
liver fibrosis J:94156
normal nervous system phenotype J:104959
neuron degeneration J:104959
pancreas inflammation J:65562
prolonged diestrus J:89542
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd * PL/J
increased susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis J:46192
abnormal glucose homeostasis J:177591
abnormal glycogen homeostasis J:177591
normal behavior/neurological phenotype J:177591
decreased liver glycogen level J:177591
hyperglycemia J:177591
increased circulating triglyceride level J:177591
increased circulating VLDL triglyceride level J:177591
increased liver triglyceride level J:177591
increased triglyceride level J:177591
involves: C57BL/6 * CD-1 * DBA/2
abnormal nitric oxide homeostasis J:45520
abnormal pancreas morphology J:45520
abnormal pancreatic islet morphology J:45520
decreased circulating insulin level J:45520
decreased pancreatic beta cell mass J:45520
hyperglycemia J:45520
increased urine glucose level J:45520
ketoaciduria J:45520
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6 * CD-1 * DBA/2
abnormal kidney morphology J:116040
abnormal renal glomerulus morphology J:116040
albuminuria J:116040
hyperglycemia J:116040
increased circulating creatinine level J:116040
increased kidney weight J:116040
involves: C57BL/6 * CD-1 * DBA/2
abnormal nitric oxide homeostasis J:45520
abnormal pancreatic islet morphology J:45520
decreased circulating insulin level J:45520
decreased pancreatic beta cell mass J:45520
hyperglycemia J:45520
increased circulating ketone body level J:45520
increased urine glucose level J:45520

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