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Mammalian Phenotype Ontology Annotations
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homeobox D13
45 phenotypes from 6 alleles in 7 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
involves: 129S2/SvPas
brachydactyly J:33879
brachyphalangia J:33879
involves: 129S2/SvPas
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:33879
abnormal forelimb morphology J:33879
bowed radius J:33879
bowed ulna J:33879
brachydactyly J:33879
short radius J:33879
short ulna J:33879
brachydactyly J:153164
abnormal autopod morphology J:153164
abnormal bone ossification J:153164
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:153164
abnormal digit development J:153164
abnormal hallux morphology J:153164
abnormal limb development J:153164
abnormal metacarpal bone morphology J:153164
abnormal metatarsal bone morphology J:153164
abnormal tarsal bone morphology J:153164
absent male preputial gland J:153164
brachydactyly J:153164
male infertility J:153164
polysyndactyly J:153164
postaxial polydactyly J:153164
syndactyly J:153164
B6C3Fe a/a-Hoxd13spdh/J
ectrodactyly J:71694
B6C3Fe a/a-Hoxd13spdh/J
abnormal bone ossification J:47974
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:47974
abnormal digit development J:71694
abnormal digit morphology J:47974
abnormal metatarsal bone morphology J:71694
abnormal seminal vesicle morphology J:47974
abnormal tarsal bone morphology J:47974
absent female preputial gland J:47974
absent male preputial gland J:47974
brachydactyly J:47974
decreased metacarpal bone number J:47974
decreased metatarsal bone number J:47974
delayed endochondral bone ossification J:71694
ectrodactyly J:71694
normal limbs/digits/tail phenotype J:71694
male infertility J:47974
polydactyly J:47974, J:71694
short metacarpal bones J:47974
short metatarsal bones J:47974
syndactyly J:47974
involves: 129S2/SvPas * C3HeB/FeJLe * C57BL/6J
abnormal digit development J:71694
abnormal phalanx morphology J:71694
delayed endochondral bone ossification J:71694
ectrodactyly J:71694
reduced male fertility J:71694
involves: 129S2/SvPas
abnormal internal anal sphincter morphology J:36770
either: (involves: 129S2/SvPas * 129/Sv) or (involves: 129S2/SvPas * C57BL/6)
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:15507
abnormal digit morphology J:15507
abnormal embryonic tissue morphology J:15507
abnormal metatarsal bone morphology J:15507
abnormal phalanx morphology J:15507
brachydactyly J:15507
brachyphalangia J:15507
decreased body weight J:15507
delayed bone ossification J:15507
male infertility J:15507
polydactyly J:15507
sacral vertebral fusion J:15507
short metacarpal bones J:15507
short metatarsal bones J:15507
syndactyly J:15507
involves: 129S2/SvPas
abnormal anus morphology J:36770
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:47366
abnormal digit morphology J:36214, J:47366
abnormal internal anal sphincter morphology J:36770
abnormal metacarpal bone morphology J:36214
abnormal metatarsal bone morphology J:47366
abnormal phalanx morphology J:36214
abnormal smooth muscle morphology J:36770
ectrodactyly J:71694
rectal prolapse J:36770
involves: 129S2/SvPas * C57BL/6
abnormal digit morphology J:37211
abnormal metacarpal bone morphology J:37211
abnormal phalanx morphology J:37211
polydactyly J:37211
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd
abnormal carpal bone morphology J:32603
abnormal digit morphology J:32603
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd
absent carpal bone J:32603
brachyphalangia J:32603
normal endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype J:82540
interdigital webbing J:32603
polydactyly J:32603
short metacarpal bones J:32603

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