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    J:48038 Mehrabian M, et al., Genetic loci controlling body fat, lipoprotein metabolism, and insulin levels in a multifactorial mouse model. J Clin Invest. 1998 Jun 1;101(11):2485-96
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GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Mobq5 visible phenotype
Mobq6 visible phenotype
Mobq7 visible phenotype
Ptgds reported elsewhere
Lrp2 reported elsewhere
Cat reported elsewhere
Scg5 reported elsewhere
Adra2b reported elsewhere
Pcsk2 reported elsewhere
Ahcy reported elsewhere
Ghrh reported elsewhere
a reported elsewhere
Pltp reported elsewhere
Cebpb reported elsewhere
Cd40 reported elsewhere
Mc3r reported elsewhere
  • Experiment
    Over 200 (C57BL/6J x CAST/Ei)F2 intercross animals were typed for 116 polymorphic markers on all mouse chromosomes (except the Y chromosome) at an average marker density of 10 cM to identify QTLs associated with body fat. Inbred parental strain CAST/Ei is very lean (~8% body fat) compared to inbred parental strain C57BL/6J (~18% body fat). (CAST/Ei x C57BL/6J)F1 hybrids exhibit an intermediate phenotype. Mob5 (multigenic obesity) mapped to distal Chromosome 2 from approximately 75 cM - 109 cM with a peak LOD = 5.8 near D2Mit50. Mob5 is also linked to QTL peaks for hepatic lipase activity, HDL cholesterol levels on chow diet, and insulin levels. Mob6 mapped to central mouse Chromosome 2 from approximately 35 cM - 85 cM with a peak LOD = 7.4 near D2Mit14a. Mob6 is also linked to QTL peaks for hepatic lipase activity, HDL cholesterol levels on atherogenic diet, and insulin levels. Mob7 mapped to proximal mouse Chromosome 2 from approximately 25 cM - 35 cM with a peak LOD = 5.8 near D2Mit9. Mob7 is also linked to QTL peaks for HDL levels on atherogenic diet and insulin levels. Mob8 mapped to mouse Chromosome 9 with a peak LOD = 4.7 at D9Mit8. A suggestive QTL for body fat mapped to mouse Chromosome 8 with peak LOD = 3.2 near D8Mit12. Mob5, Mob6, and Mob7 appear to affect body fat inheritance in a codominant fashion with CAST-derived alleles conferring reduction in body fat. In contrast, Mob8 appears to be dominantly inherited with CAST-derived alleles conferring increased body fat. Candidate genes in the region of Mob5 and Mob6 are Mc3r, Tnfrsf5 (Cd40), Cebpb, Pltp, agouti, Ghrh, Ahcy, Pcsk2, Adra2b, Scg5, Lrp2 (Gp330), and a candidate gene in the region of Mob7 is Ptgds. Candidate genes in the region of Mob8 include Ldlr, Il10ra, Apoa1, Apoa4, Apoc3, Acat1, Cyp11a1, and Lipc (Hlp). A QTL associated with body length and body weight, Bdln2, mapped to mouse Chromosome 15 from 7.8 cM - 10.6 cM with a maximum LOD = 4.3 at D15Mit54. A candidate gene near Bldn2 is Ghr, growth hormone receptor.

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