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Inbred Strains of Rats: RCS


Inbr. F22 (NIH 1989).

Colour: Pink-eyed, tan-hooded.

Genet. a, h, p.

Origin: Developed before 1965 by Sidman from stock obtained from Sorsby of the Royal College of Surgeons, London (Sidman and Pearlstein 1965). PETH is a presumed subline.


Carries gene for retinal dystrophy, which causes over-production of rhodopsin and progressive loss of photoreceptor cells beginning in the third postnatal week. Cataracts develop in 24% of rats and there is a 4% incidence of microphthalmia. Hess et al (1985) found that the incidence of cataracts could be altered by the diet. A congenic strain RCS-p/+ has been developed in which the retinal dystrophy develops more slowly (LaVail and Battelle 1975, LaVail et al 1975, Essner et al 1979, Essner et al 1978). Mean litter size 6.8_0.1 (SEM). Body weight plateaus at 5-6 months at about 185g in females and 275g in males (La Vail et al 1975). Work with chimeric rats shows that the rdy gene acts in pigment epithelial cells rather than in photoreceptor cells (Mullen and LaVail 1976). During postnatal development of rod outer segments of normal animals, the number of phagosomes found 1-2 hrs. after the onset of light increases steadily until adult levels are reached by day 35. Phagosomes in RCS rats do not increase after day 15 (Tamai and O'Brien 1979). Electrical activity, rhodopsin content, rod structure and extracellular lamellae are retained longer when animals are reared in the dark (Dowling and Sidman 1962, Kaitz 1976, Kaitz and Auerbach 1979). Biochemical and cytological differences between the retinas of RCS and control animals have been reported by Lolly and Farber (1975,1976), Essner et al (1978), Essner and Gorrin (1979), Wiggert et al (1978), and Tamai and O'Brien (1979). Daily administration of 160 mg/kg of acetyl salicylic acid and ibuprofen leads to an appreciable retardation in the process of retinal degeneration (Elhifnawi et al, 1992). Instability of the lysosomal membrane in the pigment epithelium may initiate degeneration of photoreceptors and pigment epithelium (Elhifnawi et al, 1994).

Low relative heart weight in 10-week old males (3/23) (Tanase et al 1982).

Other papers using RCS include Thanos (1992), Atkinson et al, (1992), Thanos and Richter (1993), Elhifnawi (1995), Ueda and Steinberg, (1993)

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