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Inbred Strains of Mice: RF


Inbr: F113 (J). Albino. Genet: a, c. Origin: Furth 1928 from Rockefeller Institute general-purpose stock. Transferred to Oak Ridge. History somewhat questionable.


High spontaneous bar pressing (1/14), high open-field activity (2/14) and high social grooming during aggressive encounters (1/14), but low tail rattling during such encounters (14/14) (Southwick and Clark, 1968).

Life-span and spontaneous disease

Intermediate life-span in males (15/22 = 651 days) but short in females (5/22 = 452 days) in conventional conditions. High gross tumour incidence in males (4/22) (Storer, 1966). Necrotising arteritis involving the aorta, its major branches and other arteries and arterioles seen in 10-20% of aged mice. Disease may involve an autoimmune mechanism (Upton et al., 1967., 1967). Mean life- span 619_7 days. Leukaemia 66%, glomerulosclerosis 63% and reticulum cell sarcoma 52% (Yuhas and Clapp, 1972). Spontaneous glomerular hyalinisation and glomerrnlosclerosis develops at 8-20 months (Russell and Meier, 1966). Leukaemia 46% (Myers et al., 1970., 1970)

Normal physiology and biochemistry

Low plasma cholesterol at 12 weeks (7/8), but intermediate by 24 weeks (Weibust, 1973). High serum ceruloplasmin levels (2/26 in males, 1/27 in females) (Meier and MacPike, 1968). High systolic blood pressure (6/19) (Schlager and Weibust, 1967). Low plasma cholinesterase activity (21/22) (Angel et al., 1967., 1967). High liver tyrosine aminotransferase level in fasted mice (2/10) (Blake, 1970). High kidney (1/12) and liver (2/12) arylsulphatase activity (Daniel, 1976).


Large brain weight in females (15/18) (Storer, 1967). Small brain/body weight ratio (20/20) (Roderick et al., 1973., 1973). Large brain weight (5/25) (Roderick et al., 1973., 1973). Large neocortex (1/9) (Wimer et al., 1969., 1969).


Resistant to skin ulceration by DMBA (cf. 9/22) (Thomas et al., 1973., 1973). Sensitive to lethal effects of ozone (5/21) (Goldstein et al., 1973., 1973). Sensitive to hyperbaric oxygen (5/18) (Hill et al., 1968., 1968). Resistant to X-irradiation as judged by the LD50 (3/8) (Yuhas and Storer, 1969).


Resistant to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (cf. 7/18) (Levine and Sowinski, 1973). Erythrocytes have a low agglutinability (cf. 11/25) (Rubinstein et al., 1974., 1974).


Encephalomyocarditis virus causes diabetes mellitus (cf. 7/14) (Boucher et al., 1975., 1975).


High post-implantation loss of embryos (2/8) (Leonard et al., 1971., 1971).

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