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Inbred Strains of Mice: MA


Inbr (J): 132. Albino. Genet. c. Origin: Marsh's strain 3. Started from a pair of mice from the Lathrop-Loeb colony (1903-1915). 32 generations of cousin mating by Marsh, to W.S.Murray who started b x s (Murray 1963).


Primary lung tumours 37% in males, 42% in females. Lymphatic leukaemia 1% in males and breeding females, zero in virgin females. Mammary tumours zero (Hoag, 1963). Low gross tumour incidence (22/22) (Storer, 1966). Polydipsia-polyuria (Bernstein, 1966), which may be associated with cysts pressing on posterior lobe of pituitary (Russell and Meier, 1966). Life-span intermediate in both sexes (7/22 = 459 days in males, 12/22 = 585 days in females) (Storer, 1966). \par

High metabolic rate (3/18) (Storer, 1967). High plasma cholinesterase activity in females (4/22) but low in males (18/22) (Angel et al., 1967., 1967). Low liver arylsulphatase activity (11/12) (Daniel, 1976). Only strain out of 29 tested that carries the mannosephosphate isomerase Mpi 1a allele (Nichols et al., 1973., 1973). \par

Small spinal cord (23/25) (Roderick et al., 1973., 1973). Large kidney/body weight ratio (4/21) (Schlager, 1968). Large hippocampus (2/9) (Wimer et al., 1969., 1969). Fusion between left part of median lobe and left lateral lobe of liver is common (Bunker, 1959). \par

Resistant to X-irradiation (2/27 in J substrain, 7/27 in My substrain) (Roderick, 1963). Resistant to pulmonary hyaline-membrane formation (1/10) and long survival in 90% oxygen (3/10) (Lieberman and Kellog, 1967). \par

Highly susceptible to the mammary tumour virus, which is not normally carried by the strain (Murray and Little, 1967).

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