Mouse Genome Informatics
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
• in a spatial object recognition assay mice fail to spend more time investigating displaced objects relative to non-displaced objects unlike controls
• however, response to introduction of a novel object is similar to controls
• treatment with D-serine or clozapine improves performance
• impaired performance in a Morris water maze probe trial conducted 5 days after training
• hyperactivity induced by MJ-801 is significantly greater compared to controls
• mice do no prefer the chamber with an unfamiliar conspecific mouse over the empty chamber in a sociability assay
• but, mice perform normally in a social novelty assay and no defects in exploratory behavior or olfactory function were detected
• treatment with D-serine, but not with clozapine, reversed the social behavior defect

• D-serine levels are markedly reduced in the whole brain, hippocampus, and frontal cortex, but not in the cerebellum
• in the frontal cortex L-serine levels are increased

nervous system
• decreased prepulse inhibition
• responses to startle stimuli are normal in the absence of prepulse signal
• treatment with D-serine or clozapine rescued the prepulse inhibition defect
• treatment with MK-801 induces a greater impairment in prepulse inhibition compared to similarly treated controls

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Schizophrenia; SCZD 181500 J:151337