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sex determining region of Chr Y

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Immunohistochemistry (section) 2 1 1 2 5 28 3 9 4 3 2
In situ RNA (section) 1 3 8 1 1 1 1 1 1
Immunohistochemistry (whole mount) 3 1
In situ RNA (whole mount) 1 2 1 6 7 18 5 4 1 1 1
Northern blot 1 2 1 1
Western blot 3 1 2 1
RT-PCR 1 1 3 1 2 1 15 16 64 21 32 5 21 4 7 8 3 5 2 1 2 11
cDNA clones 1
RNase protection 1 2 1 1 1 2 4
Primer Extension 1

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Sry  sex determining region of Chr Y   (Synonyms: Tdf, Tdy)
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4J:127090 Albrecht KH, Young M, Washburn LL, Eicher EM, Sry expression level and protein isoform differences play a role in abnormal testis development in C57BL/6J mice carrying certain Sry alleles. Genetics. 2003 May;164(1):277-88
1J:250302 Bagheri-Fam S, Bird AD, Zhao L, Ryan JM, Yong M, Wilhelm D, Koopman P, Eswarakumar VP, Harley VR, Testis Determination Requires a Specific FGFR2 Isoform to Repress FOXL2. Endocrinology. 2017 Nov 01;158(11):3832-3843
4J:285178 Bagheri-Fam S, Chen H, Wilson S, Ayers K, Hughes J, Sloan-Bena F, Calvel P, Robevska G, Puisac B, Kusz-Zamelczyk K, Gimelli S, Spik A, Jaruzelska J, Warenik-Szymankiewicz A, Faradz S, Nef S, Pie J, Thomas P, Sinclair A, Wilhelm D, The gene encoding the ketogenic enzyme HMGCS2 displays a unique expression during gonad development in mice. PLoS One. 2020;15(1):e0227411
1J:130928 Bagheri-Fam S, Sim H, Bernard P, Jayakody I, Taketo MM, Scherer G, Harley VR, Loss of Fgfr2 leads to partial XY sex reversal. Dev Biol. 2008 Feb 1;314(1):71-83
3J:104330 Barrionuevo F, Bagheri-Fam S, Klattig J, Kist R, Taketo MM, Englert C, Scherer G, Homozygous Inactivation of Sox9 Causes Complete XY Sex Reversal in Mice. Biol Reprod. 2006 Jan;74(1):195-201
2J:329885 Belanger C, Cardinal T, Leduc E, Viger RS, Pilon N, CHARGE syndrome-associated proteins FAM172A and CHD7 influence male sex determination and differentiation through transcriptional and alternative splicing mechanisms. FASEB J. 2022 Mar;36(3):e22176
1J:293772 Bird AD, Croft BM, Harada M, Tang L, Zhao L, Ming Z, Bagheri-Fam S, Koopman P, Wang Z, Akita K, Harley VR, Ovotesticular disorders of sex development in FGF9 mouse models of human synostosis syndromes. Hum Mol Genet. 2020 Aug 3;29(13):2148-2161
4J:153050 Bogani D, Siggers P, Brixey R, Warr N, Beddow S, Edwards J, Williams D, Wilhelm D, Koopman P, Flavell RA, Chi H, Ostrer H, Wells S, Cheeseman M, Greenfield A, Loss of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 4 (MAP3K4) reveals a requirement for MAPK signalling in mouse sex determination. PLoS Biol. 2009 Sep;7(9):e1000196
5J:98922 Bouma GJ, Albrecht KH, Washburn LL, Recknagel AK, Churchill GA, Eicher EM, Gonadal sex reversal in mutant Dax1 XY mice: a failure to upregulate Sox9 in pre-Sertoli cells. Development. 2005 Jul;132(13):3045-54
7*J:93500 Bouma GJ, Hart GT, Washburn LL, Recknagel AK, Eicher EM, Using real time RT-PCR analysis to determine multiple gene expression patterns during XX and XY mouse fetal gonad development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2004 Nov;5(1):141-9
3*J:156788 Bouma GJ, Hudson QJ, Washburn LL, Eicher EM, New candidate genes identified for controlling mouse gonadal sex determination and the early stages of granulosa and Sertoli cell differentiation. Biol Reprod. 2010 Feb;82(2):380-9
2J:125196 Bouma GJ, Washburn LL, Albrecht KH, Eicher EM, Correct dosage of Fog2 and Gata4 transcription factors is critical for fetal testis development in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Sep 18;104(38):14994-9
4J:64333 Bowles J, Bullejos M, Koopman P, A subtractive gene expression screen suggests a role for vanin-1 in testis development in mice. Genesis. 2000 Jul;27(3):124-35
1*J:150705 Bowles J, Feng CW, Knight D, Smith CA, Roeszler KN, Bagheri-Fam S, Harley VR, Sinclair AH, Koopman P, Male-specific expression of Aldh1a1 in mouse and chicken fetal testes: Implications for retinoid balance in gonad development. Dev Dyn. 2009 Jul 17;238(8):2073-2080
1J:16581 Boyer TR, Erickson RP, Detection of circular and linear transcripts of Sry in pre-implantation mouse embryos: differences in requirement for reverse transcriptase. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1994 Jan 28;198(2):492-6
5J:149785 Bradford ST, Hiramatsu R, Maddugoda MP, Bernard P, Chaboissier MC, Sinclair A, Schedl A, Harley V, Kanai Y, Koopman P, Wilhelm D, The cerebellin 4 precursor gene is a direct target of SRY and SOX9 in mice. Biol Reprod. 2009 Jun;80(6):1178-88
2*J:151715 Bradford ST, Wilhelm D, Bandiera R, Vidal V, Schedl A, Koopman P, A cell-autonomous role for WT1 in regulating Sry in vivo. Hum Mol Genet. 2009 Sep 15;18(18):3429-38
1*J:137460 Bradford ST, Wilhelm D, Koopman P, Comparative analysis of anti-mouse SRY antibodies. Sex Dev. 2007;1(5):305-10
4J:150743 Buaas FW, Val P, Swain A, The transcription co-factor CITED2 functions during sex determination and early gonad development. Hum Mol Genet. 2009 Aug 15;18(16):2989-3001
7*J:69779 Bullejos M, Koopman P, Spatially dynamic expression of Sry in mouse genital ridges. Dev Dyn. 2001 Jun;221(2):201-5
2J:96340 Bullejos M, Koopman P, Delayed Sry and Sox9 expression in developing mouse gonads underlies B6-Y(DOM) sex reversal. Dev Biol. 2005 Feb 15;278(2):473-81
1J:334017 Bunce C, Barske L, Zhang G, Capel B, Biased precursor ingression underlies the center-to-pole pattern of male sex determination in mouse. Development. 2023 Mar 1;150(5):dev201060
1J:226657 Callier P, Calvel P, Matevossian A, Makrythanasis P, Bernard P, Kurosaka H, Vannier A, Thauvin-Robinet C, Borel C, Mazaud-Guittot S, Rolland A, Desdoits-Lethimonier C, Guipponi M, Zimmermann C, Stevant I, Kuhne F, Conne B, Santoni F, Lambert S, Huet F, Mugneret F, Jaruzelska J, Faivre L, Wilhelm D, Jegou B, Trainor PA, Resh MD, Antonarakis SE, Nef S, Loss of function mutation in the palmitoyl-transferase HHAT leads to syndromic 46,XY disorder of sex development by impeding Hedgehog protein palmitoylation and signaling. PLoS Genet. 2014 May;10(5):e1004340
4*J:23597 Cao QP, Gaudette MF, Robinson DH, Crain WR, Expression of the mouse testis-determining gene Sry in male preimplantation embryos. Mol Reprod Dev. 1995 Feb;40(2):196-204
1*J:15425 Capel B, Rasberry C, Dyson J, Bishop CE, Simpson E, Vivian N, Lovell-Badge R, Rastan S, Cattanach BM, Deletion of Y chromosome sequences located outside the testis determining region can cause XY female sex reversal. Nat Genet. 1993 Nov;5(3):301-7
2*J:32422 Carlisle C, Winking H, Weichenhan D, Nagamine CM, Absence of correlation between Sry polymorphisms and XY sex reversal caused by the M. m. domesticus Y chromosome. Genomics. 1996 Apr 1;33(1):32-45
3J:189064 Chassot AA, Bradford ST, Auguste A, Gregoire EP, Pailhoux E, de Rooij DG, Schedl A, Chaboissier MC, WNT4 and RSPO1 together are required for cell proliferation in the early mouse gonad. Development. 2012 Dec;139(23):4461-72
1*J:31475 Collignon J, Sockanathan S, Hacker A, Cohen-Tannoudji M, Norris D, Rastan S, Stevanovic M, Goodfellow PN, Lovell-Badge R, A comparison of the properties of Sox-3 with Sry and two related genes, Sox-1 and Sox-2. Development. 1996 Feb;122(2):509-20
3*J:183829 Correa SM, Washburn LL, Kahlon RS, Musson MC, Bouma GJ, Eicher EM, Albrecht KH, Sex reversal in C57BL/6J XY mice caused by increased expression of ovarian genes and insufficient activation of the testis determining pathway. PLoS Genet. 2012 Apr;8(4):e1002569
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1J:276930 Garcia-Moreno SA, Lin YT, Futtner CR, Salamone IM, Capel B, Maatouk DM, CBX2 is required to stabilize the testis pathway by repressing Wnt signaling. PLoS Genet. 2019 May;15(5):e1007895
9J:191095 Gierl MS, Gruhn WH, von Seggern A, Maltry N, Niehrs C, GADD45G functions in male sex determination by promoting p38 signaling and Sry expression. Dev Cell. 2012 Nov 13;23(5):1032-42
1J:263354 Gonen N, Futtner CR, Wood S, Garcia-Moreno SA, Salamone IM, Samson SC, Sekido R, Poulat F, Maatouk DM, Lovell-Badge R, Sex reversal following deletion of a single distal enhancer of Sox9. Science. 2018 Jun 29;360(6396):1469-1473
1*J:238708 Gonen N, Quinn A, O'Neill HC, Koopman P, Lovell-Badge R, Normal Levels of Sox9 Expression in the Developing Mouse Testis Depend on the TES/TESCO Enhancer, but This Does Not Act Alone. PLoS Genet. 2017 Jan;13(1):e1006520
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