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Kaposi's sarcoma (DOID:8632)
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Synonyms: African lymphadenopathic Kaposi's sarcoma; anal Kaposi's sarcoma; cardiac Kaposi's sarcoma; central nervous system Kaposi's sarcoma; conjunctival Kaposi's sarcoma; corneal Kaposi's sarcoma; cutaneous Kaposi's sarcoma; esophageal Kaposi's sarcoma; gallbladder Kaposi's sarcoma; gastric Kaposi's sarcoma; intestinal Kaposi's sarcoma; Kaposi sarcoma; Kaposi's sarcoma of anus; Kaposi's sarcoma of central nervous system; Kaposi's sarcoma of conjunctiva; Kaposi's sarcoma of cornea; Kaposi's sarcoma of esophagus; Kaposi's sarcoma of gastrointestinal sites; Kaposi's sarcoma of Heart; Kaposi's sarcoma of lung; Kaposi's sarcoma of lymph nodes; Kaposi's sarcoma of palate; Kaposi's sarcoma of penis; Kaposi's sarcoma of skin; Kaposi's sarcoma of soft tissue; Kaposi's sarcoma of soft tissues; Kaposi's sarcoma of the CNS; Kaposi's sarcoma of the gallbladder; Kaposi's sarcoma of the prostate; Kaposi's sarcoma, lung; Kaposi's sarcoma, skin; Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV); lymph node Kaposi's sarcoma; lymphadenopathic Kaposi's sarcoma; palate Kaposi's sarcoma; penis Kaposi's sarcoma; prostate Kaposi's sarcoma; pulmonary Kaposi's sarcoma; soft tissue Kaposi's sarcoma
Alt IDs: DOID:12761, DOID:12762, DOID:12764, DOID:12766, DOID:12767, DOID:12768, DOID:12770, DOID:12771, DOID:12772, DOID:12774, DOID:12775, DOID:12776, DOID:12777, DOID:12778, DOID:6480, DOID:7239, DOID:8631, ICD10CM:C46, ICD10CM:C46.0, ICD10CM:C46.1, ICD10CM:C46.2, ICD10CM:C46.3, ICD10CM:C46.4, ICD10CM:C46.5, ICD9CM:176, ICD9CM:176.0, ICD9CM:176.1, ICD9CM:176.2, ICD9CM:176.3, ICD9CM:176.4, ICD9CM:176.5, ICD9CM:176.9, ICD9CM_2006:176.0, ICD9CM_2006:176.4, MESH:D012514, NCI:C27500, NCI:C3550, NCI:C3551, NCI:C4578, NCI:C4579, NCI:C5363, NCI:C5523, NCI:C5529, NCI:C5602, NCI:C5706, NCI:C5842, NCI:C6377, NCI:C6749, NCI:C7006, NCI:C9087, UMLS_CUI:C0036220, UMLS_CUI:C0153560, UMLS_CUI:C0153561, UMLS_CUI:C0153562, UMLS_CUI:C0153563, UMLS_CUI:C0153564, UMLS_CUI:C0153565, UMLS_CUI:C0346935, UMLS_CUI:C0346936, UMLS_CUI:C1332265, UMLS_CUI:C1332847, UMLS_CUI:C1333453, UMLS_CUI:C1333744, UMLS_CUI:C1333776, UMLS_CUI:C1334318, UMLS_CUI:C1334457, UMLS_CUI:C1335372, UMLS_CUI:C1335509
Definition: A connective tissue cancer that derives_from lymphatic endothelium, and derives_from spindle cells, results_in_formation_of vascular channels that fill with blood cells, has_material_basis_in Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8).

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