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129S6/SvEvTac Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    129/SvEvTac, 129S6, 129Sv/Tac
  • Other IDs
    MGI:2161090, TAC:129sve, MPD:53
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving 129S6/SvEvTac
    3,535 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
1 associated mutation
Mutation Carried Marker
Aw a
78 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Aaaq1129S6/SvEvTac Aaaq1
Aath1129S6/SvEvTac Aath1
Aath2129S6/SvEvTac Aath2
Aath3129S6/SvEvTac Aath3
Aath4129S6/SvEvTac Aath4
Aath5129S6/SvEvTac Aath5
Aath6129S6/SvEvTac Aath6
Aath7129S6/SvEvTac Aath7
Aath8129S6/SvEvTac Aath8
Aath9129S6/SvEvTac Aath9
Aath10129S6/SvEvTac Aath10
Adq1129S6/SvEvTac Adq1
Adq2129S6/SvEvTac Adq2
Arlsq1129S6/SvEvTac Arlsq1
Arlsq2129S6/SvEvTac Arlsq2
Bmgr2129S6/SvEvTac Bmgr2
Bmgr3129S6/SvEvTac Bmgr3
Bmgr4129S6/SvEvTac Bmgr4
Bwq12129S6/SvEvTac Bwq12
Ckdbp1129S6/SvEvTac Ckdbp1
Ckdbp2129S6/SvEvTac Ckdbp2
Dibg1129S6/SvEvTac Dibg1
Diwg1129S6/SvEvTac Diwg1
Dloc1129S6/SvEvTac Dloc1
Dloc2129S6/SvEvTac Dloc2
Ebmgr1129S6/SvEvTac Ebmgr1
Elpt129S6/SvEvTac Elpt
Elpt2129S6/SvEvTac Elpt2
Elpt3129S6/SvEvTac Elpt3
Gstml129S6/SvEvTac Gstml
Hdis129S6/SvEvTac Hdis
Hrl129S6/SvEvTac Hrl
Hsgcq129S6/SvEvTac Hsgcq
Hypn129S6/SvEvTac Hypn
Hypn2129S6/SvEvTac Hypn2
Hypn3129S6/SvEvTac Hypn3
Idd3129S6/SvEvTac Idd3
Insq6129/SvIr Insq6
Insq7129/SvIr Insq7
Insq8129/SvIr Insq8
Insq9129/SvIr Insq9
Insq10129/SvIr Insq10
Loca1129S6/SvEvTac Loca1
Loca2129S6/SvEvTac Loca2
Nrq1129S6/SvEvTac Nrq1
Nrq1a129S6/SvEvTac Nrq1a
Nrq2129S6/SvEvTac Nrq2
Nrq3129S6/SvEvTac Nrq3
Nrq4129S6/SvEvTac Nrq4
Nrq5129S6/SvEvTac Nrq5
Nrq6129S6/SvEvTac Nrq6
Pcho7129S6/SvEvTac Pcho7
Pcho8129S6/SvEvTac Pcho8
Pcho9129S6/SvEvTac Pcho9
Pcho10129S6/SvEvTac Pcho10
Pcho11129S6/SvEvTac Pcho11
Phdlc5129S6/SvEvTac Phdlc5
Rear1129S6/SvEvTac Rear1
Rear2129S6/SvEvTac Rear2
Rrodp1129S6/SvEvTac Rrodp1
Rrodp2129S6/SvEvTac Rrodp2
Ses1a129S6/SvEvTac Ses1a
Ses1b129S6/SvEvTac Ses1b
Ses3129S6/SvEvTac Ses3
Ses4129S6/SvEvTac Ses4
Ses5129S6/SvEvTac Ses5
Ses6129S6/SvEvTac Ses6
Ses7129S6/SvEvTac Ses7
Ses8129S6/SvEvTac Ses8
Ses9129S6/SvEvTac Ses9
Ses10129S6/SvEvTac Ses10
Sle16129S6/SvEvTac Sle16
Sle17129S6/SvEvTac Sle17
Sle18129S6/SvEvTac Sle18
Tgl5129S6/SvEvTac Tgl5
Tgl6129S6/SvEvTac Tgl6
Tgl7129S6/SvEvTac Tgl7
Tgl8129S6/SvEvTac Tgl8
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1 associated strain record at IMSR
IMSR Repository IMSR Strain Why Matched
TAC:129sve TAC 129S6/SvEvTac exact match to ID
  • Earliest
    J:9098 Fukasawa KM, et al., Molecular evolution of mammalian lactate dehydrogenase-A genes and pseudogenes: association of a mouse processed pseudogene with a B1 repetitive sequence. Mol Biol Evol. 1986 Jul;3(4):330-42
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