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P12242 (UniProt | EBI) Last sequence update: 2007-01-23
Last annotation update: 2018-04-25
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RecName: Full=Mitochondrial brown fat uncoupling protein 1 {ECO:0000305}; Short=UCP 1 {ECO:0000305};AltName: Full=Solute carrier family 25 member 7 {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:P25874};AltName: Full=Thermogenin {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:P04575};
Polypeptide 307 aa
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Organism mouse
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Type Symbol Name GO Terms Expression
Orthologs Phenotypic
Gene Ucp1 uncoupling protein 1 (mitochondrial, proton carrier) 38 11 6 11
Sequence references in MGI J:9318 Kozak LP, et al., The mitochondrial uncoupling protein gene. Correlation of exon structure to transmembrane domains. J Biol Chem. 1988 Sep 5;263(25):12274-7
J:16058 Kozak UC, et al., An upstream enhancer regulating brown-fat-specific expression of the mitochondrial uncoupling protein gene. Mol Cell Biol. 1994 Jan;14(1):59-67
J:40053 Enerback S, et al., Mice lacking mitochondrial uncoupling protein are cold-sensitive but not obese [see comments]. Nature. 1997 May 1;387(6628):90-4
J:146646 Feldmann HM, et al., UCP1 ablation induces obesity and abolishes diet-induced thermogenesis in mice exempt from thermal stress by living at thermoneutrality. Cell Metab. 2009 Feb;9(2):203-9
J:165318 Oelkrug R, et al., Uncoupling protein 1 decreases superoxide production in brown adipose tissue mitochondria. J Biol Chem. 2010 Jul 16;285(29):21961-8
J:165368 Dlaskova A, et al., The role of UCP 1 in production of reactive oxygen species by mitochondria isolated from brown adipose tissue. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010 Aug;1797(8):1470-6
J:189069 Fedorenko A, et al., Mechanism of Fatty-Acid-Dependent UCP1 Uncoupling in Brown Fat Mitochondria. Cell. 2012 Oct 12;151(2):400-13
J:218161 Dempersmier J, et al., Cold-Inducible Zfp516 Activates UCP1 Transcription to Promote Browning of White Fat and Development of Brown Fat. Mol Cell. 2015 Jan 22;57(2):235-46
J:235306 Chouchani ET, et al., Mitochondrial ROS regulate thermogenic energy expenditure and sulfenylation of UCP1. Nature. 2016 Apr 7;532(7597):112-6

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