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MP term:abnormal pharyngeal pouch morphology
Synonym: abnormal branchial pouch morphology
Synonym: abnormal endodermal pouch morphology
MP id: MP:0006031
Definition: any structural anomaly of the balloonlike diverticulae of the embryonic pharyngeal endoderm that line the inside of the branchial arches; these paired endodermal evaginations develop in a craniocaudal sequence between the branchial arches, e.g. pouch 1 lies between arches 1 and 2; in mammals, there are four well-developed pairs of pouches (the fifth and sixth pair is vestigial or absent); the pouch endoderm reaches the branchial groove ectoderm to form the double-layer branchial membranes that separate them
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-aembryo phenotype
                is-aabnormal embryo morphology
                        is-aabnormal embryonic tissue morphology
                                is-aabnormal anterior definitive endoderm morphology +
                                is-aabnormal bilaminar embryonic disc +
                                is-aabnormal cervical sinus morphology
                                is-aabnormal egg cylinder morphology +
                                is-aabnormal embryonic cloaca morphology +
                                is-aabnormal gastrula morphology
                                is-aabnormal germ layer morphology +
                                is-aabnormal gonadal ridge morphology +
                                is-aabnormal head fold morphology +
                                is-aabnormal head mesenchyme morphology +
                                is-aabnormal intraembryonic coelom morphology
                                is-aabnormal limb bud morphology +
                                is-aabnormal mesenchyme morphology +
                                is-aabnormal mesonephros morphology +
                                is-aabnormal neural fold morphology +
                                is-aabnormal neural plate morphology +
                                is-aabnormal neural tube morphology +
                                is-aabnormal notochord morphology +
                                is-aabnormal pharyngeal arch morphology +
                                is-aabnormal pharyngeal groove morphology
                                is-aabnormal pharyngeal membrane morphology
                                is-aabnormal pharyngeal pouch morphology [MP:0006031] (23 genotypes, 29 annotations)
                                        is-aabnormal first pharyngeal pouch morphology
                                        is-aabnormal fourth pharyngeal pouch morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal second pharyngeal pouch morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal third pharyngeal pouch morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal ultimobranchial body morphology +
                                is-aabnormal pleuropericardial membrane morphology +
                                is-aabnormal pluripotent precursor cell morphology +
                                is-aabnormal prechordal plate morphology +
                                is-aabnormal primitive streak morphology +
                                is-aabnormal septum transversum morphology
                                is-aabnormal somite development +
                                is-aabnormal tail bud morphology +
                                is-aabnormal tail fold morphology
                                is-aabnormal urogenital fold morphology
                                is-aabnormal urorectal septum morphology
                                is-adisorganized embryonic tissue
                                is-aembryo cyst
                                is-aembryo tissue necrosis +

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