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MP term:nephrolithiasis
Synonym: kidney calcium calculi
Synonym: kidney stones
Synonym: renal calculi
MP id: MP:0002708
Alternate id: MP:0002709
Definition: calculi occurring in the kidney
Number of paths to term: 3

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-arenal/urinary system phenotype
                is-aabnormal renal/urinary system morphology
                        is-aabnormal kidney morphology
                                is-aabnormal kidney blood vessel morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney capsule morphology
                                is-aabnormal kidney collecting duct morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney cortex morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney corticomedullary boundary morphology
                                is-aabnormal kidney development +
                                is-aabnormal kidney epithelium morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney interstitium morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney iron level +
                                is-aabnormal kidney lobe morphology
                                is-aabnormal kidney lobule morphology
                                is-aabnormal kidney medulla morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney pelvis morphology +
                                is-aabnormal kidney size +
                                is-aabnormal nephron morphology +
                                is-aabsent kidney
                                is-abifid kidney
                                is-aduplex kidney
                                is-aectopic kidney +
                                is-afused kidneys
                                is-agranular kidney
                                is-akidney cysts +
                                is-akidney degeneration +
                                is-anephrolithiasis [MP:0002708] (11 genotypes, 11 annotations)
                                is-apale kidney
                                is-arenal fibrosis +
                                is-asingle kidney

mammalian phenotype
        is-arenal/urinary system phenotype
                is-aabnormal renal/urinary system morphology
                                is-acystolithiasis +
                                is-anephrolithiasis [MP:0002708] (11 genotypes, 11 annotations)

mammalian phenotype
        is-arenal/urinary system phenotype
                is-aabnormal renal/urinary system physiology
                        is-aabnormal kidney physiology
                                is-aabnormal kidney apoptosis +
                                is-aabnormal kidney cell proliferation +
                                is-aabnormal kidney epithelial cell primary cilium physiology
                                is-aabnormal kidney glutathione peroxidase activity +
                                is-aabnormal podocyte physiology +
                                is-aabnormal renal filtration +
                                is-aabnormal renal plasma flow rate +
                                is-aabnormal renal reabsorbtion +
                                is-aabnormal renal sympathetic nerve activity +
                                is-aabnormal renal transport +
                                is-aabnormal renal vascular resistance +
                                is-aabnormal renal water homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal tubuloglomerular feedback response +
                                is-aaltered susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury +
                                is-akidney failure
                                is-akidney hemorrhage +
                                is-akidney inflammation +
                                is-anephrolithiasis [MP:0002708] (11 genotypes, 11 annotations)
                                is-arenal ischemia
                                is-arenal tubular acidosis
                                is-avesicoureteral reflux

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