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MP term:intracranial hemorrhage
Synonym: intracranial bleeding
MP id: MP:0001915
Definition: bleeding within the skull, including hemorrhage into the brain and within the cranial epidural, subdural, and subarachnoid spaces
Number of paths to term: 2

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-acardiovascular system phenotype
                is-aabnormal cardiovascular system physiology
                        is-aabnormal blood circulation
                                        is-ainternal hemorrhage
                                                is-aear hemorrhage
                                                is-aeye hemorrhage +
                                                is-aheart hemorrhage +
                                                is-aintracranial hemorrhage [MP:0001915] (165 genotypes, 190 annotations)
                                                        is-abrainstem hemorrhage
                                                        is-acerebellum hemorrhage
                                                        is-ahypothalamus hemorrhage
                                                        is-aintracerebral hemorrhage +
                                                is-akidney hemorrhage +
                                                is-aliver hemorrhage
                                                is-alung hemorrhage +
                                                is-aovary hemorrhage
                                                is-aspinal hemorrhage
                                                is-auterine hemorrhage

mammalian phenotype
        is-anervous system phenotype
                is-aabnormal nervous system physiology
                        is-aabnormal autonomic nervous system physiology +
                        is-aabnormal blood-brain barrier function
                        is-aabnormal blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function
                        is-aabnormal blood-retinal barrier function
                        is-aabnormal central pattern generator function +
                        is-aabnormal cerebrospinal fluid flow
                        is-aabnormal cerebrospinal fluid production +
                        is-aabnormal dopamine level +
                        is-aabnormal embryonic neuroepithelial cell proliferation +
                        is-aabnormal endoneurial fluid pressure +
                        is-aabnormal ependyma motile cilium physiology +
                        is-aabnormal glial cell physiology +
                        is-aabnormal glymphatic system physiology
                        is-aabnormal hippocampus physiology
                        is-aabnormal hypothalamus physiology +
                        is-aabnormal myelination +
                        is-aabnormal nervous system electrophysiology +
                        is-aabnormal nervous system regeneration +
                        is-aabnormal neuroendocrine gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal neuron physiology +
                        is-aabnormal neuronal stem cell physiology +
                        is-aabnormal sensorimotor gating +
                        is-aabnormal somatic nervous system physiology +
                        is-aabnormal somatosensory cortex physiology +
                        is-aabnormal synaptic plasticity +
                        is-aabnormal synaptic transmission +
                        is-aaltered response to CNS ischemic injury +
                        is-aCNS inflammation +
                        is-aCNS ischemia
                        is-adecreased hindbrain apoptosis
                        is-aendoneurial edema
                        is-aincreased brain apoptosis +
                        is-aincreased neural tube apoptosis +
                        is-aincreased spinal cord apoptosis
                        is-aintracranial hemorrhage [MP:0001915] (165 genotypes, 190 annotations)
                                is-abrainstem hemorrhage
                                is-acerebellum hemorrhage
                                is-ahypothalamus hemorrhage
                                is-aintracerebral hemorrhage +
                        is-aseizures +
                        is-aspinal hemorrhage

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