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MP term:abnormal ion homeostasis
MP id: MP:0001765
Definition: anomaly in the processes involved in the maintenance of an internal equilibrium of charged molecules in the fluids and tissues
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-ahomeostasis/metabolism phenotype
                is-aabnormal homeostasis
                        is-aabnormal adaptive thermogenesis +
                        is-aabnormal amino acid level +
                        is-aabnormal blood homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal body temperature +
                        is-aabnormal body temperature homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal catecholamine level +
                        is-aabnormal energy homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal enzyme/coenzyme level +
                        is-aabnormal fluid regulation +
                        is-aabnormal galactose homeostasis
                        is-aabnormal gas homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal glucose homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal glycosaminoglycan level +
                        is-aabnormal histamine physiology
                        is-aabnormal hormone level +
                        is-aabnormal ion homeostasis [MP:0001765] (1009 genotypes, 1598 annotations)
                                is-aabnormal calcium ion homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal chloride level +
                                is-aabnormal circulating phosphate level +
                                is-aabnormal copper homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal erythrocyte ion transport +
                                is-aabnormal iron homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal magnesium ion homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal nitrate level +
                                is-aabnormal nitrite level +
                                is-aabnormal plasma anion gap +
                                is-aabnormal potassium ion homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal renal phosphate reabsorbtion
                                is-aabnormal sodium ion homeostasis +
                                is-aabnormal urine organic anion level
                                is-aabnormal urine organic cation level
                        is-aabnormal lipid homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal lipoprotein level +
                        is-aabnormal mineral homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal pH regulation +
                        is-aabnormal porphyrin level +
                        is-aabnormal protein level +
                        is-aabnormal susceptibility to non-insulin-dependent diabetes +
                        is-aabnormal urine homeostasis +
                        is-aabnormal vitamin homeostasis +
                        is-aphotosensitivity +

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