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MP term:abnormal lacrimal gland physiology
MP id: MP:0001348
Definition: any functional anomaly of the glands that secrete tears
Number of paths to term: 2

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-aendocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
                is-aabnormal gland physiology
                        is-aabnormal adrenal gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal Harderian gland physiology
                        is-aabnormal lacrimal gland physiology [MP:0001348] (32 genotypes, 35 annotations)
                                is-alacrimal gland inflammation
                        is-aabnormal mammary gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal pancreas physiology +
                        is-aabnormal parathyroid gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal pineal gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal pituitary gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal salivary gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal sebaceous gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal sex gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal sweat gland physiology +
                        is-aabnormal thymus physiology +
                        is-aabnormal thyroid physiology +

mammalian phenotype
        is-avision/eye phenotype
                is-aabnormal eye physiology
                        is-aabnormal electroretinogram waveform feature +
                        is-aabnormal eye electrophysiology +
                        is-aabnormal eye movement +
                        is-aabnormal intraocular pressure +
                        is-aabnormal lacrimal gland physiology [MP:0001348] (32 genotypes, 35 annotations)
                                is-alacrimal gland inflammation
                        is-aabnormal lens epithelium apoptosis +
                        is-aabnormal lens fiber apoptosis +
                        is-aabnormal pupillary reflex +
                        is-aabnormal retinal apoptosis
                        is-aabnormal tear production +
                        is-aabnormal vision +
                        is-aaltered response to retinal ischemic injury +
                        is-adelayed dark adaptation
                        is-adry eyes
                        is-aexcessive tearing
                        is-aeye discharge
                        is-aeye hemorrhage +
                        is-aeye inflammation +
                        is-aeyelid apraxia
                        is-aincreased corneal light-scattering
                        is-ainvoluntary contraction of eyelids
                        is-aretinal ischemia

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