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MP term:abnormal hindbrain morphology
Synonym: abnormal rhombencephalon morphology
Synonym: hindbrain dysplasia
MP id: MP:0000841
Definition: any structural anomaly of the part of the brain developed from the posterior of the three primary brain vesicles of the embryonic neural tube from which the metencephalon and myelencephalon are derived; the metencephalon (anterior part of the embryonic hindbrain), gives rise to the cerebellum and pons while the myelencephalon (posterior portion of the embryonic hindbrain) gives rise to the medulla oblongata
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship

mammalian phenotype
        is-anervous system phenotype
                is-aabnormal nervous system morphology
                        is-aabnormal brain morphology
                                is-aabnormal brain cholesterol level +
                                is-aabnormal brain copper level +
                                is-aabnormal brain development +
                                is-aabnormal brain interneuron morphology
                                is-aabnormal brain iron level +
                                is-aabnormal brain size +
                                is-aabnormal brain vasculature morphology +
                                is-aabnormal brain ventricular system morphology +
                                is-aabnormal brain white matter morphology +
                                is-aabnormal brainstem morphology +
                                is-aabnormal circumventricular organ morphology +
                                is-aabnormal forebrain morphology +
                                is-aabnormal hindbrain morphology [MP:0000841] (1080 genotypes, 2534 annotations)
                                        is-aabnormal fourth ventricle morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal hindbrain size +
                                        is-aabnormal medulla oblongata morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal metencephalon morphology +
                                        is-aabnormal pontine flexure morphology
                                        is-aabsent hindbrain
                                        is-ahindbrain atrophy +
                                is-aabnormal midbrain morphology +
                                is-aabnormal postnatal subventricular zone morphology +
                                is-abasal brain tissue herniation
                                is-abrain atrophy +
                                is-abrain vacuoles
                                is-adecreased brain plasmalogen level
                                is-adecreased sulfoglycosphingolipid level +
                                is-aincreased brain plasmalogen level
                                is-aincreased brain sulfoglycosphingolipid level
                                is-aneurofibrillary tangles
                                is-atau protein deposits

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