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GO term:14-3-3 protein binding
GO id:GO:0071889
Definition:Interacting selectively and non-covalently with a 14-3-3 protein. A 14-3-3 protein is any of a large family of approximately 30kDa acidic proteins which exist primarily as homo- and heterodimers within all eukaryotic cells, and have been implicated in the modulation of distinct biological processes by binding to specific phosphorylated sites on diverse target proteins, thereby forcing conformational changes or influencing interactions between their targets and other molecules. Each 14-3-3 protein sequence can be roughly divided into three sections: a divergent amino terminus, the conserved core region and a divergent carboxyl terminus. The conserved middle core region of the 14-3-3s encodes an amphipathic groove that forms the main functional domain, a cradle for interacting with client proteins.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                        is-aprotein binding
                                is-a14-3-3 protein binding [GO:0071889] (25 genes, 26 annotations)
                                is-aadiponectin binding
                                is-aalpha-catenin binding
                                is-aangiostatin binding
                                is-aantisigma factor binding
                                is-aapolipoprotein binding +
                                is-aarrestin family protein binding
                                is-aATP-dependent protein binding
                                is-abasal transcription machinery binding +
                                is-abeta-2-microglobulin binding
                                is-abeta-catenin binding
                                is-abone sialoprotein binding
                                is-acalcium-dependent protein binding
                                is-acalmodulin binding
                                is-acell adhesion molecule binding +
                                is-achaperone binding
                                is-aclathrin binding +
                                is-aco-receptor binding
                                is-acomplement binding +
                                is-aconnexin binding
                                is-acopper-dependent protein binding
                                is-acullin family protein binding
                                is-acyclin binding
                                is-acytokine binding +
                                is-acytoskeletal protein binding +
                                is-adecoy death receptor activity
                                is-adelta-catenin binding
                                is-adenatured protein binding
                                is-adynein heavy chain binding
                                is-adynein intermediate chain binding
                                is-adynein light chain binding
                                is-adynein light intermediate chain binding
                                is-aendocytic targeting sequence binding
                                is-aenzyme binding +
                                is-aextracellular matrix protein binding
                                is-afarnesylated protein binding
                                is-aFBXO family protein binding
                                is-afibronectin binding
                                is-aG-protein alpha-subunit binding
                                is-aG-protein beta-subunit binding
                                is-aG-protein gamma-subunit binding
                                is-agamma-catenin binding
                                is-aGDP-dissociation inhibitor binding +
                                is-aglycoprotein binding +
                                is-agrowth factor binding +
                                is-aGTP-dependent protein binding
                                is-aGTPase activating protein binding
                                is-ahaptoglobin binding
                                is-aheat shock protein binding +
                                is-ahedgehog family protein binding
                                is-ahemoglobin binding +
                                is-ahexon binding
                                is-ahistone binding +
                                is-aidentical protein binding +
                                is-aimportin-alpha family protein binding
                                is-ainhibin binding
                                is-ainsulin binding
                                is-ainsulin receptor substrate binding
                                is-aion channel binding
                                is-akininogen binding +
                                is-alamin binding
                                is-alaminin binding +
                                is-aMDM2/MDM4 family protein binding
                                is-amisfolded protein binding
                                is-anodal binding
                                is-aopsin binding
                                is-aopsonin binding +
                                is-ap53 binding
                                is-aphosphatidylinositol 3-kinase binding +
                                is-aphosphoprotein binding +
                                is-aphytochrome binding
                                is-apoly-glutamine tract binding
                                is-apreprotein binding
                                is-aprofilin binding
                                is-aproline-rich region binding +
                                is-aprotein anchor +
                                is-aprotein antigen binding
                                is-aprotein binding involved in cell adhesion +
                                is-aprotein binding involved in negative regulation of telomere maintenance via telomerase
                                is-aprotein binding involved in protein folding
                                is-aprotein binding, bridging +
                                is-aprotein C-terminus binding
                                is-aprotein complex binding +
                                is-aprotein complex scaffold +
                                is-aprotein dimerization activity +
                                is-aprotein domain specific binding +
                                is-aprotein kinase A binding +
                                is-aprotein N-terminus binding +
                                is-aprotein self-association +
                                is-aRBL family protein binding
                                is-areceptor binding +
                                is-aRHG protein domain binding
                                is-aS100 protein binding
                                is-ascaffold protein binding
                                is-aserpin family protein binding
                                is-aSMAD binding +
                                is-aSMC family protein binding
                                is-aSNAP receptor activity
                                is-aSNARE binding +
                                is-aSOCS family protein binding
                                is-asoluble NSF attachment protein activity
                                is-asplicing factor binding
                                is-aSTAT family protein binding
                                is-asterol-dependent protein binding
                                is-aTAP binding +
                                is-atapasin binding
                                is-aTIMP family protein binding
                                is-atoxin-antitoxin pair type II binding
                                is-aTRAIL binding
                                is-atranscription factor binding +
                                is-atranslation elongation factor binding
                                is-atranslation initiation factor binding +
                                is-aubiquitin-like protein binding +
                                is-aunfolded protein binding
                                is-avery-low-density lipoprotein particle binding
                                is-aWnt-protein binding
                                is-aX11-like protein binding

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