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GO term:anatomical structure development
Synonym: development of an anatomical structure
GO id:GO:0048856
Definition:The biological process whose specific outcome is the progression of an anatomical structure from an initial condition to its mature state. This process begins with the formation of the structure and ends with the mature structure, whatever form that may be including its natural destruction. An anatomical structure is any biological entity that occupies space and is distinguished from its surroundings. Anatomical structures can be macroscopic such as a carpel, or microscopic such as an acrosome.
CommentsThis term was added by GO_REF:0000021.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-adevelopmental process
                        is-aabscission +
                        is-aacquisition of mycelium reproductive competence
                        is-aanatomical structure development [GO:0048856] (5532 genes, 23293 annotations)
                                is-aadenohypophysis development +
                                is-aadrenal cortex development +
                                is-aaerial mycelium formation
                                is-aammon gyrus development
                                is-aamygdala development
                                is-aanalia development +
                                part-ofanatomical structure maturation +
                                part-ofanatomical structure morphogenesis +
                                is-aanimal organ development +
                                is-aantennal joint development +
                                is-aanterior cibarial plate development +
                                is-aanterior midgut development
                                is-aanterior rotation of the optic cup
                                is-aanther development +
                                is-aanther wall tapetum development +
                                part-ofapoptotic process involved in development +
                                is-aappendage development +
                                is-aascending aorta development +
                                is-aatrial cardiac muscle tissue development +
                                is-aatrioventricular canal development
                                is-abeak development +
                                is-ablastocyst development +
                                is-ablood vessel development +
                                is-abrainstem development +
                                is-acaecum development
                                is-acardiac chamber development +
                                is-acardiac septum development +
                                is-acell development +
                                is-acentral canal development
                                is-acentral complex development
                                is-acerebellar cortex development +
                                is-acerebellar granular layer development +
                                is-acerebellar molecular layer development +
                                is-acerebellar Purkinje cell layer development +
                                is-acerebellum development +
                                is-acerebral cortex development +
                                is-acingulate gyrus development
                                is-acloaca development +
                                is-aclypeus development +
                                is-acochlea development +
                                is-acompound eye corneal lens development +
                                is-aconidiophore stalk development +
                                is-acornea development in camera-type eye +
                                is-acorpora quadrigemina development +
                                is-acorpus callosum development +
                                is-acortical collecting duct development +
                                is-acranial skeletal system development +
                                is-acupula development +
                                is-acuticle development +
                                is-adeltoid tuberosity development
                                is-adendrite development +
                                is-adendritic spine development +
                                is-adentate gyrus development
                                is-adermatome development +
                                is-adescending aorta development +
                                is-adescending thin limb development +
                                is-adiencephalon development +
                                is-adorsal spinal cord development +
                                is-aectodermal placode development +
                                is-aembryonic heart tube elongation
                                is-aendocardium development +
                                is-aendocrine pancreas development +
                                is-aepistomal sclerite development +
                                is-aepithalamus development +
                                is-aextraembryonic membrane development +
                                is-aeyelid development in camera-type eye
                                is-aface development +
                                is-afloor plate development +
                                is-afloral whorl development +
                                is-aforebrain development +
                                is-aforebrain-midbrain boundary formation
                                is-afourth ventricle development
                                is-afruit replum development
                                is-afruit valve development
                                is-afungiform papilla development +
                                is-agerm-line cyst encapsulation +
                                is-aglomerular basement membrane development +
                                is-aglomerulus development +
                                is-aglomus development
                                is-ahabenula development
                                is-ahair follicle development +
                                is-ahard palate development
                                is-ahead development +
                                is-aheart valve development +
                                is-ahindbrain development +
                                is-ahippocampus development +
                                is-ahypothalamus development +
                                is-ainferior colliculus development
                                is-ainner ear development +
                                is-ainner stripe development
                                is-aintermediate reticular formation development
                                is-ajuxtaglomerular apparatus development +
                                is-aKupffer's vesicle development
                                is-alabrum development +
                                is-alateral ventricle development
                                is-aleft horn of sinus venosus development
                                is-alens development in camera-type eye +
                                is-alung alveolus development +
                                is-alung lobe development +
                                is-alung saccule development +
                                is-alymph vessel development +
                                is-amammary gland alveolus development +
                                is-amammary gland lobule development +
                                is-amammillary axonal complex development +
                                is-amammillary body development +
                                is-amammillotectal axonal tract development
                                is-amammillotegmental axonal tract development
                                is-amammillothalamic axonal tract development
                                is-amaternal placenta development +
                                is-amedulla oblongata development +
                                is-amedullary reticular formation development +
                                is-amesendoderm development +
                                is-ametencephalon development +
                                is-amidbrain development +
                                is-amidbrain-hindbrain boundary development +
                                is-amulticellular organism development +
                                is-amuscle structure development +
                                is-amushroom body development
                                is-amyotome development +
                                is-anail development +
                                is-anectary development
                                is-anephron development +
                                is-anephrostome development
                                is-anerve development +
                                is-aneural nucleus development +
                                is-aneural retina development +
                                is-anipple development +
                                is-anotum development +
                                is-aolfactory bulb development +
                                is-aolfactory bulb mitral cell layer development
                                is-aolfactory cortex development
                                is-aolfactory lobe development +
                                is-aolfactory pit development
                                is-aoptic chiasma development
                                is-aoptic lobe placode development
                                is-aorbitofrontal cortex development +
                                is-aotolith development +
                                is-aouter stripe development
                                is-apalate development +
                                is-apalisade mesophyll development
                                is-apallium development +
                                is-aparahippocampal gyrus development
                                is-aparietal peritoneum development
                                is-apharynx development +
                                is-aplant organ development +
                                is-aplant septum development +
                                is-apollen tube development +
                                is-apons development +
                                is-aposterior cibarial plate development +
                                is-aposterior midgut development
                                is-aprogression of morphogenetic furrow involved in compound eye morphogenesis
                                is-apronephric sinus development
                                is-apyramid development +
                                is-arectal diverticulum development
                                is-aregeneration +
                                is-arenal cortex development +
                                is-arenal inner medulla development
                                is-arenal outer medulla development +
                                is-areproductive structure development +
                                is-aretina development in camera-type eye +
                                is-arhombomere development +
                                is-aright horn of sinus venosus development
                                is-aroot cap development
                                is-asclerotium development +
                                is-aseed coat development +
                                is-aserous membrane development +
                                is-asocially cooperative development +
                                is-asoft palate development
                                is-astamen filament development
                                is-astigma development
                                is-astipule development
                                is-astomium development
                                is-astriatum development +
                                is-astyle development
                                is-asubarachnoid space development
                                is-asubpallium development +
                                is-asubstantia propria of cornea development
                                is-asubstrate mycelium formation
                                is-asubthalamus development +
                                is-asuperior colliculus development
                                is-asuperior reticular formation development
                                is-asuperior temporal gyrus development
                                is-asuspensor development
                                is-asystem development +
                                is-atelencephalon development +
                                is-athalamus development +
                                is-athird ventricle development
                                is-atissue development +
                                is-atooth eruption
                                is-atrachea submucosa development +
                                is-atube development +
                                is-aumbilical cord development +
                                is-avascular cord development
                                is-aventral midline development +
                                is-aventral spinal cord development +
                                is-aventral tegmental area development
                                is-avisceral peritoneum development
                                is-avisceral serous pericardium development
                        is-aanatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis +
                        is-aanatomical structure morphogenesis +
                        is-adevelopment involved in symbiotic interaction +
                        is-adevelopmental induction +
                        is-adevelopmental process involved in reproduction +
                        is-adormancy process +
                        is-amaintenance of cell number +
                        negatively-regulatesnegative regulation of developmental process +
                        positively-regulatespositive regulation of developmental process +
                        regulatesregulation of developmental process +
                        is-asingle-organism developmental process +
                        is-aspore germination +

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