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GO term:response to chromate
Synonym: chromate sensitivity/resistance
GO id:GO:0046687
Definition:Any process that results in a change in state or activity of a cell or an organism (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) as a result of a chromate stimulus.
Number of paths to term: 2

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-aresponse to stimulus
                        is-aresponse to chemical
                                is-aresponse to inorganic substance
                                        is-acellular response to inorganic substance +
                                        is-aresponse to ammonia +
                                        is-aresponse to arsenite ion +
                                        is-aresponse to azide +
                                        is-aresponse to bismuth +
                                        is-aresponse to chlorate +
                                        is-aresponse to chromate [GO:0046687] (1 genes, 1 annotations)
                                                is-acellular response to chromate
                                        is-aresponse to fluoride +
                                        is-aresponse to gold(3+) +
                                        is-aresponse to hydrogen peroxide +
                                        is-aresponse to hydrogen sulfide +
                                        is-aresponse to hypochlorite
                                        is-aresponse to metal ion +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrate +
                                        is-aresponse to nitric oxide +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrite +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrogen dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to oxygen radical +
                                        is-aresponse to ozone +
                                        is-aresponse to selenite ion +
                                        is-aresponse to selenium ion +
                                        is-aresponse to silicon dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to singlet oxygen +
                                        is-aresponse to sodium arsenite +
                                        is-aresponse to sodium phosphate +
                                        is-aresponse to sulfur dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to tellurium ion +
                                        is-aresponse to vanadate(3-) +
                                        is-aresponse to water +

                is-aresponse to stimulus
                        is-aresponse to chemical
                                is-aresponse to oxygen-containing compound
                                        is-acellular response to oxygen-containing compound +
                                        is-aresponse to 1-oleoyl-sn-glycerol 3-phosphate +
                                        is-aresponse to 17alpha-ethynylestradiol +
                                        is-aresponse to 2-O-acetyl-1-O-hexadecyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine +
                                        is-aresponse to 4-nitroquinoline N-oxide +
                                        is-aresponse to 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine
                                        is-aresponse to acadesine +
                                        is-aresponse to acetaldehyde +
                                        is-aresponse to acetate +
                                        is-aresponse to acetylcholine +
                                        is-aresponse to acetylsalicylate
                                        is-aresponse to acrylamide +
                                        is-aresponse to alcohol +
                                        is-aresponse to amiloride +
                                        is-aresponse to amino acid +
                                        is-aresponse to amylopectin +
                                        is-aresponse to antimycin A +
                                        is-aresponse to arsenite ion +
                                        is-aresponse to ATP +
                                        is-aresponse to benomyl +
                                        is-aresponse to benzoic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to bile acid +
                                        is-aresponse to biotin +
                                        is-aresponse to bisphenol A +
                                        is-aresponse to brassinosteroid +
                                        is-aresponse to brefeldin A +
                                        is-aresponse to cAMP +
                                        is-aresponse to candesartan
                                        is-aresponse to capsazepine +
                                        is-aresponse to carbendazim +
                                        is-aresponse to carbohydrate +
                                        is-aresponse to carbon dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to carbon monoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to catecholamine +
                                        is-aresponse to cGMP +
                                        is-aresponse to chitin +
                                        is-aresponse to chloramphenicol +
                                        is-aresponse to chlorate +
                                        is-aresponse to chondroitin 4'-sulfate +
                                        is-aresponse to chondroitin 6'-sulfate +
                                        is-aresponse to chromate [GO:0046687] (1 genes, 1 annotations)
                                                is-acellular response to chromate
                                        is-aresponse to clopidogrel
                                        is-aresponse to cocaine +
                                        is-aresponse to cordycepin +
                                        is-aresponse to cytochalasin B +
                                        is-aresponse to D-galactosamine +
                                        is-aresponse to diethyl maleate +
                                        is-aresponse to dinitrophenol +
                                        is-aresponse to dithiothreitol +
                                        is-aresponse to erythromycin +
                                        is-aresponse to estradiol +
                                        is-aresponse to ether +
                                        is-aresponse to fatty acid +
                                        is-aresponse to flavonoid +
                                        is-aresponse to folic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to formaldehyde +
                                        is-aresponse to formic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to furfural +
                                        is-aresponse to gemcitabine
                                        is-aresponse to gibberellin +
                                        is-aresponse to glycoprotein +
                                        is-aresponse to glycoside +
                                        is-aresponse to GW 7647 +
                                        is-aresponse to heparin +
                                        is-aresponse to hesperadin +
                                        is-aresponse to hydroperoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to indolebutyric acid +
                                        is-aresponse to inositol +
                                        is-aresponse to jasmonic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to ketone +
                                        is-aresponse to lapatinib
                                        is-aresponse to lipopolysaccharide +
                                        is-aresponse to lipoteichoic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to methotrexate +
                                        is-aresponse to methyl methanesulfonate +
                                        is-aresponse to mycophenolic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to N-acetyl-D-glucosamine +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrate +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrite +
                                        is-aresponse to nitrogen dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to nitroglycerin +
                                        is-aresponse to papulacandin B +
                                        is-aresponse to paracetamol
                                        is-aresponse to peptide +
                                        is-aresponse to peptidoglycan +
                                        is-aresponse to phorbol 13-acetate 12-myristate +
                                        is-aresponse to phosphatidylethanolamine +
                                        is-aresponse to puromycin +
                                        is-aresponse to pyrimidine ribonucleotide +
                                        is-aresponse to reactive oxygen species +
                                        is-aresponse to resveratrol +
                                        is-aresponse to retinoic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to reversine +
                                        is-aresponse to ribavirin
                                        is-aresponse to risperidone
                                        is-aresponse to salicylic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to serotonin +
                                        is-aresponse to silicon dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to sodium dodecyl sulfate +
                                        is-aresponse to statin +
                                        is-aresponse to sterol +
                                        is-aresponse to strigolactone +
                                        is-aresponse to sulfur dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to temozolomide
                                        is-aresponse to tetracycline +
                                        is-aresponse to tetrahydrofolate +
                                        is-aresponse to thapsigargin +
                                        is-aresponse to trehalose-6-phosphate +
                                        is-aresponse to trichostatin A +
                                        is-aresponse to triglyceride +
                                        is-aresponse to vanadate(3-) +
                                        is-aresponse to vitamin D +
                                        is-aresponse to vitamin E +
                                        is-aresponse to water +
                                        is-aresponse to ximelagatran

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