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GO term:regulation of ATPase activity
Synonym: regulation of adenosinetriphosphatase activity
GO id:GO:0043462
Definition:Any process that modulates the rate of ATP hydrolysis by an ATPase.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-abiological regulation
                        is-aregulation of molecular function
                                is-aregulation of catalytic activity
                                        is-aregulation of hydrolase activity
                                                is-anegative regulation of hydrolase activity +
                                                is-apositive regulation of hydrolase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of ATPase activity [GO:0043462] (47 genes, 56 annotations)
                                                        is-anegative regulation of ATPase activity +
                                                        is-apositive regulation of ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of actin-dependent ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of ATP-dependent microtubule motor activity, minus-end-directed +
                                                        is-aregulation of ATP-dependent microtubule motor activity, plus-end-directed +
                                                        is-aregulation of ATP-dependent RNA helicase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of ATPase activity, uncoupled +
                                                        is-aregulation of calcium-dependent ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of calcium-transporting ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of DNA topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolyzing) activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of hydrogen:potassium-exchanging ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of proteasome-activating ATPase activity +
                                                        is-aregulation of proton-transporting ATP synthase activity, rotational mechanism +
                                                        is-aregulation of proton-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism
                                                        is-aregulation of sodium:potassium-exchanging ATPase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of beta-lactamase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of DNA N-glycosylase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of dUTP diphosphatase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of endo-1,4-beta-xylanase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of exo-alpha-sialidase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of glucosylceramidase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of GTP cyclohydrolase I activity +
                                                is-aregulation of GTPase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of helicase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of histone deacetylase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of lipase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of lysozyme activity +
                                                is-aregulation of m7G(5')pppN diphosphatase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of microtubule motor activity +
                                                is-aregulation of nuclease activity +
                                                is-aregulation of peptidase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of phosphatase activity +
                                                is-aregulation of phosphodiesterase activity, acting on 3'-phosphoglycolate-terminated DNA strands +
                                                is-aregulation of plus-end directed microfilament motor activity +
                                                is-aregulation of urease activity +

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