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GO term:identical protein binding
Synonym: isoform-specific homophilic binding
Synonym: protein homopolymerization
GO id:GO:0042802
Definition:Interacting selectively and non-covalently with an identical protein or proteins.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                        is-aprotein binding
                                is-a14-3-3 protein binding
                                is-aadiponectin binding
                                is-aalpha-catenin binding
                                is-aangiostatin binding
                                is-aantisigma factor binding
                                is-aapolipoprotein binding +
                                is-aarrestin family protein binding
                                is-aATP-dependent protein binding
                                is-abasal transcription machinery binding +
                                is-abeta-2-microglobulin binding
                                is-abeta-catenin binding
                                is-abone sialoprotein binding
                                is-acalcium-dependent protein binding
                                is-acalmodulin binding
                                is-acell adhesion molecule binding +
                                is-achaperone binding
                                is-aclathrin binding +
                                is-aco-receptor binding
                                is-acomplement binding +
                                is-aconnexin binding
                                is-acopper-dependent protein binding
                                is-acullin family protein binding
                                is-acyclin binding
                                is-acytokine binding +
                                is-acytoskeletal protein binding +
                                is-adecoy death receptor activity
                                is-adelta-catenin binding
                                is-adenatured protein binding
                                is-adynein heavy chain binding
                                is-adynein intermediate chain binding
                                is-adynein light chain binding
                                is-adynein light intermediate chain binding
                                is-aendocytic targeting sequence binding
                                is-aenzyme binding +
                                is-aextracellular matrix protein binding
                                is-afarnesylated protein binding
                                is-aFBXO family protein binding
                                is-afibronectin binding
                                is-aG-protein alpha-subunit binding
                                is-aG-protein beta-subunit binding
                                is-aG-protein gamma-subunit binding
                                is-agamma-catenin binding
                                is-aGDP-dissociation inhibitor binding +
                                is-aglycoprotein binding +
                                is-agrowth factor binding +
                                is-aGTP-dependent protein binding
                                is-aGTPase activating protein binding
                                is-ahaptoglobin binding
                                is-aheat shock protein binding +
                                is-ahedgehog family protein binding
                                is-ahemoglobin binding +
                                is-ahexon binding
                                is-ahistone binding +
                                is-aidentical protein binding [GO:0042802] (1488 genes, 1738 annotations)
                                        is-aprotein homodimerization activity
                                is-aimportin-alpha family protein binding
                                is-ainhibin binding
                                is-ainsulin binding
                                is-ainsulin receptor substrate binding
                                is-aion channel binding
                                is-akininogen binding +
                                is-alamin binding
                                is-alaminin binding +
                                is-aMDM2/MDM4 family protein binding
                                is-amisfolded protein binding
                                is-anodal binding
                                is-aopsin binding
                                is-aopsonin binding +
                                is-ap53 binding
                                is-aphosphatidylinositol 3-kinase binding +
                                is-aphosphoprotein binding +
                                is-aphytochrome binding
                                is-apoly-glutamine tract binding
                                is-apreprotein binding
                                is-aprofilin binding
                                is-aproline-rich region binding +
                                is-aprotein anchor +
                                is-aprotein antigen binding
                                is-aprotein binding involved in cell adhesion +
                                is-aprotein binding involved in negative regulation of telomere maintenance via telomerase
                                is-aprotein binding involved in protein folding
                                is-aprotein binding, bridging +
                                is-aprotein C-terminus binding
                                is-aprotein complex binding +
                                is-aprotein complex scaffold +
                                is-aprotein dimerization activity +
                                is-aprotein domain specific binding +
                                is-aprotein kinase A binding +
                                is-aprotein N-terminus binding +
                                is-aprotein self-association +
                                is-aRBL family protein binding
                                is-areceptor binding +
                                is-aRHG protein domain binding
                                is-aS100 protein binding
                                is-ascaffold protein binding
                                is-aserpin family protein binding
                                is-aSMAD binding +
                                is-aSMC family protein binding
                                is-aSNAP receptor activity
                                is-aSNARE binding +
                                is-aSOCS family protein binding
                                is-asoluble NSF attachment protein activity
                                is-asplicing factor binding
                                is-aSTAT family protein binding
                                is-asterol-dependent protein binding
                                is-aTAP binding +
                                is-atapasin binding
                                is-aTIMP family protein binding
                                is-atoxin-antitoxin pair type II binding
                                is-aTRAIL binding
                                is-atranscription factor binding +
                                is-atranslation elongation factor binding
                                is-atranslation initiation factor binding +
                                is-aubiquitin-like protein binding +
                                is-aunfolded protein binding
                                is-avery-low-density lipoprotein particle binding
                                is-aWnt-protein binding
                                is-aX11-like protein binding

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