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GO term:cellular component organization
Synonym: cell organisation
Synonym: cell organization and biogenesis
Synonym: cellular component organisation at cellular level
Synonym: cellular component organisation in other organism
Synonym: cellular component organization at cellular level
Synonym: cellular component organization in other organism
GO id:GO:0016043
Alternate id: GO:0044235, GO:0071842
Definition:A process that results in the assembly, arrangement of constituent parts, or disassembly of a cellular component.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-acellular component organization or biogenesis
                        is-acellular component biogenesis +
                        is-acellular component organization [GO:0016043] (4981 genes, 11967 annotations)
                                is-aactin cortical patch organization +
                                is-ablood microparticle formation +
                                is-acell junction organization +
                                is-acell projection organization +
                                is-acellular component assembly +
                                is-acellular component disassembly +
                                is-acellular component maintenance +
                                is-acellular component morphogenesis +
                                is-achromatin organization +
                                is-acytoplasm organization +
                                is-adendritic spine organization +
                                is-aDNA packaging +
                                is-aendomembrane system organization +
                                is-aexternal encapsulating structure organization +
                                is-aextracellular structure organization +
                                is-afibril organization +
                                is-amacromolecular complex subunit organization +
                                is-amembrane organization +
                                is-amicrotubule organizing center attachment site organization
                                negatively-regulatesnegative regulation of cellular component organization +
                                is-anucleoid organization +
                                is-anucleolar chromatin organization
                                is-aorganelle organization +
                                is-aperiplasmic space organization
                                is-aphotoreceptor cell outer segment organization
                                is-aplastoglobule organization
                                is-apore formation in membrane of other organism +
                                positively-regulatespositive regulation of cellular component organization +
                                is-apresynaptic active zone organization +
                                regulatesregulation of cellular component organization +
                                is-aregulation of cellular component size +
                                is-asynapse organization +
                                is-aterminal button organization +
                                is-aviral capsid assembly +
                                is-aviral scaffold assembly and maintenance
                                is-aviral tail assembly +
                                is-avirion assembly +
                                is-avirus baseplate assembly
                                is-avirus tail fiber assembly

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