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GO term:response to organic cyclic compound
Synonym: response to organic cyclic substance
GO id:GO:0014070
Definition:Any process that results in a change in state or activity of a cell or an organism (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) as a result of an organic cyclic compound stimulus.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-aresponse to stimulus
                        is-aresponse to chemical
                                is-aresponse to organic substance
                                        is-acellular response to organic substance +
                                        is-adetection of organic substance
                                        is-aERAD pathway +
                                        is-aprocess resulting in tolerance to aldehyde
                                        is-aprocess resulting in tolerance to ketone
                                        is-aprocess resulting in tolerance to organic acid
                                        is-aprocess resulting in tolerance to organic substance
                                        is-aprocess resulting in tolerance to phenol
                                        is-aresponse to acetaldehyde +
                                        is-aresponse to acetate +
                                        is-aresponse to acetylcholine +
                                        is-aresponse to alcohol +
                                        is-aresponse to alkane +
                                        is-aresponse to alkyl hydroperoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to amylopectin +
                                        is-aresponse to carbohydrate +
                                        is-aresponse to carbon dioxide +
                                        is-aresponse to carbon monoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to ciliary neurotrophic factor +
                                        is-aresponse to cyanide +
                                        is-aresponse to cyclodiene
                                        is-aresponse to cytokine +
                                        is-aresponse to D-galactosamine +
                                        is-aresponse to diethyl maleate +
                                        is-aresponse to dimethyl sulfoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to dithiothreitol +
                                        is-aresponse to ether +
                                        is-aresponse to flavonoid +
                                        is-aresponse to formaldehyde +
                                        is-aresponse to formic acid +
                                        is-aresponse to Gentian violet +
                                        is-aresponse to glycoprotein +
                                        is-aresponse to glycoside +
                                        is-aresponse to growth factor +
                                        is-aresponse to GW 7647 +
                                        is-aresponse to hormone +
                                        is-aresponse to hydroxyurea +
                                        is-aresponse to inositol +
                                        is-aresponse to ketone +
                                        is-aresponse to lipid +
                                        is-aresponse to lipid hydroperoxide +
                                        is-aresponse to lipoprotein particle +
                                        is-aresponse to methyl methanesulfonate +
                                        is-aresponse to methylmercury +
                                        is-aresponse to molecule of bacterial origin +
                                        is-aresponse to molecule of fungal origin +
                                        is-aresponse to molecule of oomycetes origin +
                                        is-aresponse to N-acetyl-D-glucosamine +
                                        is-aresponse to N-phenylthiourea +
                                        is-aresponse to nitroglycerin +
                                        is-aresponse to nonylphenol +
                                        is-aresponse to organic cyclic compound [GO:0014070] (712 genes, 1032 annotations)
                                                is-acellular response to organic cyclic compound +
                                                is-aresponse to 1-(3,5-dichloro-2,6-dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)hexan-1-one +
                                                is-aresponse to 1-(3,5-dichloro-2,6-dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)pentan-1-one
                                                is-aresponse to 17alpha-ethynylestradiol +
                                                is-aresponse to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine +
                                                is-aresponse to 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl +
                                                is-aresponse to 3,3',5-triiodo-L-thyronine +
                                                is-aresponse to 4-nitroquinoline N-oxide +
                                                is-aresponse to 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine
                                                is-aresponse to 5-fluorouracil
                                                is-aresponse to acadesine +
                                                is-aresponse to acetylsalicylate
                                                is-aresponse to amiloride +
                                                is-aresponse to amitrole +
                                                is-aresponse to antimycin A +
                                                is-aresponse to benomyl +
                                                is-aresponse to benzene +
                                                is-aresponse to benzoic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to bile acid +
                                                is-aresponse to biotin +
                                                is-aresponse to biphenyl +
                                                is-aresponse to bisphenol A +
                                                is-aresponse to brassinosteroid +
                                                is-aresponse to brefeldin A +
                                                is-aresponse to camptothecin +
                                                is-aresponse to candesartan
                                                is-aresponse to capsazepine +
                                                is-aresponse to carbendazim +
                                                is-aresponse to catecholamine +
                                                is-aresponse to CCCP +
                                                is-aresponse to chloroquine +
                                                is-aresponse to clopidogrel
                                                is-aresponse to clozapine
                                                is-aresponse to cobalamin +
                                                is-aresponse to cocaine +
                                                is-aresponse to curcumin +
                                                is-aresponse to cycloalkane +
                                                is-aresponse to cycloheximide +
                                                is-aresponse to cyclopentenone +
                                                is-aresponse to cytarabine
                                                is-aresponse to cytochalasin B +
                                                is-aresponse to DDT
                                                is-aresponse to decalin
                                                is-aresponse to dehydroepiandrosterone +
                                                is-aresponse to desipramine +
                                                is-aresponse to dextromethorphan +
                                                is-aresponse to dinitrophenol +
                                                is-aresponse to diphenidol +
                                                is-aresponse to diphenyl ether
                                                is-aresponse to doxorubicin
                                                is-aresponse to dsDNA +
                                                is-aresponse to dsRNA +
                                                is-aresponse to erythromycin +
                                                is-aresponse to estradiol +
                                                is-aresponse to etoposide
                                                is-aresponse to fenofibrate
                                                is-aresponse to folic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to forskolin +
                                                is-aresponse to furfural +
                                                is-aresponse to gemcitabine
                                                is-aresponse to haloperidol +
                                                is-aresponse to hesperadin +
                                                is-aresponse to histamine +
                                                is-aresponse to histidine +
                                                is-aresponse to iloperidone
                                                is-aresponse to imidacloprid
                                                is-aresponse to indole-3-methanol +
                                                is-aresponse to indolebutyric acid +
                                                is-aresponse to ionomycin +
                                                is-aresponse to isoquinoline alkaloid +
                                                is-aresponse to kainic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to ketamine
                                                is-aresponse to lapatinib
                                                is-aresponse to latrunculin A +
                                                is-aresponse to latrunculin B +
                                                is-aresponse to leptomycin B +
                                                is-aresponse to lipoic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to methotrexate +
                                                is-aresponse to miconazole +
                                                is-aresponse to mycophenolic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to nicotine +
                                                is-aresponse to nocodazole +
                                                is-aresponse to olanzapine
                                                is-aresponse to papulacandin B +
                                                is-aresponse to paracetamol
                                                is-aresponse to perphenazine
                                                is-aresponse to phenylalanine +
                                                is-aresponse to phenylpropanoid +
                                                is-aresponse to plumbagin +
                                                is-aresponse to polycyclic arene +
                                                is-aresponse to proline +
                                                is-aresponse to purine-containing compound +
                                                is-aresponse to pyrimidine ribonucleotide +
                                                is-aresponse to quetiapine
                                                is-aresponse to rapamycin +
                                                is-aresponse to ribavirin
                                                is-aresponse to risperidone
                                                is-aresponse to rotenone +
                                                is-aresponse to salicylic acid +
                                                is-aresponse to serotonin +
                                                is-aresponse to simvastatin
                                                is-aresponse to staurosporine +
                                                is-aresponse to steroid hormone +
                                                is-aresponse to sterol +
                                                is-aresponse to stilbenoid +
                                                is-aresponse to strigolactone +
                                                is-aresponse to temozolomide
                                                is-aresponse to testosterone +
                                                is-aresponse to tetrahydrofolate +
                                                is-aresponse to tetralin
                                                is-aresponse to thapsigargin +
                                                is-aresponse to thiabendazole +
                                                is-aresponse to thyroxine +
                                                is-aresponse to toluene +
                                                is-aresponse to trichodermin +
                                                is-aresponse to trichostatin A +
                                                is-aresponse to tropane +
                                                is-aresponse to vitamin B1 +
                                                is-aresponse to vitamin B2 +
                                                is-aresponse to vitamin B6 +
                                                is-aresponse to vitamin D +
                                                is-aresponse to vitamin E +
                                                is-aresponse to wortmannin +
                                                is-aresponse to ximelagatran
                                                is-aresponse to xylene +
                                                is-aresponse to ziprasidone
                                                is-atRNA methylation in response to nitrogen starvation +
                                                is-aviral mRNA cap methylation
                                        is-aresponse to organonitrogen compound +
                                        is-aresponse to organophosphorus +
                                        is-aresponse to paraquat +
                                        is-aresponse to pheromone +
                                        is-aresponse to sodium dodecyl sulfate +
                                        is-aresponse to statin +
                                        is-aresponse to tetrachloromethane
                                        is-aresponse to tetracycline +
                                        is-aresponse to Thyroglobulin triiodothyronine +
                                        is-aresponse to Thyroid stimulating hormone +
                                        is-aresponse to topologically incorrect protein +

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