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GO term:tissue development
Synonym: histogenesis
Synonym: histogenesis and organogenesis
GO id:GO:0009888
Definition:The process whose specific outcome is the progression of a tissue over time, from its formation to the mature structure.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-adevelopmental process
                        is-aanatomical structure development
                                is-aadenohypophysis development +
                                is-aadrenal cortex development +
                                is-aaerial mycelium formation
                                is-aammon gyrus development
                                is-aamygdala development
                                is-aanalia development +
                                part-ofanatomical structure maturation +
                                part-ofanatomical structure morphogenesis +
                                is-aanimal organ development +
                                is-aantennal joint development +
                                is-aanterior cibarial plate development +
                                is-aanterior midgut development
                                is-aanterior rotation of the optic cup
                                is-aanther development +
                                is-aanther wall tapetum development +
                                part-ofapoptotic process involved in development +
                                is-aappendage development +
                                is-aascending aorta development +
                                is-aatrial cardiac muscle tissue development +
                                is-aatrioventricular canal development
                                is-abeak development +
                                is-ablastocyst development +
                                is-ablood vessel development +
                                is-abrainstem development +
                                is-acaecum development
                                is-acardiac chamber development +
                                is-acardiac septum development +
                                is-acell development +
                                is-acentral canal development
                                is-acentral complex development
                                is-acerebellar cortex development +
                                is-acerebellar granular layer development +
                                is-acerebellar molecular layer development +
                                is-acerebellar Purkinje cell layer development +
                                is-acerebellum development +
                                is-acerebral cortex development +
                                is-acingulate gyrus development
                                is-acloaca development +
                                is-aclypeus development +
                                is-acochlea development +
                                is-acompound eye corneal lens development +
                                is-aconidiophore stalk development +
                                is-acornea development in camera-type eye +
                                is-acorpora quadrigemina development +
                                is-acorpus callosum development +
                                is-acortical collecting duct development +
                                is-acranial skeletal system development +
                                is-acupula development +
                                is-acuticle development +
                                is-adeltoid tuberosity development
                                is-adendrite development +
                                is-adendritic spine development +
                                is-adentate gyrus development
                                is-adermatome development +
                                is-adescending aorta development +
                                is-adescending thin limb development +
                                is-adiencephalon development +
                                is-adorsal spinal cord development +
                                is-aectodermal placode development +
                                is-aembryonic heart tube elongation
                                is-aendocardium development +
                                is-aendocrine pancreas development +
                                is-aepistomal sclerite development +
                                is-aepithalamus development +
                                is-aextraembryonic membrane development +
                                is-aeyelid development in camera-type eye
                                is-aface development +
                                is-afloor plate development +
                                is-afloral whorl development +
                                is-aforebrain development +
                                is-aforebrain-midbrain boundary formation
                                is-afourth ventricle development
                                is-afruit replum development
                                is-afruit valve development
                                is-afungiform papilla development +
                                is-agerm-line cyst encapsulation +
                                is-aglomerular basement membrane development +
                                is-aglomerulus development +
                                is-aglomus development
                                is-ahabenula development
                                is-ahair follicle development +
                                is-ahard palate development
                                is-ahead development +
                                is-aheart valve development +
                                is-ahindbrain development +
                                is-ahippocampus development +
                                is-ahypothalamus development +
                                is-ainferior colliculus development
                                is-ainner ear development +
                                is-ainner stripe development
                                is-aintermediate reticular formation development
                                is-ajuxtaglomerular apparatus development +
                                is-aKupffer's vesicle development
                                is-alabrum development +
                                is-alateral ventricle development
                                is-aleft horn of sinus venosus development
                                is-alens development in camera-type eye +
                                is-alung alveolus development +
                                is-alung lobe development +
                                is-alung saccule development +
                                is-alymph vessel development +
                                is-amammary gland alveolus development +
                                is-amammary gland lobule development +
                                is-amammillary axonal complex development +
                                is-amammillary body development +
                                is-amammillotectal axonal tract development
                                is-amammillotegmental axonal tract development
                                is-amammillothalamic axonal tract development
                                is-amaternal placenta development +
                                is-amedulla oblongata development +
                                is-amedullary reticular formation development +
                                is-amesendoderm development +
                                is-ametencephalon development +
                                is-amidbrain development +
                                is-amidbrain-hindbrain boundary development +
                                is-amulticellular organism development +
                                is-amuscle structure development +
                                is-amushroom body development
                                is-amyotome development +
                                is-anail development +
                                is-anectary development
                                is-anephron development +
                                is-anephrostome development
                                is-anerve development +
                                is-aneural nucleus development +
                                is-aneural retina development +
                                is-anipple development +
                                is-anotum development +
                                is-aolfactory bulb development +
                                is-aolfactory bulb mitral cell layer development
                                is-aolfactory cortex development
                                is-aolfactory lobe development +
                                is-aolfactory pit development
                                is-aoptic chiasma development
                                is-aoptic lobe placode development
                                is-aorbitofrontal cortex development +
                                is-aotolith development +
                                is-aouter stripe development
                                is-apalate development +
                                is-apalisade mesophyll development
                                is-apallium development +
                                is-aparahippocampal gyrus development
                                is-aparietal peritoneum development
                                is-apharynx development +
                                is-aplant organ development +
                                is-aplant septum development +
                                is-apollen tube development +
                                is-apons development +
                                is-aposterior cibarial plate development +
                                is-aposterior midgut development
                                is-aprogression of morphogenetic furrow involved in compound eye morphogenesis
                                is-apronephric sinus development
                                is-apyramid development +
                                is-arectal diverticulum development
                                is-aregeneration +
                                is-arenal cortex development +
                                is-arenal inner medulla development
                                is-arenal outer medulla development +
                                is-areproductive structure development +
                                is-aretina development in camera-type eye +
                                is-arhombomere development +
                                is-aright horn of sinus venosus development
                                is-aroot cap development
                                is-asclerotium development +
                                is-aseed coat development +
                                is-aserous membrane development +
                                is-asocially cooperative development +
                                is-asoft palate development
                                is-astamen filament development
                                is-astigma development
                                is-astipule development
                                is-astomium development
                                is-astriatum development +
                                is-astyle development
                                is-asubarachnoid space development
                                is-asubpallium development +
                                is-asubstantia propria of cornea development
                                is-asubstrate mycelium formation
                                is-asubthalamus development +
                                is-asuperior colliculus development
                                is-asuperior reticular formation development
                                is-asuperior temporal gyrus development
                                is-asuspensor development
                                is-asystem development +
                                is-atelencephalon development +
                                is-athalamus development +
                                is-athird ventricle development
                                is-atissue development [GO:0009888] (1781 genes, 4638 annotations)
                                        is-abiomineral tissue development +
                                        is-abone marrow development
                                        is-acardiac jelly development
                                        is-aconnective tissue development +
                                        is-adigestive tract mesoderm development
                                        is-aectoderm development +
                                        is-aendoderm development +
                                        is-aendosperm development +
                                        is-aepidermis development +
                                        is-aepithelium development +
                                        is-aganglion development +
                                        is-ahypoblast development
                                        is-ahypochord development
                                        is-aintegument development
                                        is-alateral line development +
                                        is-ameristem development +
                                        is-amesectoderm development
                                        is-amesenchyme development +
                                        is-amesoderm development +
                                        is-amucosal-associated lymphoid tissue development +
                                        is-amuscle tissue development +
                                        is-aphloem or xylem histogenesis +
                                        is-aplant epidermis development +
                                        is-aspongiotrophoblast layer development +
                                        is-astele development
                                        part-oftissue morphogenesis +
                                        is-atissue regeneration +
                                        is-atrabecular meshwork development
                                is-atooth eruption
                                is-atrachea submucosa development +
                                is-atube development +
                                is-aumbilical cord development +
                                is-avascular cord development
                                is-aventral midline development +
                                is-aventral spinal cord development +
                                is-aventral tegmental area development
                                is-avisceral peritoneum development
                                is-avisceral serous pericardium development

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