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GO term:NADH dehydrogenase activity
Synonym: beta-NADH dehydrogenase dinucleotide activity
Synonym: cytochrome c reductase activity
Synonym: diaphorase activity
Synonym: dihydrocodehydrogenase I dehydrogenase activity
Synonym: dihydronicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase activity
Synonym: diphosphopyridine diaphorase activity
Synonym: diphosphopyrinase activity
Synonym: DPNH diaphorase activity
Synonym: NADH2 dehydrogenase activity
Synonym: NADH:(acceptor) oxidoreductase activity
Synonym: NADH:acceptor oxidoreductase activity
Synonym: NADH:cytochrome c oxidoreductase activity
Synonym: NADH diaphorase activity
Synonym: NADH hydrogenase activity
Synonym: NADH-menadione oxidoreductase activity
Synonym: NADH oxidoreductase activity
Synonym: reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide diaphorase activity
Synonym: type 1 dehydrogenase activity
Synonym: type I dehydrogenase activity
GO id:GO:0003954
Definition:Catalysis of the reaction: NADH + H+ + acceptor = NAD+ + reduced acceptor.
Number of paths to term: 1

is-adenotes an 'is-a' relationship
part-ofdenotes a 'part-of' relationship
regulatesdenotes a 'regulates' relationship
positively-regulatesdenotes a 'positively-regulates' relationship
negatively-regulatesdenotes a 'negatively-regulates' relationship

                is-acatalytic activity
                        is-aoxidoreductase activity
                                is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H
                                        is-a3'-Phosphoadenylylselenate reductase activity
                                        is-aepoxide carboxylase activity
                                        is-aferulate 5-hydroxylase activity
                                        is-amethylseleninic acid reductase activity
                                        is-amethylselenol reductase activity
                                        is-aNADH dehydrogenase activity [GO:0003954] (27 genes, 42 annotations)
                                                is-aNADH dehydrogenase (quinone) activity +
                                        is-aNADPH dehydrogenase activity
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on a sulfur group of donors, NAD(P) as acceptor +
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, heme protein as acceptor +
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, NAD(P) as acceptor +
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, nitrogenous group as acceptor +
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, oxygen as acceptor +
                                        is-aoxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, quinone or similar compound as acceptor +
                                        is-areduced coenzyme F420:NADP+ oxidoreductase activity
                                        is-aselenite reductase activity

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