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follicle stimulating hormone receptor
155 phenotypes from 8 alleles in 7 genetic backgrounds
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Allelic Composition
Genetic Background
Annotated Term Reference
absent startle reflex J:211773
decreased bone mineral content J:211773
increased leukocyte cell number J:211773
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd
ovary hemorrhage J:160015
involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd
ovary hemorrhage J:160015
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
abnormal ovarian secretion J:61909
abnormal ovary morphology J:61909
abnormal testes secretion J:61909
absent corpus luteum J:61909
absent estrous cycle J:61909
absent mature ovarian follicles J:61909
decreased ovary weight J:61909
decreased testis weight J:61909
decreased uterus weight J:61909
female infertility J:61909
impaired ovarian folliculogenesis J:61909
increased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:61909
increased circulating luteinizing hormone level J:61909
increased follicle stimulating hormone level J:61909
small ovary J:61909
small seminiferous tubules J:61909
uterus atrophy J:61909
vagina atresia J:61909
involves: 129
abnormal estrous cycle J:140008
abnormal estrus J:65577
abnormal female germ cell morphology J:140008
abnormal granulosa cell morphology J:140008
abnormal ovarian follicle number J:140008
abnormal ovarian folliculogenesis J:140008
abnormal ovary physiology J:140008
absent corpus luteum J:140008
absent estrous cycle J:140008
absent oocytes J:140008
decreased circulating progesterone level J:65577
decreased litter size J:65577, J:140008
decreased primary ovarian follicle number J:140008
delayed female fertility J:65577
early reproductive senescence J:65577, J:140008
early vaginal opening J:140008
female infertility J:65577
hunched posture J:65577
increased apoptosis J:140008
increased body weight J:65577, J:140008
increased circulating testosterone level J:65577
increased follicle recruitment J:140008
increased ovary tumor incidence J:140008
kyphosis J:65577
long gestation period J:140008
neonatal lethality, complete penetrance J:140008
obese J:65577, J:140008
oocyte degeneration J:140008
ovary cysts J:70933, J:140008
polyovular ovarian follicle J:140008
postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance J:140008
premature aging J:65577
prolonged diestrus J:65577
prolonged estrous cycle J:65577, J:140008
reduced female fertility J:140008
involves: 129T2/SvEmsJ
abnormal dentate gyrus morphology J:89713
abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity J:89713
abnormal ovary morphology J:89713
abnormal thrombosis J:81460
abnormal uterine environment J:81460
abnormal uterus morphology J:81460
absent corpus luteum J:89713
absent estrous cycle J:81460
absent ovarian follicles J:89713
astrocytosis J:89713
decreased circulating estradiol level J:81460, J:89713
decreased circulating progesterone level J:81460
decreased litter size J:81460
early reproductive senescence J:81460, J:89713
enlarged endometrial glands J:81460
enlarged uterus J:81460
hippocampal neuron degeneration J:89713
increased anxiety-related response J:89713
increased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:81460
increased circulating luteinizing hormone level J:81460
increased circulating testosterone level J:81460, J:89713
increased thigmotaxis J:89713
increased uterus tumor incidence J:81460
increased uterus weight J:81460
neurodegeneration J:89713
ovary atrophy J:89713
ovary cysts J:81460, J:89713
premature aging J:89713
reduced female fertility J:81460
uterine hemorrhage J:81460
uterus adenomyosis J:81460
uterus cysts J:81460
involves: C57BL/6
abnormal male germ cell morphology J:61957
abnormal sperm physiology J:61957
abnormal spermiogenesis J:61957
decreased circulating testosterone level J:50933
decreased litter size J:50933
increased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:50933
reduced female fertility J:50933
reduced male fertility J:50933
small ovary J:50933
small uterus J:50933
involves: 129
abnormal abdominal fat pad morphology J:65577
abnormal corpus epididymis morphology J:137005
abnormal endometrial gland morphology J:65577
abnormal epididymis epithelium morphology J:137005
abnormal estrous cycle J:65577
abnormal ovary morphology J:65577, J:70933
abnormal sperm axoneme morphology J:137005
abnormal sperm head morphology J:137005
abnormal sperm nucleus morphology J:137005
abnormal spermatid morphology J:70680
abnormal spermatogonia proliferation J:70680
abnormal spermiogenesis J:70680
abnormal testis development J:70680
abnormal thoracic vertebrae morphology J:65577
abnormal uterus morphology J:65577
abnormal vagina epithelium morphology J:65577
abnormal vagina orifice morphology J:65577
absent corpus luteum J:65577, J:70933
absent estrous cycle J:65577, J:70933
absent mature ovarian follicles J:65577
anemia J:70933
anovulation J:70933
asthenozoospermia J:137005
cachexia J:70933
calcinosis J:70933
decreased bone mineral density J:65577
decreased circulating estradiol level J:65577, J:70933
decreased circulating progesterone level J:65577
decreased circulating testosterone level J:70680
decreased epididymis weight J:70680
decreased femur weight J:65577
decreased litter size J:70680
decreased ovary weight J:65577
decreased testis weight J:70680
decreased uterus weight J:65577
decreased vagina weight J:65577
delayed male fertility J:70680
delayed sexual maturation J:70680
detached acrosome J:137005
enlarged clitoris J:65577
enlarged spleen J:70933
female infertility J:70933
hunched posture J:65577
impaired ovarian folliculogenesis J:70933
increased body weight J:65577
increased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:70933
increased circulating luteinizing hormone level J:70933
increased circulating testosterone level J:65577, J:70933
increased follicle stimulating hormone level J:70933
increased luteinizing hormone level J:70933
increased ovarian carcinoma incidence J:70933
increased pre-B cell number J:65577
increased total fat pad weight J:65577
kyphosis J:65577
myometrium hypoplasia J:65577
obese J:65577, J:70933
oligozoospermia J:137005
ovary cysts J:70933
pallor J:70933
reduced male fertility J:70680
Sertoli cell hypoplasia J:70680
small caput epididymis J:137005
small ovary J:70933
small seminiferous tubules J:70680
teratozoospermia J:137005
thin uterus J:65577
uterus atrophy J:65577
vagina atrophy J:65577
weight loss J:70933
involves: C57BL/6
abnormal caput epididymis morphology J:61957
abnormal epididymis morphology J:61957
abnormal ovarian folliculogenesis J:50933
abnormal seminiferous tubule epithelium morphology J:50933, J:61957
abnormal seminiferous tubule morphology J:50933
abnormal sperm flagellum morphology J:50933, J:61957
abnormal sperm physiology J:61957
abnormal spermatid morphology J:61957
abnormal spermatogenesis J:50933, J:61957
abnormal spermatogonia morphology J:61957
abnormal spermiogenesis J:61957
abnormal testis size J:50933
absent corpus luteum J:50933
absent mature ovarian follicles J:50933
adenohypophysis hyperplasia J:50933
anovulation J:50933
asthenozoospermia J:50933, J:61957
decreased circulating testosterone level J:50933, J:61957
decreased epididymis weight J:61957
decreased seminal vesicle weight J:61957
decreased testis weight J:61957
enlarged sperm head J:61957
female infertility J:50933
impaired ovarian folliculogenesis J:50933
increased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:50933
increased gonadotroph cell number J:50933
increased thyrotroph cell number J:50933
kinked sperm flagellum J:61957
oligozoospermia J:50933
reduced male fertility J:50933, J:61957
small epididymis J:61957
small ovary J:50933
small seminal vesicle J:50933, J:61957
small seminiferous tubules J:50933, J:61957
small testis J:50933
small uterus J:50933
thin uterus J:50933
involves: FVB/N
increased ovarian teratoma incidence J:160015
ovary hemorrhage J:160015
involves: FVB/N
decreased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level J:160015
decreased circulating luteinizing hormone level J:160015
increased circulating estradiol level J:160015
increased circulating prolactin level J:160015
involves: FVB/N
abnormal adrenal gland morphology J:160015
abnormal estrous cycle J:160015
abnormal fertility/fecundity J:160015
abnormal granulosa cell morphology J:160015
abnormal mammary gland morphology J:160015
abnormal ovarian follicle number J:160015
abnormal ovary morphology J:160015
abnormal ovulation J:160015
abnormal proestrus J:160015
absent estrous cycle J:160015
absent estrus J:160015
decreased luteinizing hormone level J:160015
female infertility J:160015
increased cell proliferation J:160015
increased litter size J:160015
increased ovarian carcinoma incidence J:160015
increased ovarian teratoma incidence J:160015
increased pituitary gland weight J:160015
increased prolactin level J:160015
increased prolactinoma incidence J:160015
ovary hemorrhage J:160015
pituitary gland hyperplasia J:160015
reduced female fertility J:160015
involves: FVB/N
increased ovarian teratoma incidence J:160015
ovary hemorrhage J:160015

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