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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10352 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075498 assembly
ENSMUSG00000069038 assembly
Gm10256 assembly
H2al2b assembly
Gm11183 assembly
ENSMUSG00000079974 assembly
Gm21717 assembly
Gm21719 assembly
Gm21720 assembly
Gm21721 assembly
Gm21722 assembly
Gm21723 assembly
Gm21724 assembly
Gm21725 assembly
Gm21728 assembly
Gm21729 assembly
Gm21732 assembly
Gm21733 assembly
Gm21734 assembly
Gm21735 assembly
Gm21736 assembly
Gm21737 assembly
Gm21739 assembly
Gm21740 assembly
Gm21741 assembly
Gm21742 assembly
Gm21744 assembly
Gm21745 assembly
Gm21746 assembly
Gm21748 assembly
Gm21749 assembly
Gm21751 assembly
Gm21752 assembly
Gm21753 assembly
Gm21755 assembly
Gm21756 assembly
Gm21757 assembly
Gm21758 assembly
Gm21760 assembly
Gm21763 assembly
Gm21764 assembly
Gm21765 assembly
Gm21766 assembly
Gm21767 assembly
Gm21768 assembly
Gm21771 assembly
Gm21773 assembly
Gm21774 assembly
Gm21775 assembly
Gm21776 assembly
Gm21777 assembly
Gm21778 assembly
Gm21779 assembly
Gm21780 assembly
Gm21782 assembly
Gm21783 assembly
Gm21784 assembly
Gm21785 assembly
Gm21787 assembly
Gm21788 assembly
Gm21790 assembly
Gm21791 assembly
Gm21792 assembly
Gm21794 assembly
Gm21795 assembly
Gm21796 assembly
Gm21797 assembly
Gm21799 assembly
Gm21800 assembly
Gm21801 assembly
Gm21802 assembly
Gm21803 assembly
Gm21804 assembly
Gm21805 assembly
Gm21806 assembly
Gm21808 assembly
Gm21809 assembly
Gm21810 assembly
Gm21812 assembly
Gm21813 assembly
Gm21815 assembly
Gm21819 assembly
Gm21820 assembly
Gm21821 assembly
Gm21822 assembly
Gm21823 assembly
Gm21824 assembly
Gm21825 assembly
Gm21826 assembly
Gm21828 assembly
Gm21829 assembly
Gm21832 assembly
Gm21835 assembly
Gm21837 assembly
Gm21838 assembly
Gm21840 assembly
Gm21841 assembly
Gm21842 assembly
Gm21843 assembly
Gm21845 assembly
Gm21848 assembly
Gm21849 assembly
Gm21851 assembly
Gm21852 assembly
Gm21853 assembly
Gm21854 assembly
Gm21855 assembly
Gm21856 assembly
Mid1-ps1 assembly
Gm21858 assembly
Gm21860 assembly
Gm21861 assembly
Gm21862 assembly
Gm21864 assembly
Gm21865 assembly
Gm21866 assembly
Gm21867 assembly
Gm21868 assembly
Gm21869 assembly
Gm21871 assembly
Gm21872 assembly
Gm21873 assembly
Gm21874 assembly
Gm21875 assembly
Gm21877 assembly
Gm21878 assembly
Gm21879 assembly
Gm21880 assembly
Gm21881 assembly
Gm21882 assembly
Gm21889 assembly
Gm21890 assembly
Gm21891 assembly
Gm21892 assembly
Gm21894 assembly
Gm21895 assembly
Gm21896 assembly
Gm21898 assembly
Gm21899 assembly
Gm21900 assembly
Gm21901 assembly
Gm21902 assembly
Gm21904 assembly
Gm21906 assembly
Gm21907 assembly
Gm21908 assembly
Gm21910 assembly
Gm21912 assembly
Gm21913 assembly
Gm21914 assembly
Gm21916 assembly
Gm21918 assembly
Gm21919 assembly
Gm21920 assembly
Gm21921 assembly
Gm21922 assembly
Gm21923 assembly
Gm21924 assembly
Gm22119 assembly
Gm22624 assembly
Gm22832 assembly
Gm23052 assembly
Gm23770 assembly
Gm23863 assembly
Gm24828 assembly
Gm25359 assembly
Gm25565 assembly
Gm25729 assembly
Gm27466 assembly
Gm27663 assembly
Gm27701 assembly
Gm28018 assembly
Gm36928 assembly
Gm36929 assembly
Gm36941 assembly
Gm36950 assembly
Gm36968 assembly
Gm36978 assembly
Gm36987 assembly
Gm36998 assembly
Gm37032 assembly
Gm37044 assembly
Gm37059 assembly
Gm37071 assembly
Gm37075 assembly
Gm37112 assembly
Gm37129 assembly
Gm37130 assembly
Gm37147 assembly
Gm37157 assembly
Gm37158 assembly
Gm37172 assembly
Gm37222 assembly
Gm37231 assembly
Gm37236 assembly
Gm37237 assembly
Gm37252 assembly
Gm37263 assembly
Gm37286 assembly
Gm37287 assembly
Gm37318 assembly
Gm37325 assembly
Gm37344 assembly
Gm37346 assembly
Gm37369 assembly
Gm37378 assembly
Gm37395 assembly
Gm37433 assembly
Gm37434 assembly
Gm37440 assembly
Gm37441 assembly
Gm37442 assembly
Gm37448 assembly
Gm37451 assembly
Gm37454 assembly
Gm37462 assembly
Gm37467 assembly
Gm37473 assembly
Gm37476 assembly
Gm37538 assembly
Gm37544 assembly
Gm37547 assembly
Gm37561 assembly
Gm37572 assembly
Gm37574 assembly
Gm37577 assembly
Gm37627 assembly
Gm37635 assembly
Gm37654 assembly
Gm37656 assembly
Gm37657 assembly
Gm37658 assembly
Gm37687 assembly
Gm37690 assembly
Gm37721 assembly
Gm37723 assembly
Gm37734 assembly
Gm37739 assembly
Gm37740 assembly
Gm37765 assembly
Gm37793 assembly
Gm37798 assembly
Gm37808 assembly
Gm37840 assembly
Gm37865 assembly
Gm37870 assembly
Gm37875 assembly
Gm37898 assembly
Gm37921 assembly
Gm37927 assembly
Gm37937 assembly
Gm37948 assembly
Gm37951 assembly
Gm37952 assembly
Gm37990 assembly
Gm37991 assembly
Gm37998 assembly
Gm38003 assembly
Gm38013 assembly
Gm38016 assembly
Gm38017 assembly
Gm38028 assembly
Gm38035 assembly
Gm38054 assembly
Gm38072 assembly
Gm38084 assembly
Gm38094 assembly
Gm38107 assembly
Gm38121 assembly
Gm38127 assembly
Gm38136 assembly
Gm38138 assembly
Gm38145 assembly
Gm38149 assembly
Gm38159 assembly
Gm38168 assembly
Gm38174 assembly
Gm38181 assembly
Gm38183 assembly
Gm38185 assembly
Gm38209 assembly
Gm38229 assembly
Gm38290 assembly
Gm38296 assembly
Gm38350 assembly
Gm38361 assembly
Gm38363 assembly
Gm38369 assembly
Gm38370 assembly
Gm38371 assembly
Gm47281 assembly
Gm47283 assembly
Gm50460 assembly
Gm54339 assembly
Gm54340 assembly
Gm54341 assembly
Gm54342 assembly
Gm54343 assembly
Gm54344 assembly
Gm54345 assembly
Gm54346 assembly
Gm54347 assembly
Gm54348 assembly
Gm54349 assembly
Gm54350 assembly
Gm54351 assembly
Gm54352 assembly

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