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HomoloGene Vertebrate Homology
Class ID
HomoloGene (Release 68, May 6, 2014)

Comparative GO Graph (mouse, human, rat)  
MGI HomoloGene Information
Species Symbol Gene Links Genetic Location Genome Coordinates
(mouse and human only)
Associated Human Diseases Sequences
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human HIST1H2BJ HGNC:4761 (HGNC)
8970 (Entrez Gene)
615044 (OMIM)
HIST1H2BJ (MyGene.info)
HGNC homology
Chr6 p22.1 Chr6:27132316-27132796 (-)
P06899 (UniProt | EBI)
NM_021058 (RefSeq)
mouse Hist2h2be MGI:2448415 (MGI)
319190 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr3 41.67 cM Chr3:96221119-96223738 (+)
ENSMUSG00000068854 (Ensembl Gene Model)
ENSMUSP00000088287 (Ensembl)
ENSMUST00000090781 (Ensembl)
rat Hist2h2be 295274 (Entrez Gene)
Chr2 q34 XP_227459 (RefSeq)
chimpanzee LOC462500 462500 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_024212846 (RefSeq)
cattle HIST1H2BJ 522960 (Entrez Gene)
Chr23 XP_024839709 (RefSeq)
dog LOC488288 488288 (Entrez Gene)
Chr35 XP_005640170 (RefSeq)
frog, western clawed hist1h2bj 550005 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN NP_001017251 (RefSeq)
NM_001017251 (RefSeq)
hist1h2bk 448733 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 NP_001006891 (RefSeq)
NM_001006890 (RefSeq)
hist1h2bm 100135279 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_012824378 (RefSeq)
hist2h2be 100497242 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_012817503 (RefSeq)
LOC100485134 100485134 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_017950605 (RefSeq)
LOC100485294 100485294 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_002941400 (RefSeq)
LOC100486150 100486150 (Entrez Gene)
Chr2 XP_002940832 (RefSeq)
LOC100486870 100486870 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_017945020 (RefSeq)
LOC100487281 100487281 (Entrez Gene)
LOC100487485 100487485 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_002943394 (RefSeq)
LOC100492632 100492632 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_004919110 (RefSeq)
LOC100495041 100495041 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_017952902 (RefSeq)
LOC100495396 100495396 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_002943313 (RefSeq)
LOC100495415 100495415 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_002933938 (RefSeq)
LOC100495578 100495578 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_002933939 (RefSeq)
LOC100496181 100496181 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_002940879 (RefSeq)
LOC100496436 100496436 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_002940881 (RefSeq)
LOC100496445 100496445 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_004919472 (RefSeq)
LOC100497082 100497082 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_004919476 (RefSeq)
LOC100497915 100497915 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_002941393 (RefSeq)
LOC100498072 100498072 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_002941394 (RefSeq)
LOC100498329 100498329 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_002941396 (RefSeq)
LOC100498553 100498553 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_002942903 (RefSeq)
LOC100498647 100498647 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 XP_017950604 (RefSeq)
LOC101730940 101730940 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_004919326 (RefSeq)
LOC101731067 101731067 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_004919328 (RefSeq)
LOC101731234 101731234 (Entrez Gene)
LOC101731748 101731748 (Entrez Gene)
LOC101731852 101731852 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_004919469 (RefSeq)
LOC101731959 101731959 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_004913866 (RefSeq)
LOC101733171 101733171 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 NP_001297031 (RefSeq)
NM_001310102 (RefSeq)
LOC101733489 101733489 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_004917045 (RefSeq)
LOC101733828 101733828 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_004917048 (RefSeq)
LOC101734494 101734494 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_004917058 (RefSeq)
LOC101734862 101734862 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_004915671 (RefSeq)
LOC101735164 101735164 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_004915676 (RefSeq)
LOC101735218 101735218 (Entrez Gene)
Chr9 XP_004913904 (RefSeq)
macaque, rhesus HIST1H2BJ 701337 (Entrez Gene)
Chr4 NP_001180878 (RefSeq)
NM_001193949 (RefSeq)
MGI HomoloGene Information

MGI loads vertebrate homology data from NCBI HomoloGene, which programmatically detects homologs among the genome features of completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes (see: HomoloGene Build Procedure).

MGI includes homology for the following selected vertebrate species from HomoloGene:
 - human
 - mouse
 - rat
 - cattle
 - chicken
 - chimpanzee
 - dog
 - monkey, Rhesus
 - western clawed frog (Xenopus tropicalis)
 - zebrafish

These are a subset of the total species represented in HomoloGene Classes at NCBI.
Additional species may be present in an NCBI HomoloGene Class than appear in MGI.

Contributing Projects:
Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB), Gene Ontology (GO), MouseCyc
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