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HomoloGene Vertebrate Homology
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HomoloGene (Release 68, May 6, 2014)

Comparative GO Graph (mouse, human, rat)  
MGI HomoloGene Information
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(mouse and human only)
Associated Human Diseases Sequences
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human HLA-A HGNC:4931 (HGNC)
3105 (Entrez Gene)
142800 (OMIM)
HGNC homology
Chr6 p21.3 Chr6:29942470-29945884 (+)
Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reaction, Susceptibility to
P30512 (UniProt | EBI)
NM_001242758 (RefSeq)
mouse Gm8909 MGI:3704134 (MGI)
667977 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.97 cM Chr17:36164443-36168537 (-)
OTTMUSG00000037026 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053121 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095222 (VEGA)
Gm10499 MGI:3702919 (MGI)
69717 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.95 cM Chr17:36141758-36145923 (-)
OTTMUSG00000037348 (VEGA)
XP_006544859 (RefSeq)
OTTMUST00000096360 (VEGA)
H2-Bl MGI:892004 (MGI)
14963 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.89 cM Chr17:36080115-36084223 (-)
OTTMUSG00000037291 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053727 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000096210 (VEGA)
H2-D1 MGI:95896 (MGI)
14964 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.61 cM Chr17:35262730-35267499 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037094 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053284 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095494 (VEGA)
H2-K1 MGI:95904 (MGI)
14972 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 17.98 cM Chr17:33996017-34000333 (-)
OTTMUSG00000037104 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053302 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095521 (VEGA)
H2-Q1 MGI:95928 (MGI)
15006 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.63 cM Chr17:35320405-35325099 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037097 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053287 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095502 (VEGA)
H2-Q2 MGI:95931 (MGI)
15013 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.64 cM Chr17:35342242-35346762 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037101 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053292 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095510 (VEGA)
H2-Q4 MGI:95933 (MGI)
15015 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.65 cM Chr17:35379617-35385290 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037138 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053359 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095617 (VEGA)
H2-Q6 MGI:95935 (MGI)
110557 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.66 cM Chr17:35424850-35430055 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037190 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053519 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095868 (VEGA)
H2-Q7 MGI:95936 (MGI)
15018 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.67 cM Chr17:35439155-35443769 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037191 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053520 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000095869 (VEGA)
H2-Q10 MGI:95929 (MGI)
15007 (Entrez Gene)
Gene Tree
Chr17 18.68 cM Chr17:35470089-35474563 (+)
OTTMUSG00000037234 (VEGA)
OTTMUSP00000053596 (VEGA)
OTTMUST00000096007 (VEGA)
rat LOC100364500 100364500 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 XP_002727425 (RefSeq)
RT1-A1 24973 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008827 (RefSeq)
NM_001008827 (RefSeq)
RT1-A2 24974 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008829 (RefSeq)
NM_001008829 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE1 309603 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008832 (RefSeq)
NM_001008832 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE2 414779 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008840 (RefSeq)
NM_001008840 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE3 414793 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008841 (RefSeq)
NM_001008841 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE4 414783 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008842 (RefSeq)
NM_001008842 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE5 309607 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008843 (RefSeq)
NM_001008843 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE7 368153 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008845 (RefSeq)
NM_001008845 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE10 414792 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008833 (RefSeq)
NM_001008833 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE13 414790 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 p12 NP_001008836 (RefSeq)
NM_001008836 (RefSeq)
RT1-CE16 414819 (Entrez Gene)
Chr20 NP_001008839 (RefSeq)
NM_001008839 (RefSeq)
chimpanzee PATR-A 450151 (Entrez Gene)
Chr6 P13749 (UniProt | EBI)
NM_001009058 (RefSeq)
rhesus macaque MAMU-A3 699243 (Entrez Gene)
Chr4 NP_001165309 (RefSeq)
NM_001171838 (RefSeq)
chicken BF1 693260 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 NP_001038148 (RefSeq)
NM_001044683 (RefSeq)
BF2 425389 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 P15979 (UniProt | EBI)
NM_001031338 (RefSeq)
LOC417057 417057 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157556 (RefSeq)
LOC417058 417058 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157552 (RefSeq)
LOC417080 417080 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_003643749 (RefSeq)
LOC417083 417083 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157568 (RefSeq)
LOC430600 430600 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157597 (RefSeq)
LOC768350 768350 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 NP_001171648 (RefSeq)
NM_001184719 (RefSeq)
LOC769716 769716 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_001233005 (RefSeq)
LOC100857553 100857553 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157561 (RefSeq)
LOC100858581 100858581 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015150521 (RefSeq)
LOC100858733 100858733 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_003643847 (RefSeq)
LOC100858943 100858943 (Entrez Gene)
LOC100859012 100859012 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_003643257 (RefSeq)
LOC100859100 100859100 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015150554 (RefSeq)
LOC100859282 100859282 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_003642295 (RefSeq)
LOC100859374 100859374 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157569 (RefSeq)
LOC100859408 100859408 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157636 (RefSeq)
LOC100859807 100859807 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015150557 (RefSeq)
LOC100859881 100859881 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157572 (RefSeq)
LOC101752075 101752075 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN XP_004950216 (RefSeq)
MICA 417067 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015157573 (RefSeq)
YF5 427746 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 NP_001025846 (RefSeq)
NM_001030675 (RefSeq)
YF6 427737 (Entrez Gene)
Chr16 XP_015150529 (RefSeq)
zebrafish LOC556263 556263 (Entrez Gene)
LOC563036 563036 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 XP_001919291 (RefSeq)
mhc1zba 791453 (Entrez Gene)
Chr1 NP_001103588 (RefSeq)
NM_001110118 (RefSeq)
mhc1zja 571647 (Entrez Gene)
Chr3 NP_001103188 (RefSeq)
NM_001109718 (RefSeq)
mhc1zka 100536229 (Entrez Gene)
ChrUN NP_001289174 (RefSeq)
NM_001302245 (RefSeq)
si:ch211-287j19.6 565708 (Entrez Gene)
Chr1 NP_001039028 (RefSeq)
NM_001045563 (RefSeq)
zgc:136614 556341 (Entrez Gene)
Chr1 NP_001077014 (RefSeq)
NM_001083545 (RefSeq)
MGI HomoloGene Information

MGI loads vertebrate homology data from NCBI HomoloGene, which programmatically detects homologs among the genome features of completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes (see: HomoloGene Build Procedure).

MGI includes homology for the following selected vertebrate species from HomoloGene:
 - human
 - mouse
 - rat
 - cattle
 - chicken
 - chimpanzee
 - dog
 - monkey, Rhesus
 - western clawed frog (Xenopus tropicalis)
 - zebrafish

These are a subset of the total species represented in HomoloGene Classes at NCBI.
Additional species may be present in an NCBI HomoloGene Class than appear in MGI.

Contributing Projects:
Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB), Gene Ontology (GO), MouseCyc
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