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gap junction protein, beta 1

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Immunohistochemistry (section) 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 4 8
In situ RNA (section) 1 2 1 1 2
In situ RNA (whole mount) 1 1
Northern blot 1 1 1 2
Western blot 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4
RT-PCR 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 6
cDNA clones 1 1
Nuclease S1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2

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Gjb1  gap junction protein, beta 1   (Synonyms: connexin 32, connexin-32, Cx32, Gjb-1)
Results  Reference
1J:145949 Baloh RH, Strickland A, Ryu E, Le N, Fahrner T, Yang M, Nagarajan R, Milbrandt J, Congenital hypomyelinating neuropathy with lethal conduction failure in mice carrying the Egr2 I268N mutation. J Neurosci. 2009 Feb 25;29(8):2312-21
2J:146087 Bonal C, Thorel F, Ait-Lounis A, Reith W, Trumpp A, Herrera PL, Pancreatic inactivation of c-Myc decreases acinar mass and transdifferentiates acinar cells into adipocytes in mice. Gastroenterology. 2009 Jan;136(1):309-319.e9
4J:89303 Buniello A, Montanaro D, Volinia S, Gasparini P, Marigo V, An expression atlas of connexin genes in the mouse. Genomics. 2004 May;83(5):812-20
1J:53372 Charollais A, Serre V, Mock C, Cogne F, Bosco D, Meda P, Loss of alpha 1 connexin does not alter the prenatal differentiation of pancreatic beta cells and leads to the identification of another islet cell connexin. Dev Genet. 1999;24(1-2):13-26
3J:135624 Cina C, Bechberger JF, Ozog MA, Naus CC, Expression of connexins in embryonic mouse neocortical development. J Comp Neurol. 2007 Sep 20;504(3):298-313
1J:100352 Clotman F, Jacquemin P, Plumb-Rudewiez N, Pierreux CE, Van der Smissen P, Dietz HC, Courtoy PJ, Rousseau GG, Lemaigre FP, Control of liver cell fate decision by a gradient of TGFbeta signaling modulated by Onecut transcription factors. Genes Dev. 2005 Aug 15;19(16):1849-54
1J:31171 Dahl E, Winterhager E, Reuss B, Traub O, Butterweck A, Willecke K, Expression of the gap junction proteins connexin31 and connexin43 correlates with communication compartments in extraembryonic tissues and in the gastrulating mouse embryo, respectively. J Cell Sci. 1996 Jan;109(Pt 1):191-7
2*J:32852 Davies TC, Barr KJ, Jones DH, Zhu D, Kidder GM, Multiple members of the connexin gene family participate in preimplantation development of the mouse. Dev Genet. 1996;18(3):234-43
3J:188626 Dicke N, Pielensticker N, Degen J, Hecker J, Tress O, Bald T, Gellhaus A, Winterhager E, Willecke K, Peripheral lymphangiogenesis in mice depends on ectodermal connexin-26 (Gjb2). J Cell Sci. 2011 Aug 15;124(Pt 16):2806-15
1*J:153498 Diez-Roux G, Banfi S, Sultan M, Geffers L, Anand S, Rozado D, Magen A, Canidio E, Pagani M, Peluso I, Lin-Marq N, Koch M, Bilio M, Cantiello I, Verde R, De Masi C, Bianchi SA, Cicchini J, Perroud E, Mehmeti S, Dagand E, Schrinner S, Nurnberger A, SchmidtK, Metz K, Zwingmann C, Brieske N, Springer C, Hernandez AM, Herzog S, Grabbe F, Sieverding C, Fischer B, Schrader K, Brockmeyer M, Dettmer S, Helbig C, Alunni V, Battaini MA, Mura C, Henrichsen CN, Garcia-Lopez R, Echevarria D, Puelles E, et al., A high-resolution anatomical atlas of the transcriptome in the mouse embryo. PLoS Biol. 2011;9(1):e1000582
2J:239144 Direnzo D, Hess DA, Damsz B, Hallett JE, Marshall B, Goswami C, Liu Y, Deering T, Macdonald RJ, Konieczny SF, Induced Mist1 expression promotes remodeling of mouse pancreatic acinar cells. Gastroenterology. 2012 Aug;143(2):469-80
1J:181550 Frob F, Bremer M, Finzsch M, Kichko T, Reeh P, Tamm ER, Charnay P, Wegner M, Establishment of myelinating schwann cells and barrier integrity between central and peripheral nervous systems depend on Sox10. Glia. 2012 May;60(5):806-19
1J:46665 Gabriel HD, Jung D, Butzler C, Temme A, Traub O, Winterhager E , Willecke K, Transplacental uptake of glucose is decreased in embryonic lethal connexin26-deficient mice. J Cell Biol. 1998 Mar 23;140(6):1453-61
1*J:90459 Johnson CL, Kowalik AS, Rajakumar N, Pin CL, Mist1 is necessary for the establishment of granule organization in serous exocrine cells of the gastrointestinal tract. Mech Dev. 2004 Mar;121(3):261-72
1*J:92356 Juneja SC, mRNA expression pattern of multiple members of connexin gene family in normal and abnormal fetal gonads in mouse. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2003 Apr;47(2):147-56
4*J:4553 Laird DW, Yancey SB, Bugga L, Revel JP, Connexin expression and gap junction communication compartments in the developing mouse limb. Dev Dyn. 1992 Nov;195(3):153-61
1J:156112 Li J, Habbes HW, Eiberger J, Willecke K, Dermietzel R, Meier C, Analysis of connexin expression during mouse Schwann cell development identifies connexin29 as a novel marker for the transition of neural crest to precursor cells. Glia. 2007 Jan 1;55(1):93-103
4*J:81316 Lopez-Bigas N, Arbones ML, Estivill X, Simonneau L, Expression profiles of the connexin genes, Gjb1 and Gjb3, in the developing mouse cochlea. Mech Dev. 2002 Dec;119 Suppl 1:S111-5
5J:3056 Miragall F, Hwang TK, Traub O, Hertzberg EL, Dermietzel R, Expression of connexins in the developing olfactory system of the mouse. J Comp Neurol. 1992 Nov 15;325(3):359-78
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6J:167272 Parenti R, Cicirata F, Zappala A, Catania A, La Delia F, Cicirata V, Tress O, Willecke K, Dynamic expression of Cx47 in mouse brain development and in the cuprizone model of myelin plasticity. Glia. 2010 Oct;58(13):1594-609
11J:183924 Perez-Armendariz EM, Cruz-Miguel L, Coronel-Cruz C, Esparza-Aguilar M, Pinzon-Estrada E, Rancano-Camacho E, Zacarias-Climaco G, Olivares PF, Espinosa AM, Becker I, Saez JC, Berumen J, Perez-Palacios G, Connexin 36 is Expressed in Beta and Connexins 26 and 32 in Acinar Cells at the End of the Secondary Transition of Mouse Pancreatic Development and Increase During Fetal and Perinatal Life. Anat Rec (Hoboken). 2012 Jun;295(6):980-90
2J:140378 Qu X, Lam E, Doughman YQ, Chen Y, Chou YT, Lam M, Turakhia M, Dunwoodie SL, Watanabe M, Xu B, Duncan SA, Yang YC, Cited2, a coactivator of HNF4alpha, is essential for liver development. EMBO J. 2007 Oct 31;26(21):4445-56
5*J:1730 Sainio K, Gilbert SF, Lehtonen E, Nishi M, Kumar NM, Gilula NB, Saxen L, Differential expression of gap junction mRNAs and proteins in the developing murine kidney and in experimentally induced nephric mesenchymes. Development. 1992 Jul;115(3):827-37
3J:59364 Shiojiri N, Sano M, Inujima S, Nitou M, Kanazawa M, Mori M, Quantitative analysis of cell allocation during liver development, using the spf(ash)-heterozygous female mouse. Am J Pathol. 2000 Jan;156(1):65-75
4*J:70957 Sohl G, Eiberger J, Jung YT, Kozak CA, Willecke K, The mouse gap junction gene connexin29 is highly expressed in sciatic nerve and regulated during brain development. Biol Chem. 2001 Jun;382(6):973-8
1J:105700 Tang W, Zhang Y, Chang Q, Ahmad S, Dahlke I, Yi H, Chen P, Paul DL, Lin X, Connexin29 is highly expressed in cochlear Schwann cells, and it is required for the normal development and function of the auditory nerve of mice. J Neurosci. 2006 Feb 15;26(7):1991-9
2J:14584 Valdimarsson G, De Sousa PA, Kidder GM, Coexpression of gap junction proteins in the cumulus-oocyte complex. Mol Reprod Dev. 1993 Sep;36(1):7-15
2*J:93582 von Maltzahn J, Euwens C, Willecke K, Sohl G, The novel mouse connexin39 gene is expressed in developing striated muscle fibers. J Cell Sci. 2004 Oct 15;117(Pt 22):5381-92

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