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Gene Ontology Classifications
protein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, alpha isoform

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GO curators for mouse genes have assigned the following annotations to the gene product of Ppp3ca. (This text reflects annotations as of Tuesday, May 26, 2015.)
Summary text based on GO annotations supported by experimental evidence in mouse
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  1. Afroze T et al. (2003) Calcineurin-independent regulation of plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase-4 in the vascular smooth muscle cell cycle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, 285:C88-95. (PubMed:12660151)
  2. Alfieri CM et al. (2007) Developmental regulation of the mouse IGF-I exon 1 promoter region by calcineurin activation of NFAT in skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, 292:C1887-94. (PubMed:17229811)
  3. Antos CL et al. (2002) Activated glycogen synthase-3 beta suppresses cardiac hypertrophy in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 99:907-12. (PubMed:11782539)
  4. Armand AS et al. (2008) Cooperative synergy between NFAT and MyoD regulates myogenin expression and myogenesis. J Biol Chem, 283:29004-10. (PubMed:18676376)
  5. Chakkalakal JV et al. (2003) Expression of utrophin A mRNA correlates with the oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle fiber types and is regulated by calcineurin/NFAT signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 100:7791-6. (PubMed:12808150)
  6. de la Pompa JL et al. (1998) Role of the NF-ATc transcription factor in morphogenesis of cardiac valves and septum [see comments] Nature, 392:182-6. (PubMed:9515963)
  7. Ding B et al. (2013) Temporal regulation of nuclear factor one occupancy by calcineurin/NFAT governs a voltage-sensitive developmental switch in late maturing neurons. J Neurosci, 33:2860-72. (PubMed:23407945)
  8. Dougherty MK et al. (2009) KSR2 is a calcineurin substrate that promotes ERK cascade activation in response to calcium signals. Mol Cell, 34:652-62. (PubMed:19560418)
  9. Erin N et al. (2003) Calcium-dependent interaction of calcineurin with Bcl-2 in neuronal tissue. Neuroscience, 117:541-55. (PubMed:12617961)
  10. Heineke J et al. (2005) Attenuation of cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction by muscle LIM protein-calcineurin signaling at the sarcomeric Z-disc. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 102:1655-60. (PubMed:15665106)
  11. Heineke J et al. (2010) CIB1 is a regulator of pathological cardiac hypertrophy. Nat Med, 16:872-9. (PubMed:20639889)
  12. Ikeda S et al. (2009) MicroRNA-1 negatively regulates expression of the hypertrophy-associated calmodulin and Mef2a genes. Mol Cell Biol, 29:2193-204. (PubMed:19188439)
  13. Kielbasa OM et al. (2011) Myospryn is a calcineurin-interacting protein that negatively modulates slow-fiber-type transformation and skeletal muscle regeneration. FASEB J, 25:2276-86. (PubMed:21427212)
  14. Li J et al. (2013) Regulation of MEF2 transcriptional activity by calcineurin/mAKAP complexes. Exp Cell Res, 319:447-54. (PubMed:23261540)
  15. Lin SS et al. (2006) PP2A regulates BCL-2 phosphorylation and proteasome-mediated degradation at the endoplasmic reticulum. J Biol Chem, 281:23003-12. (PubMed:16717086)
  16. Liu J et al. (1997) Calcineurin-dependent nuclear translocation of a murine transcription factor NFATx: molecular cloning and functional characterization. Mol Biol Cell, 8:157-70. (PubMed:9017603)
  17. Oh M et al. (2005) Calcineurin is necessary for the maintenance but not embryonic development of slow muscle fibers. Mol Cell Biol, 25:6629-38. (PubMed:16024798)
  18. Ranger AM et al. (1998) The transcription factor NF-ATc is essential for cardiac valve formation [see comments] Nature, 392:186-90. (PubMed:9515964)
  19. Rebola N et al. (2007) Short-term plasticity of kainate receptor-mediated EPSCs induced by NMDA receptors at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses. J Neurosci, 27:3987-93. (PubMed:17428973)
  20. Townsend M et al. (2004) Retina-driven dephosphorylation of the NR2A subunit correlates with faster NMDA receptor kinetics at developing retinocollicular synapses. J Neurosci, 24:11098-107. (PubMed:15590926)
  21. Wang J et al. (2003) Interaction of calcineurin and type-A GABA receptor gamma 2 subunits produces long-term depression at CA1 inhibitory synapses. J Neurosci, 23:826-36. (PubMed:12574411)
  22. Wilkins BJ et al. (2002) Targeted Disruption of NFATc3, but Not NFATc4, Reveals an Intrinsic Defect in Calcineurin-Mediated Cardiac Hypertrophic Growth. Mol Cell Biol, 22:7603-13. (PubMed:12370307)
  23. Wu X et al. (2009) Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 4 antagonizes cardiac hypertrophy in association with calcineurin inhibition in rodents. J Clin Invest, 119:976-85. (PubMed:19287093)
  24. Yu DY et al. (2008) Tau binds both subunits of calcineurin, and binding is impaired by calmodulin. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1783:2255-61. (PubMed:18639592)

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Gene Ontology Evidence Code Abbreviations:

  EXP Inferred from experiment
  IAS Inferred from ancestral sequence
  IBA Inferred from biological aspect of ancestor
  IBD Inferred from biological aspect of descendant
  IC Inferred by curator
  IDA Inferred from direct assay
  IEA Inferred from electronic annotation
  IGI Inferred from genetic interaction
  IKR Inferred from key residues
  IMP Inferred from mutant phenotype
  IMR Inferred from missing residues
  IPI Inferred from physical interaction
  IRD Inferred from rapid divergence
  ISS Inferred from sequence or structural similarity
  ISO Inferred from sequence orthology
  ISA Inferred from sequence alignment
  ISM Inferred from sequence model
  NAS Non-traceable author statement
  ND No biological data available
  RCA Reviewed computational analysis
  TAS Traceable author statement


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