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phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
• increase is seen during the night time
• increase is seen during the night time
• 2-fold increase in nocturnal stereotypic activities, including grooming, head bopping, and licking
• however, daytime activity levels are normal
• the increase in stereotypic activity and total horizontal distance traveled that is seen in wild-type mice due to administration of methylphenidate, a dopamine reuptake blocker, is attenuated by about 40% and 50% in mutants, respectively

• mutants weight approximately 10-20% less than controls up to 21 weeks of age
• males show a greater reduction in weight than females, weighing about 22% less than control males at 21-27 weeks of age
• females weigh approximately 9.5% less than control females at 21-27 weeks of age

• elevation in total T4 and free T4 level
• however, no differences in total T3 levels and serum TSH is normal

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Generalized, Autosomal Dominant; GRTH 188570 J:134187